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College Student trouble seeing the board

Hi my name is Ada and I'm visually impaired since birth, I have Optic Nerve Coloboma and i'm blind from one eye and the other one I'm 20/100. I would like to know if there's any adoptive equipment out there that I could use at school so that i'm able to see the board. thanks

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Re: College Student trouble seeing the board

Hi there Ada,

I'm wondering, as a student, do you use any devices such as braille note takers? My name is Jazmine and i'm doing a research on the impact of technology in the lives of visually impaired students. Should you have any opinions on note takers, feel free to e-mail me at . i would really love to have a chat with you, to know more about your opinions.

Re: College Student trouble seeing the board

I'm in high school and I use a CCTV camera in order to see the whiteboard. It helps me very much. Without using it, I can't see the whiteboard at all, and with the camera, I can see everything that's on it. I can also change the color scheme so that it hurts my eyes less if I need to.

Re: College Student trouble seeing the board

I'm a senior in high school with the same vision condition as you. I have used a VisioBook and that works very well. I have also used the teachers monitor during SmartBoard presentations.

Re: College Student trouble seeing the board

Very likely. It all depends on what (how) you can see with what is left. (What is measured in the office by the pros doesn't a;ways tell us that.) If you are reading this on screen, the answer is probably Yes, with a CCTV. If you are reading this with a screen reader, probably not.

You didn't say where you live. All eye help is local. Every state has services for the visually handicapped. probably has a resource list that will help you find Low Vision Services. The Chicago Lighthouse is outstanding, as is Lighthouse/Guild in NYC and there are others. Google it.

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