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AT for easychair reading ?

My CCTV requires sitting upright at a desk, not as comfortable as I would like for hours at a time. What is available for easychair reading? There is the Jordy. What else?

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Re:AT for easychair reading ?

I sent for the $700 used Jordy listed in the classified section on and will send it back. My review will be posted as Jordy trial review. ===gm===

Re:AT for easychair reading ?

I tried a Jordy sometime ago, but the magnification was not strong enough for me. And you are right, it gets very tiresome going back and forth with the Amigo. I do wish that there was a better alternative, but I would not be able to pay for one. There is a lot of amazing technology out theer.

Re:AT for easychair reading ?

At its minimum magnification of 3.5x, a six inch page is 21 inches wide, several times the width of the screen, that calls for a lot of back and forthing with a one pound device. No wonder RKC needs to rest.

I searches for the Jordy and found one for sale on's classified section. $700 w/ return privilege (a bargain if it is suitable) and I have it, but the seller failes to send the users guide. He has promised to do so. More when I know more.


Re:AT for easychair reading ?

I use Enhanced Vision's "Amigo" for easy reading, but I have to take breaks at times because I have to hold the book in one hand and the Amigo in the other. Some of my college classes have some large books, so reading in this fashion can abe cumbersome at times. I do find the Amigo to be quite helpful, though. Here is a link.

Amigo - Full Featured Portable Electronic Video Magnifier

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