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An Assessment of the Legibility of Google Books

Will be found at:

I read just enough to think it worth reporting. I would like to know more about how the metodology affectd the e-reader and the human reader. If you have tried Google books, please tell us about the experience. ===gm===

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Re:An Assessment of the Legibility of Google Books

I wrote that article and am a little bit surprised this board picked up on it so quickly.

The methodolgy used in the paper isn't geared toward finding problems blind people would have, but it could be easily tweaked for just such a purpose.

I'd be interested in researching how blind people use Google Books. But I need to know more about what software they use, how they search it, and generally how they interact with it.

I am a disabled person (though not blind, mine is a movement disorder), so I am sympathetic to the cause. I just need to know a little bit more before I can tackle this as a research question.

Feel free to email me at

Re:An Assessment of the Legibility of Google Books

Ok, but even though this is technology it is about ebooks which DOES have its own forum here....

I forgot to say the 3 free google books Mark Twain, Jane Austen, and Laura Wilder books I quickly skimmed to test, were all photocopied and the zoom in feature mentioned above while increasing the text also increased all the "blemishes" on the page

Re:An Assessment of the Legibility of Google Books

Thank you hardsell, I used the link to the Mobi desktop reader software for PCs and was impressed. I think it deserves a Tech Talk heading of its own. Why don't you tell about it there? Some of what you need might be copied and pasted and more added. They have reading sources I didn't know about. Maybe we need a new subject for reading sources.. ===gm===

Re:An Assessment of the Legibility of Google Books

well geez gm it only takes 3 minutes to try it yourself but ...

google books have about the same legibility as adobe pdf, epub books except while pdf has NO way to increase font size, epub has ONE increase (actually you change from two page view to single page view with maybe a +2 increase to font size ie; 10 to 12 or 12 to 14 not much bigger than that

The google book reader lets you increase the font size 4 clicks via a magnifying glass icon with a plus sign and you can get to maybe font size 16, 18

you can also use your browsers zoom in feature ie; in firefox the ctrl and mouse wheel

but the best free reader I have found is the mobireader where I can go to font size 48, change background to black and text to gold my favorite text/background for no headache reading

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