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Better Than iPhone 4s

I have an iPhone 4s with Siri and Voicover but think it would be really wonderful if HIMs gave their BookSense Reader Phone capabilities too as it is very intuitive to use (much more so than VoiceOver). I think this would be more popular and useful to a blind person than the iPhone.
I dont know about you, but I like buttons I can feel with my fingers.
VoiceOver is nice but the learning curve for an older person is a bit steep and Siri's voice regognition is not very good.
Perhaps HIMS could add a feature where you could train BookSense to understand the way you speak.
HIMS could add a voice recognition program to assist with Testing, make the BookSendse thinner and add the popular features of the Iphone but tailored to the everyday blind phone user.
Technobunnies could still use the iPhone and the rest of us the BookSense Reader/Cell Phone.
What do you think?

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Re: Better Than iPhone 4s

I think the IPhone would be better. That, perhaps, is because I don't care about real, pushable buttons. Kayla

Re: Better Than iPhone 4s

That sounds like a great idea -- have ou ever thought of writing the manufacturers? For those of us who prefer real, pushable buttons, I have also heard rave reviews about the Android's accessibility. Does anyone have experience with an android phone?
- Michelle, AFB intern

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