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Apple Watch Accessibility/Very Likely

The big question on the minds of blind Apple enthusiasts is will the new Apple watch be accessible? If this article from 9to5Mac is correct, the answer is yes. It looks like the watch will have Zoom, VoiceOver and other accessibility features we've come to expect with Apple products. Check out the accessibility section in this piece.

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ipad or ipad mini

can not see how or where to start a new thread i want to buy a ipad of mi. for a blind man. which is better. the ipad ir kindke. coat is a factor but if ipad has vest advantages. will pay

Re: Apple Watch Accessibility/Very Likely

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Re: Apple Watch Accessibility/Very Likely

Oh, I hope so! When they announced it last Fall, I was sure (based on optimism and nothing else) that it would be accessible.

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