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Alternative Views, aspecial mark to show available.

I get financial reports illegibly printed that probably have what I call Alternative Views on the Web. I have Twittered as follows:
I would like documents with alternative views to be marked with "AV" in Arial Black and give the location, e.g.. AV:

I had thought of a specially designed mark but AV in Arial Black is distinctive and available.
Too often I am not told about an AV. A standare way of marking documents would be very helpful ant it would be appropriate for AFB to recomment it to the SEC and Web publishers.

Any thoughts on this?

Omitted from my statement was the word prominently; it was just too long. Please don't forget it. The AV should be prominently displayed as " For AV, please see Back Cover".

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Re:Alternative Views, aspecial mark to show available.

I don't understand what you mean.

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