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AFB and Abledata cctv info

In looking for updates to my handheld cctv list (Fusion, Ruby, and Compact Mini, plus images for every product) I thought why not take AFB's list of 107 cctv's and abledata's list of 124 current, 91 discontinued cctv's and combine them.. so I did even though I had to move abledata's 215 links one at a time and that resulted in this page: (in a regular font to fit on one page)

then when the merge document function only garbled the lists I combined the two current lists by hand eliminating 99% of the duplications and came up with a list of 205 cctv's and the 91 discontinued: (in 18 point font to be easier to read)

and in my getting info on the Ruby I stumbled over the compact mini another product added to the dozen I've found that are not on either list....which considering I've only found 40 or so handhelds their missing a dozen is a pretty big percentage, wonder if that transcends to the desktop and portable cctv's as well... hmm

oh well hope some here can use the lists for their own research...

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Re:AFB and Abledata cctv info

Hardsell you are a tiger. Good job.

I will be away for two weeks, so I can't do anything with it now. I think Abledata should be told about the lists, or if possible, be given a list of AFB's not on abledata's lists.


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