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Browsing the Web

These days, Web developers talk a lot about accessibility, but very few ever test their site. They never experience their pages the way a blind person would.

I'm a Web developer, and I'd like to make my sites as useful as possible to the blind community. To do that, I need your help to educate me a little more.

What software products do blind users commonly use to browse the Web? I often hear about Jaws used with Internet Explorer, but I don't know if that's the standard for blind users or if it's just one of many options.

Also, when visiting sites that make an attempt to be accessible, how do they succeed and how do they fail? Is there anything even the best sites do that is still irritating or difficult?

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Re:Browsing the Web

If you keep on getting measly little handouts your entire life how can you ever learn to do it? If you the designers would comply with w3consortium standards this wouldn't be as big of an issue. There are many things that you could do yourselves first before asking questions instead of cutting the corners. Many tutorials including the ones outlined on this website atest to that fact.

Re:Browsing the Web

What in the world is this man talking about? Would you please elaborate on how this web developer did you a disservice. It seems as though all your expressing is a grudge against anyone who isn't educated about blindness..?

Re:Browsing the Web

What we need is to be impowered not constantly being tended to by compassionant ilogical people like yourself. I can't find a single way of learning coding, yet I've spent hours trying to learn it. I have over thirty-one url pages online with a series of tutorials, books, e-mail lists, forums, e-mails, chats, etc without any success. It's people like you that monopolize on the internet that control us. If you want to show off to your friends just have your page validated. Get 508 validated on your page. I don't care because blind people are always treated unequally. About only a quarter of us are employeed. About out of that number three-fourths are probably government workers. In britain, there is only a fifth of us that are hired that are of working age. Look at the Royal Institute for the Blind's website along with the AFB and ACB site including the Department of the U.S Labour if you don't agree with me. People like you dumb us down because there is roughly no materials what so ever. I am not standing it anymore your all decieving yourself if you think for one minute that our lives are going to be treated better. We are treated like charity cases with no hope of making good of our lives in the end. The only ones that become successful is at the expense of the many. happiness is stolen to harbour a sense of self-gratification by the many poorer than they.

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