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blind tech chat the home is up right now and the i am working on the rest of but you can send a comments or a questions or just call us at 218-936-1419

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Re:blind tech chat

Has anyone used Micro Current Stimulation for cone dystrophy with any success??

need help with windows media

I am totally blind. I would really appreciate it if someone could explain to me on how I can open my playlist in the library and delete songs I don't want in ly playlist after I have download the whole album in Windows Media I am using JAWS program. Thanks. Lupus.

Re:blind tech chat

I use Lenovo laptops and the assstive tech adjustments in the WinXP that came with it. I should probably get ZoomText. Never let your warrenty get out of date. Without it you don't get help from the company. Go for high quality of hardware and legibility of the user guides. ===gm===
I suggest you Start a new subject on this board headed "Selecting a new computer; help needed."

Re:blind tech chat

I just joined here so I'm a newbie of sorts.
I have low vision and use Zoomtest at work. However, I'd like to get a home PC and was wondering about buying a laptop. Do you have any info about using a lsptop with some screen reader such as Zoomtext? Anyone have any experience with using a laptop as their main home computer? Looking forward to any info.

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