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Alt-Text for Users of Assistive technology

Hi everyone,

My question comes to you from the standpoint of a web developer. I was wondering what you prefer when it comes to reading diagrams. I currently add rich alternative text describing everything in the diagram, however this can be extremely cumbersome and is impossible to navigate within, so you just have to listen to the entire alt text every time which I believe would probably get frustrating. Would you prefer a link to another page where you could then listen and navigate around inside the "alternative text?" what makes a good alternative text for a diagram? Any and all feedback would be wonderful! Thanks.

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Re: Alt-Text for Users of Assistive technology

This is a great question. Tell us a little more. Why do yu say that it's not possible to navigate within the alt text? I wonder what context you're referring to. On web pages, of course, it is possible and easy to navigate within the text of alt-tags.

As far as the general concept of linking out to a complete description, that's what we do at AFB. In JVIB, for example,where there are many diagrams, charts, and generally a lot of complex images, we have a link that goes to a detailed description. That link is available to everyone. In other words, we don't hide it from sighted users, we find lots of people appreciate the detailed translation.

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