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Somebody close to me has retina macula degeneration. His eyesight is at 20%. He needs to complete research for the book which he is in the middle of writing. He is using tv type magnified video to read the books. However, he finds the screen to be blurry when magnified. I found it to be of high contrast and intense with greyish white background when magnified. I was thinking that, perhaps, there is better magnified video equipment. I have noticed you listed a number of cctv brands. Is there one that is considered by most as the industry leader? If not, which models and brands are considered top?

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A great CCTV that has everything from the latest technology to a solid warranty is the Freedom Machine. Click the link below to find out more....


you will get different settings with different brands, some are color and some are not, i suggest checking out


Some people do better with white letters on black (your friend's machine should have this setting, so far as I know they all do). I know someone who does best with yellow on black, and I have seen a machine that will give the user an incredible variety of color combinations like Magenta on yellow, etc. Of course those are more expensive.

Your friend might try to find a place that displays a variety of machines for him to try out. Contact his state or local blindness agency to find out if they have any machines on display. Often a low vision specialist will have video magnifiers available to try, and it's always possible that some sort of glasses would improve his ability to see his current machine.

Unfortunately, anything magnified will lose resolution. I hope your friend finds a solution but do tell him not to buy without trying out.

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