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Best blogging platform?

Hi everyone,
I'd like to publish my own blog, but I'm not sure which platform (word press, BlogSpot, tumblr) will allow me to edit blocks of text best. Any suggestions?

Thanks so much!
Michelle, AFB intern

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Re: Best blogging platform?

There are many blogging platforms to use. Sometimes the answer for you is going to be blogspot, which is easy to use. Tumblr is good for social sharing, but you could also try or the .com free version.

Re: Best blogging platform?

This is a case where accessible for whom should be stated. I think of three kinds of readers, Eye with difficulty, Ear using screen readers, and Finger using Braille. The accommodations each needs are likely to differ from the others.

Re: Best blogging platform?

Top 5 Best Blogging platform
1. WordPress
2. Blogspot
3. Tumblr
4. Medium
5. Quora

For Pros and Cons check this link

Re: Best blogging platform?

Hi everyone,
Just an update: I'm still not positive that tumblr is all that accessible, but I had to use it for a live blog event at my college paper recently. We found a function that allowed me to email my posts to a specified email address, and they posted -- formatted -- like a charm. You bloggers out there may want to check out this function.

Also, please let me know (post here or tweet @mhackman) if you have topic ideas for my next blog for the AFB!


Re: Best blogging platform?

Hi, Michelle,

It's interesting you should bring this up. Just the other day I started a blog on WordPress but found it very difficult to use, so I sort of gave up on it. I use a BrailleNote Apex. I've tried to sign up for Google's Blogger but had considerable difficulty. I do understand that there are many benefits to using technology other than BrailleNotes, but I haven't found a good teacher of JAWS or VoiceOver. Happy new year!

Re: Best blogging platform?

Hi Michelle First, wish you well with your internship and beyond!

Best blogging platform? I have been using BlogSpot for 3 years, and though it is a bit tricky on making changes, i.e. personal profile, adding extras to comment section, etc, I have figured out a way to make it work on a basic level;am totally blind from infancy and use NVDA software to do the computer.

My blog title is grafted in and on the journey, faith-based material, or,

link, It seems like this topic came up previously, or I read of it somewhere else but cannot tell you where. I know a back issue of AFB Access World discussed it too.

Michelle, If you find the blog that scores high on accessibility and or user friendliness, let us know!

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