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audio editting software

Hey folks! I wanted to se if anyone had any experience with audio editing programs -- perhaps to create a podcast or a radio piece. I am especially looking for accessible software that can work with multiple layers of sound. Do you have any suggestions?
- Michelle, AFB intern

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Re: audio editting software


I also am trying to look for a piece of accessible audio editing software. I've heard that Sound Forge is a really great program and works with JAWS. But as for getting it to do things I would like to do, I am not sure how well it would work with JAWS.

Basically, the things I would like to do is to remove pops and surface noise from vinyl records. Remove unwanted noise from audio cassettes. I would also like to remove vocals from stereo tracks in more detail. Not just a simple vocal removal.

Does anybody out there have any suggestions? I too will do a search out there to compare and contrast audio editing software for the blind.

Please let me know. Thank you very much.

Rob Bendtzen

Re: audio editting software

hello there! as an alternative you can also look for another best option like cake walk sonar it is outstanding software you can do whatever you wish to do with cakewalk sonar but it can only be available with subscription.
the jaws script for cake walk sonar audio editer is known as cake talking it is developed by a campany called dancing dots.
but both the editing software and the script can only be found by subscription.

Re: audio editting software

I've done a few basic podcasts. Here's an example of one:

Re: audio editting software

Thanks so much! Do you record podcasts?

Re: audio editting software

Not sure what you mean by multi-level editing. Do you mean multi track? If so, Goldwave doesn't deal with multi track recordings just mono or stereo. Audacity does do multi track though. Don't know if Audacity needs scripts or not to work with JAWS, as I use NVDA, but I don't think so. I can't help you much with Audacity as I just started using it myself.

Re: audio editting software

Thanks everyone! Do I need any scripts to use audacity? Does goldwave allow me to do multi-layered editing?

Re: audio editting software

Audacity is accessible and does multiple tracks. For podcasts however you can use Goldwave which is also accessible. Then there's MP3 Direct Cut which is also accessible. All the mentioned programs are totally accessible using a screen reader.

Re: audio editting software

Hi Michelle,
Please read through my reply!
The answer is no. The recommendation is to search the topic out, audio editing software, or audio editing software for the blind, and contrast and compare the results from the two searches.
Better yet, check out the American Council Of the Blind Radio, ACB radio, and see if there is a listing for someone who airs a program that may draw you closer to finding out your answer. They would list contact info per their show or program.
I think you can get to ACB Radio via the web site.

Finally, I could give you a referral but do not have that person's permission to disclose their identity and email.
Hope this helps, and wish you the best on your intern program!

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