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Our country's most important web site is using a search engine called I tested the Beta version and found it to be incredibly useless. Even the current version has problems, i.e. I could not find any mention anywhere of the word "banker." Would you use such a thing? The USA needs a new webmaster. These I.T. people terrify me; how about you?

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Bing is all right but I use Google. I have used Google for almost 11 years. from Microsoft used by

Thank you for this :)">Watch movies online free from Microsoft used by

Thanks you for the post.
_____________ from Microsoft used by has two search methods, by topic and by word. They are on different pages. Here is a link to the one for words:
I used it and found plenty of entries with "Banker" and Bankers".

On the suggestion about my problem with Google: I must not have said it well. I know how to use google and want no more shortcuts on my desktop. What I want is to communicate to Google that They are sending me (everybody)Alerts in a way that is barely accessible to my old eyes. I would like them to send all their Alerts in a form that enables the use of the font my software has been set for incoming text. This would help everyone with low vision to see the alerts in a font of their choice.
I would also like them to modify the color of their links from the pale blue to a darker blue, one easier to see for those with low contrast sensitivity. To accomplish this one might have to get Microsoft to do it; they made blue the vogue and it would take them to effect a change.
I have tried, but they, like Google and other IT people, make them selves hard to reach.
We need an advocate that they might respect to tell them about the changes the vision impaired need. Perhaps the ADA rules may apply. AFB and the legibility experts should act together on this.
===gm=== from Microsoft used by

I to am a little worried about alot of things, how ever try going to google type in google accessible search, go there and then create a short cut on your desk top, I like it,no nonsence very straight forward easy to read with Jaws, maybe you will to..earl.landheer from Microsoft used by

Iwent to and searched for banker, using quotes around it, and got page afer page of "banker" and "bankers". ===gm=== from Microsoft used by

They don't terrify me, but they sure do annoy me by their thoughtlessness. Bing is fairly new and I have never tried it, but I will.
On the other hand all big organizations terrify me, the government included. They seem to be obscure, unreachable, in effect deaf and blind when you want to learn something or want to tell them something. They are unwilling to listen. Google continues to send my AT Alert in a bad font and fails to reply to my complaint. GRRRRRHHHH !!! ===gm===

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