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Android Phones

Hi, I currently have an Android LG Optimus with Gingerbread. I like the slide out keyboard. But it doesn't play well with the Blue Tooth connecting it to my Hearing Aids either.

My question is: What Android smart phone is good for accessibility for both a Blind and Hearing Impaired user? And, is Ice Cream Sandwich or KitKat best?

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Re: Android Phones

RAY devices and apps are the most technologically advanced and sophisticated communication tools specially designed for the visually impaired community to connect, communicate and socialize without vision. Enabling those who are blind to accomplish important tasks with just their sound and touch via a comprehensive eye free, award winning, user interface, RAY devices are world’s only multi-purpose assistive tools with integrated internet services. It’s our promise that every single product developed under RAY will gladly be embraced and leveraged to their full potential.

Re: Android Phones

KitKat is the latest version which is far more accessible than the much older and less accessible Icecream Sandwich. If you wait a little bit, the new version of Android should be out very shortly, and its name will begin with the letter L.

Re: Android Phones

Hi Blindchik,
I happened to notice your message here but did not receive an email notice when posted on 09/12. For what it's worth, look at current and back issues of Access World, AFB, to see if this particular model got reviewed.
-If you can locate any online organizations, or even contact your regional Library For The Blind, to see if either have a list of organizations that cater to cell phone use for hearing impaired/vision impaired users.
Otherwise, I hope someone more knowledgeable on the topic will soon answer.
Rhetorically, did you ask your cell phone provider this question too?

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