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Comparison of Television Providers

Hi all,
I am frustrated with the Comcast xfinity x1; in part for entirely non-vision related issues. Frankly the service is poor and there's no a lot of terribly accessible features. However I will say the iOS remote is handy to find saved shows on the DVR and play them on the television without a need to see. :)

But nonetheless I'm switching away from Comcast and want to know if anyone has feedback on either the Dish Network Hopper system or the Directv Genie. Both are comparable in price (for my needs Dish Network is $95.99/mo and Directv is $99.99/mo both after 1 year, in the first year they are cheaper).

As you know voiceover on iOS is good, but not when the app developer was no good. So I'm wondering how well everyone likes the iOS apps for each service with voiceover.

Also how do you like the remotes, menus, etc. I have very little vision left. Which for me means I'm 6 inches from a 60 inch TV to see any menus and even then I can get frustrated.

Thanks all in advance for your input.

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