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Are there Any Kindle Users Out There?

I'm wondering if there are any visually impaired Kindle Keyboard users reading this message. I recently acquired one as it was given to me as a gift. While the device has its share of annoying accessibility shortcomings I'm absolutely tickled with this device. Access to books is very important to me and the Kindle has given me access to titles not available from other services.

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Re: Are there Any Kindle Users Out There?

To the best of my knowledge, Kindle and Nook are both not fully accessible to blind users. Although some titles have a voice option, not all do (depending on publisher instruction) and there is no way to search/purchase titles via speech. Is this correct? I have been craving a e-reader for several years but they are still not usable for me.

Re: Are there Any Kindle Users Out There?

Pardon my unfamiliarity with Kindle products but if I were to acquire one as a sightless person, what would I ask for so that it would contain screen reading software for reading purposes? If I go to a local electronics or major book store, can I purchase what "you" are using at either venue? About how much would this cost? Thanks..

Re: Are there Any Kindle Users Out There?

I have had my kindle for more than a year and while not perfect I love it myself. look at all the free books you can get. The kindle certainly can be improved but for my purposes, reading books and newspapers it is great. my wwife has a kindle also and to cut down on the cost of books we lend books too each other.

Re: Are there Any Kindle Users Out There?

I've heard that the Kindle Keyboard is the most accessible of the Kindle devices, although a bit klunky.

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