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Buying and Selling Technology

I have some AT technology (portable magnifiers and ZoomText software) that I would like to sell. I want to sell them and get me another type of portable magnifier. Are there any companies or individuals that purchase and/or sell used equipment like this? Where on the internet might be a good place to sell and/or buy used equipment?

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Re:Buying and Selling Technology

We should all know about these two.
#1>> To contact The Assistive Technology Exchange in New England, go to their Web site at, reach them by e-mail at, or call 1-866-682-9955 (in state), 617-204-3851 (out of state), or 617-204-3815 (TTY). I found it in a Google Alert for Assistive Technology.
#2>>, a Gov't supported site has a consumers Forum with a Classified ad section. It also has the best list of CRVs that i know of. ===gm===

Re:Buying and Selling Technology

well if you had left contact info maybe someone reading your entry would have contacted you to make a purchase . contact www a c b .org and www n f b .org to find out how to place an ad with them. funny one reply mentioned ebay since they are barely accessable, certainly not user-friendly and if you call them and ask to speak to someone about disability access to their website, they hang up on you , oh well, i guess nfb just never leaves target to see what else is going down and a c b is just plain asleep at the wheel.

Re:Buying and Selling Technology

There is an on-line place to auction your adaptible equipment:

I think it is free to list your items.

Re:Buying and Selling Technology

I suggest posting an add for the stuff you want to sell on AFB or any other organization's technology message board. Write your email address so people that are interested can contact you. You should have some luck that way.

Re:Buying and Selling Technology


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