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Braille Note Apex Bt

So I've had a Braillenote Apex Bt for two years and I am having some issues. Can anyone relate? I got my first Braillenote last year, but had to send it back when it refused to reset or function at all. Then I got a new one but it's being very weird. It has to be reset at least twice a day. It won't connect to wifi and when it does sometimes it will not let me check my email. It gives me a message: "error connecting to pop server" even though all my info is correct in my email setup. Cananyone help? Thanks in advance

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Re: Braille Note Apex Bt

I'm so sorry that you're having trouble with your braille note, anonymouse! Have you considered contacting the company to see if there is anything they can do? Also, I just looked through old issues of accessworld to find articles on the braille note. I couldn't find any pertaining to your exact issue, but you may want to peruse and see if you find anything useful!
here's the link:

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