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Audio book readers

I tried the iPod but had difficulty getting help; the users guide was in pdf and I need plain text. I am old and learning new things is hard without good legible instructions. I expect to find and acquire books with my PC and transfer them to a reader. Am not legally blind.
Suggestions welcome.

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Re: Audio book readers

if you're dealing with MP3 audiobooks and the like, you'll have a much easier time with a Talking MP3 Player from all for under $100.

Re: Audio book readers

While I'm not sure if you're looking for a Daisy book player my favorite in this category is APH's Bookport Plus. In addition to its flexible amount of file formats it also can function as a Web radio player and a podcast downloader via your Wifi connection with some configuring.

Re: Audio book readers

Try read to go for an app. I use it with bookshare but I imagine it would work for any text on the pod.

Re: Audio book readers

For easy to use and affordable Talking MP3 Players, see

instructions for learning ithings

National Braille Press has an instruction book on using the iPhone which you may find useful. It comes in many formats. The User Guide .pdf can be saved as a .txt file if you to into the file menu while the .pdf is open in Adobe Reader. In the File menu, arrow down to "save as" and you will have the choice of a .txt file. Hope this helps.

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