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best programming tools?

What are the best programming tools for the blind? Currently I'm using sodbeans 4.5

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Re: best programming tools?

You can down load Visual Studio Express for free from Microsoft, it is a stripped down version of their Visual Studio Suite. It is a good place to start with the Microsoft platform.

And you can't beat the price.

You use Sodbeam, for the indterface with your computer and the programming language, what programming language do you write code.

Python is another free programming language, that is free, and I have tried to use it but my NVDA screen reader would not read much of the interface inturpature information.

This post is more than a year old, I hope you are still out there.

Thanks for listening anyway.

Re: best programming tools?

I am not sure about any student discount but you can download the trial version for 30 days and see if it works for you.

Re: best programming tools?

So is there some sort of student discount for visual studio?

Re: best programming tools?

Hmmm... this is a very big question.

First, I think I would say the best tool is the one that does what you want to do. But, if you are wide open, here are a few I've used and have found to be at least accessible enough to get real work done:

Microsoft Visual Studio, including Visual Basic, and C#
XCode on the mac
Any text editor you like for HTML (not exactly programming tools, but this will get the job done)

This is not a complete list, but maybe it'll get the discussion going.

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