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Braille Note Takers

I work as an assistive technologist and need to recommend a Braille note taker for a young client just entering college. Could I initiate a discussion about the pros and cons of a Braille Note versus a Braille LIte. I truly want to recommend the best technology for this high achieving young man. Thanks to anyone who responds.

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Re:Braille Note Takers

HI you could get this young man the new braille note the apex i am still using the m power but i here the apex is pritty good.
OR you could go for the bsp from g w micro witch is just as good as the braille note family hope this helps cheers.

Re:Braille Note Takers

Hi! I am sorry 6say that I do not recommend the braille note at all. On the face of it, it looks like the note taker that can do it all. I have been a braille note user for 7 years and the main problem (among many) that I find with it is that after a thort while (less than a year) the machine just stops performing normal functions. The internet browser stops working, the mp3 player stops working etc. Plus, the braille note can not recieve email very well and while its manual says it has usb support for braille printers and ink printers, i have only found one ink printer it works with via usb. This is a problem because most printers are now usb equipt. I hope I have helped a little. Please do as much research as possible in to different note taking devices and make sure whatever device you purchase for your studes can interface with whatever other devices he has.

Re:Braille Note Takers

maybe i should give some slack, at least the poster is trying to accomplish something, besides trot out that tired old line that professional do gooders use about how much they care about the less fortunate , while they are between the seminar and cashing the government check that should have wentdirectly to a person with a disability to be spent as they thought most appropriate, but of coarse the legislator's know we are too stupid or dishonest to make our own decisions and purchases.

Re:Braille Note Takers

very funny, i was under the impression that except for folks working in the white house, in order to get a job , you had to have acquired some relavent knowledge. i have no fancy credentials and no little about braille note takers , do ya think there mite be a job there for me as well , pretty please

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