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Anybody with comparison of Braille Note Apex and Braille Sense U2 Mini

Hello. My school is looking at purchasing Braille Sense U2 Mini note takers. However, I have used and strongly prefer the Braille Note Apex, which my school says has glitches. Can a few users of these products please try to explain the benefits and drawbacks of these two devices? As I said, I have used the Apex and prefer it. Has anyone used the Sense U2 Mini? Your help is appreciated. MS

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You may be able to spell out the pros and cons of each device by first asking the school for precisely what they mean by glitches. The more specific you can get them to be, the better comparison you can make. Also, going to the website of each product may give you ideas about how they are similar and different from each other. Spelling out what you particularly like about the Apex will also make it easier for you to figure out if those features only exist in the Apex, or exist in both products. Many product websites have a section where product features are compared with features of other brands of PDAs.

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