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Audio annotations for movies and video

My dad was blind during his last 10 years. He still enjoined watching movies and TV shows with his family but there was a problem. It was hard for him to follow what is going on the screen even with the help others watching with him, for example, somebody enters or leaves the room, the conversation happens on the plain or in the forest, a character has something in her hands, and so on. He asked me if there is a service that provides audio annotations for visually impaired people with the annotations delivered in real time through the ear piece only to those who wants to hear them. At that time I could not find such service. Now, as a part of my job, I can propose to my employer to create such service. I am interested to hear if anybody would be interested in this service.

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Re: Audio annotations for movies and video

This service is available on TV and in the movies. Some theaters have implemented the DVS (Descriptive Video Service) initiated by Boston TV station WGBH. Not all films are released with this feature. :(
There are also SOME shows on TV...Bones, Nature, NSCI to name a few that have the DVS. You pick it up on the SAP feature on the tv. You can go to and click on adp-lists to go to that discussion page.

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