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Assistive Technology you wish existed/worked better

I'm doing a big engineering project as part of my college education and right now my group is brainstorming ideas. I thought of a walking stick for the blind that alerts the user when an obstacle approaches. I found out this already exists. I want to ask question for anyone who is blind or knows someone very well who is - are there any electronic devices that you wish existed or that don't work as well as you would like? Any idea could help.

Thanks a lot!

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Re: Assistive Technology you wish existed/worked better

Attention... in, they're showing (and is now available) an incredible gadget that will make vision impaired people get independence by way of navigating, reading, recognize people, places and scans items or products by just pointing the finger to the object of interest. Only issue... it's current price is a little high ! Calling all US Company or distributor who wish to market this in US to make a difference on people's live and to ease whatever maintenance & update is necessary once you buy it.

Re: Assistive Technology you wish existed/worked better lets me select an article
and it presents it in a narrow column that
has suited my eyes. However, my eyes are slipping
and I now wish it had a web based screen reader so I could hear it read. My eyes are ok dor navigation, but not for wctended reading.

Re: Assistive Technology you wish existed/worked better

Hello, If you go to any of the appliances or home aids for the blind web sites, you will get a pretty good idea of what exists and does not exist. Just type home aids for the blind in your favorite search engine and peruse the results. If you find APH as in American Printing House for the Blind or something called Maxi Aids those are 2 pretty good sites. Personally I wish there were more readily affordable GPS devices for blind persons to use, maybe in the $100 to $150 range. Finally please send a note once concluded and let us know your results in general.

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