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Can you help? Inclusive mobile phones

Hi everyone,

I am a Research Associate / Designer working at the Royal College of Art Helen Hamlyn Centre conducting research into users with visual impairment on the premise that often technology does not include the needs and aspirations of people with low vision.

The aim is to design new mobile phones that are more inclusive, and in that way are accessible to, and usable by, people with the widest range of abilities within the widest range of situations.

My first task is to engage with people who have visual impairment to explore their current engagement with mobile technology, and project into the future.

Is anyone here willing to describe themselves (age, job, gender) and also there engagement with mobile technology (phone model, regular mobile habits (text or voice), any difficulties, useful hardware or software, loves or hates, ideas for the future)?

Any links, feedback or comments would be greatly appreciated.

To learn more about the project I have supplied some links below:
Helen Hamlyn Centre:
Project Page: (Inclusive design)

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Re:Can you help? Inclusive mobile phones

I'm fairly active in adaptive technology area. If I can help please email me at

Re:Can you help? Inclusive mobile phones

I am 27 years old, an editor, and use my cell phone only to contact friends and family for short calls (1-3 minutes). have AT&T, which is not friendly to blind people. They currenly offer only 1 phone model that uses MobileSpeak, which I don not have because I got locked into a contract using my current unacessible Samsung phone. They will not allow me to switch phones at reduced cost. The phine they eant me to use it $250, not including the $99 Mobile Speak software.

I have heard that Verison is much better. I presently cannot access tect messages, navigate the menus like the address book, and have no idea why I am forced to pat for an expensive plan when I barely use the minutes.

The ideal phone would speak in a natural voice all of the menus on the phone, would allow a pat as you go option, and would have accessible internet and e9-mial applications. Just like everyone elses phone! I would really love to see the Jumanware Imate bar code reader combined with KNFB's character recofnition software. The Imate is presently huge and should be the size of a cell phone. Why not?

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