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App for windows 8

I have a new laptop and of course windows 8 , but cant seem to get it adjusted for low vision. Dr error caused me to loose 85% vision in right eye, so I am new at this learning to cope with it

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Re: App for windows 8

Welcome to the Club. You have lots of company. To give the best help we need to know more about your eyes. E.g., I have pretty good acuity, needing only 1.5x or 2x magnification, but I have poor contrast sensitivity, thus need high contrast and am set for white on black displays. Before cataract removal, I needed 5x which often drove the copy off my laptop screen, a big pain.
Am using Win7 and don't know the 8. I use Ctrl + Plus and Ctrl + Minus frequently to accomodate whatever comes tomy screen. Incoming hard to read fonts can be exchanged for better ones like Arial, but I have forgotten how I did it. Good luck. ===gm===

Re: App for windows 8

I just got a Windows 8 computer, and will look at it in a bit. meanwhile, if you can, make sure you have Windows 8.1. And, go to Accessibility options. Try this:
Hold down Windows key and hit r for run. Type in
and hit enter.
Select accessibility

Pick vision

select black on white or white on black, whichever you can see better. Choose large icons if you can see those better.

Say OK.

This should improve things. It probably won't be enough, but at least things might be visible enough to get you going.

Hope some people with more experience will weigh in here.

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