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Advice on selling a CCTV

Does anyone have any good suggestions on where I might be able to sell a used Magnisight CCTV? It was my grandmothers and is about 10 yrs old but was barely used.


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Re:Advice on selling a CCTV

My name is Elizabeth, I hope you have good luck Hidee.

Re:Advice on selling a CCTV

You can start with, a govt supported website listing all sorts of Assistive Technology (AT). They have a consumer section with classified ads.

On a thing like this we need to know where you live. Many states have AT Exchanges. Google will probably help there. I don't know if ebay is appropriate, but you might look o see if any are on sale. Craig's List has local exposure, I dunno.

Please come back and let us know how you make out. ===gm===

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