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Cell Phone

Hi, I'm legally blind and looking for a cell phone. I think I would be able to see one of the larger ones, and I'm not really looking for a talking phone. Does anyone have any good experiences wtih a cell phone with a relatively large display?

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Rhat are Unlocked Mobile Phones and Cell Phones?

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2. An unlocked phone works with compatible GSM operators in more than 200 countries, depending on frequency. GSM providers operate in different frequencies, usually 850 MHz, 900 MHz, 1,800 MHz and 1,900 MHz. All GSM phones are built to support one or more of these available frequencies, and after unlocking, the phone will work with all networks that operate on its frequency band.
3. A SIM card is a small, flat rectangular card that fits into a predefined slot inside your GSM phone. Cellular service providers who operate on GSM technology identify subscribers solely based on the SIM. Since GSM service providers do not physically associate a mobile phone with a subscriber, you can change your mobile phone without any consequences. As long as you use the SIM, you will be identified regardless of mobile phone.
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Re:Cell Phone

you can get a free blackberry pearl at this web site

Re:Cell Phone

I have found an excellent cell phone with service as well all over the USA for my Mother after many months of searching. The website is

Re:Cell Phone

Hi I'm Denis and I;m legally blind with Pseudo Xanthoma Elasticum. I was having problems with cell phone also until I found a Samsung SPH- A600. It has the largest screen on any phone that I have researched over a two years period. When you dial the phone number the number are over 3/8 of an inch big. I can see it without center vision or my 39D pocket magnifier. Hope this will help....Denis

Re:Cell Phone

Check out AFB TECH Evaluates Cell Phones>

It has an introduction, and also lists great articles from AccessWorld: Technology and People with Visual Impairments

Re:Cell Phone

The Toshiba VM4050 has the largest screen on the market and you can have the talking feature turned off.


Re:Cell Phone

The following URL on the AFB website is to an evaluation of Cell Phones for Accessibility">

An additional evaluation was done this January - see>

I am told that the largest display is in a phone made by Nokia, but that's no guarantee that you will be able to see it. A number of our totally blind staffers have a friend or family member program a regular cell phone for them and just use that to make and receive calls - no fancy stuff.

Check references on the AFB website to the Telecommunications Act for information on legislation on cell phone accessibility.

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