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basic hot-key help?

Hello AFB Technology Talk,
Is there a forum where one can get reliable help with basic computer skills questions?
Mine are as follows:
1. If one stores files on a thumb drive or portable storage drive, the list is viewed in windows explorer by typing drive letter, backslash, colon, enter. how can one fix the delete function if individual named files will not delete via the delete key?
2. From the start or programs menu, How does one access the documents folder to read through the list of files thereon?

Thank you so much in advance; this is important!
David Russell

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To start a new thread, pick the forum first-- so, since you're on Technology Talk right now, you can pick that from up above the main post here. Then, you can pick"log in to add a subject" or "Add a subject," depending whether you're already logged in or not. It's right located right after the last post.

cant see hot to start a new thread

how do i start a new thread?

Re: basic hot-key help?

I'm not sure I really understand #1. Could you provide a specific example of what you're talking about?

For #2, I'm guessing when you mean "documents", are you talking about the Logged-in User folder? For example, if you are logged in as "Administrator" (not the same as the account being in the administrator group). The default folder that holds all of the document folders linked to the Administrator user. If that is what you are talking about, then when going to START, you leave the cursor and look to the listing on the right side of the START window. There will be a listing of the different folders that are by default shown. At the very top, the current logged-in user name will be the first on the list. So in the example, Administrator would be first. Then, you click it and it shows all of the folders.

if you are talking about reading files/documents from an external storage device (USB drives, etc), you use the same step as before, but look for COMPUTER. Click that, and all of the internal hard drives and external storage devices will show.

Re: basic hot-key help?

Rus, I have learned not to expect quick response, or even any, on this board.
I did not look at your message because I don't know about hot-keys. I deal with files via my Notepad "Open" which presents a Directory.
A better title might have been "Managing thumb drive files".

Don't give up. gm

Re: basic hot-key help?

Hello Tech Talk members,
I got the help needed off this board.
-It is disappointing though that this generated no response, and the E-Learning Center offers some good courses but nothing on practical computer tips.
David Russell

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