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cell phones

I'm looking for a talking cell phone without a contract.

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Re: cell phones

Jaws will not get you to voice over. So if you have Jaws you may need help.

Re: cell phones

The iphone is the most accessible, I agree. There are a number of articles about it in AccessWorld

and, you don't have to have somebody sighted activate the speech if you don't want to. If you connect it the first time with a computer running Window-Eyes or Voiceover (not sure about JAWS), it will activate its screen reader.

To activate it on the phone, as you might if you were trying out somebody else's phone, go to settings, general, accessibility, and turn on Voiceover.

You need to use the voice over for the phone to be accessible. You need someone whocan see to help set it up at first but then once the voice over is on you can use the phone. I am blind and use it every day.


Re:cell phones

Is the iPhone 4 accessible for a person with absolutely no vision?

We need a phone that is totally accessible.

Is there a specific App to use to make it accessible?

Re:cell phones

Get the Iphone 4. You can get one without a contract, although it will be more expensive. However, it's worth every penny. I love mine. I did get mine with a contract, but regardless, the Iphone is the best!

Re:cell phones

You can purchase the Samsung Haven right out for like $179 (guess), and then purchase minutes instead of doing a contract. So, you would be utilizing it as a minute to minute type phone. With the most accessible non-smart phone, at this point in time. Contact your local Verizon store. The Haven is only through Verizon so far, but they were talking about opening it to other services.

Joe S.

Re:cell phones

Get a Spint phone.

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