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BrailleNote Mpower for sale

I'm sorry if this is not the right place for this topic, so if need be, you can move it. Just wanted to let y'all know that I have a BrailleNote Mpower I want to sell. Braille style keyboard, 18 cell display. Runs Keysoft 7.5. Comes with gps software, but I no longer have the receiver or map cds, so you're stuck with the maps for Kansas.
I'm willing to sell this for dramatically less than it should cost. Best offer wins the BrailleNote. Please reply if you're really serious. I can take paypal, casheer's check, western union, etc.

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Re:BrailleNote Mpower for sale

Why do you want to sell your braillenote? What are you going to do with out a braillenote. Do you have a laptop or did you get another one. I think you should have it because it has gps. You can use it just incase you get lost or if you want to know how to get to a location or know where you are. Do yo have a gps unit?

Re:BrailleNote Mpower for sale

hello Justin. Why do you want to sell your nbraillenote.

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