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Audio/Reading Device--Does this or something like it exist?

Hi, please forgive me if this has been covered (and point me in the right direction), but I scanned previous posts and didn't see anything that quite addressed this.

I have a friend at church who can read *large print, but rather laboriously, and he doesn't know Braille.Trying to figure out a way he can easily either listen--especially to longer passages--or read something on one device. He's gotten along his whole life without it, but he has expressed disappointment that he can't always fully participate. We recently started a study that is very reading-intensive, and I know that he does not have easy access to a searchable Bible.

Is there a device for the visually impaired that combines these features?

-easily searchable audio books (prefer real reading, not voice-to-text synthetic speech)
-extremely large print of same books
-computer not required

I'd think a tablet could be set up to display very large type (and be locked that way; I've accidentally changed settings before, and it would be horrible if I changed them and then couldn't see well enough to change it back), with books whose audio tracks are linked to the beginnings of chapters, at the very least. Find your book and chapter, tap to play or just read yourself. Is this a thing? I have found a few websites that look promising, but I'm either overwhelmed by options, don't understand all the terminology, or find things that hit just one or two of the desired features above.

Thanks in advance! I have a knack for looking for solutions for things and not seeing the really obvious one right in front of me, so maybe this is a thing, and I just haven't seen it.

*This large print is much larger than what is typically called "large print." It's a typeface size that makes it impractical to print out larger versions of things that aren't very brief.

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Re: Audio/Reading Device--Does this or something like it exist?

Your question brings up many more that need
Answering, like how portable does this device
Need to be? Does he need to read then take
notes from the information gained. Your
question started simples but became complex.
You should also consider this persons learning
Style is very important. :) Good luck on finding

Re: Audio/Reading Device--Does this or something like it exist?

Hi Wally, great question.

You'll want to read VisionAware's article on audio players and talking books:

Another resource is this list of agencies who produce Bibles for people who are blind or visually impaired; braille, large print, and audio:

I hope this helps,

Shannon Carollo

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