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Changing Browser from IE to Firefox?

Is there a simple step by step somewhere that a blind computer user can access on changing primary browser from Internet Explorer 8 to FireFox using a windows 7 computer and NVDA?
Also, if google is going to be one's main home page is there a basic or classic version available that would be low or no graphic?
Thanks, you folks have been a great help in the past.

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Re: Changing Browser from IE to Firefox?

I-MerSee is the first social media network specifically designed for the visually impaired and aging communities.
I-MerSee is a stand-alone social platform that offers users access to events and information of interest to them, as well as allows them to engage with family and friends on popular social media sites, such as Facebook
There is no other social media network available today that is specifically designed for the visually impaired and aging communities.
Currently, visually impaired and senior individuals need to purchase expensive assistive technology software (such as Microsoft JAWS) or expensive add-on products such as Screen Readers and Screen Magnifiers.
We’re working aggressively on new technologies that will make I-MerSee accessible and fully functionally for the legally blind by the end of the year.
I-MerSee is completely FREE and integrates Screen Magnification, Text-To-Speech and Speech-To-Text to give users the seamless use and easy navigation of social media.
feel free to contact me with any questions

Re: Changing Browser from IE to Firefox?

You are welcome, David.

I am glad to be of help.

I have used Firefox exclusively for almost ten years now, and I prefer it over just about any other browser which is out there.

Re: Changing Browser from IE to Firefox?

Thank you for taking the time to give me the steps for changing the browser to Firefox, and for also checking the home page.
I got my refurbished computer last Fall and am starting to choose other peripheries or things that were on here when obtained, and have heard from other blind persons that Firefox is a more user friendly browser compared to IE.
My spouse, who is sighted, prefers it for her own reasons.
Again, thanks, your time is appreciated!

Re: Changing Browser from IE to Firefox?

Hello, David.

I run a flavor of Linux as my primary operating sysem, but I thnk that the following steps shoudl work to set Firefox as yoru default browser. These instructions are what I remember doing when I used Windows.

1. Press ALT+T to open the Tools menu.
2. Arrow down to the menu item labeled "Options".
3. Press ENTER to open the Options dialog.

NOTE: The Options dialog has a row of main tabs across the top (e.g. General, Tabs, Content, etc); some of these tabs have subsequent tab groups which group settings for different things.

4. Right arrow over to the Advantced tab.
5. Press the tab key to change teh focus to the Advanced tab's subsequent tab groups.
6. If it is not already selected, be sure that you are within the "General" tab group.
7. Press the tab key until you hear "System Defaults". You should then find a checkbox item which is labeled something like "Always check to see if Firefox is the default browser on startup."
8. If this checkbox is unchecked, pres the SPACEBAR to check it.
9. Either tab to the OK button and perss ENTER or simply press eNTER from where you are at to save your settings.

This should set Firefox as your default browser.

As far as Google goes, the main Google page at is still very uncluttered. I just checked it, and it had an image with the Google logo and a textbox in which one can enter search criteria.

You can set your Homepage from within the main "General" tab.

I hope that this information is of some help to you.

Take care.

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