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blind dj

I am a rehabilitation technologist working with a consumer who wants to be a dj again. He was a dj prior to losing his vision. I am researching what AT my consumer will need to start his business. We are thinking of running everything from a laptop. We need blind friendly software, maybe Winamp, to store and play the songs. We are already thinking that we may need two sound cards- one for Jaws and another for the music. If you have any experience with this or any recommendations, my co-worker and I would love to hear from you. Thanks for your help.

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Re:blind dj

i am a professional club/event dj as well as a professional bartender.. i would like to also continue my life as a dj as i am currently going permanently blind.. does anyone know if there is any dj equipment that has been made for blind people ?
if so please contact me at

thank you!

dj ray

I used to be a on air personality. The equipment I used was a analog board, I felt the equipment was very easy to use. Most radio stations now use computers and other software. If any is looking for a dj check me out, e mail me at or

Re:blind dj

Dancing dots have technology software and more for blind folks go to Click the link for cake talking. I hope this info helps.

Re:blind dj

Right, I guess an email address would help. Mine is:

Re:blind dj

I work for the New Mexico Commission for the blind, and I am actually seeking a similar solution. The immediate challenges I see are 1) densely packed, visually oriented controls, making navigation unwieldy, 2) how to synch/transition without being distracted by screen reader cues. My thought is we would be better off with more traditional manual/analog-style controls on USB/firewire. That way everything is tactile and likely depending on a fast driver versus a slow app. Please let me know what you have come up with so far.

Re:blind dj

I am building the website
It is based around a series of video DJ tutorials for beginners upwards
Despite being video, they seem to be surprisingly easy to follow on audio only
We are very interested in accessibility, and we would love to hear any tips on DJing for the blind and V.I.

Re:blind DJ

I believe you will only need one sound card because the laptop has a separate card internally. Contact me in regards to a current blind DJ.

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