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Computer Dizziness that won't go away

I went from being totally active one day and the next day I got really dizzy and it never went away. The dizziness seems to be triggered by driving and the computer and it is with me 14/7. Some days are worse than others. I've been from Doctor to Doctor and they all have tested me and everything comes back normal. Am I going crazy or has anyone ever had this problem? Is there something that I can do to make it stop.

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Re:Computer Dizziness that won't go away

I am so glad I found this site. I have been having the dizziness, disorientation, unbalanced feeling, foggy brain, painful eye movement, sensative to lights, fatique and scared, thought my life was going to be over soon. I went for all kinds of test, changed my monitor because of reading this blog, I had lasik surgery years ago and didn't need glasses, but went in to get checked for that and got glasses for the computer at work with no glare lenses.

I was so baffled as to what was wrong with me. I had started using eye drops the artifical tears one and the more my eyes hurt the more I would use the drops. But last Saturday I kinda figure it out......ITS THE EYE DROPS. I stopped using them and one week later I am great!!! SYMTOMS are all gone.

Who ever is having problems like this you may want to stop using eye drops if you were using them.

Granted, I do believe that using a computer all day at work doesn't help with the eyes and can cause the symtoms of eye strain, but I realized that every time I put the drops in my eyes I would shortly be sensitve to light, have pain in my eyes with movement, feel sick like I just got off a ride and I lost my engery, couldn't think straight. I still am wondering if being normal will last because I have been battling this for 8 months and was scared that the Dr's weren't going to find out what was wrong with me before I couldn't stand or do anything any more.

I am happy with that I figured it out and I wanted to share this with everyone. Hope you all have a great Holiday :)


I'm your (formal) co-sufferer, and inventor from Melbourne, Australia.
Few years ago I have been through your problem, and so I moved to Samsung SX Laptop
with LCD, (1024x768) but it was only easier to work, and symptoms have been the same.
However, Laptop, and 1024x768 setup is the best, if you are suffering these things.
Make DARN shure that you Laptop NATIVE resolution is 1024x768 when you buy it, and can refresh at 70 hz+
(Don't go for the laptops that have longer length than height of the screen !)
DO NOT lie on the floor, and compute that way - you body must SIT, and sit UPRIGHT.
DO NOT spend more than 2 hrs A DAY on Computer - FOR ANY REASON.

SOME INTERESTING FACTS I want to disclose are, and will help diagnose your comp-dizziness:
Is this you ? :
-When trying to concentrate to something smaller and precise on the screen - it gets worse
-When looking straight down (eg. for typing) or looking at the shoes while standing - worse
-If you make sudden quick move with your eyes (left-right) or otherwise - it gets worse
-While walking outside - your mind shuts off, for a fractions of the second, and reawakes
while you walking ?
-If you look - it's worse, and if you close your eyes - it's just fine
-You get a - so strange feeling of disorientation in some of department stores
-If you try looking up (as to the sky) - it's better


1 Go out to parks - TO WALK on DAILY basis (you need geo-magnetic fields, DAILY).
2 Remember this: sunlight, water, food, exercise, plenty rest
3 Have enough sleep each 24 hrs (computers are EATING YOUR SLEEP RESERVE,
withouth which you will be sick (zombie-like), and you may even die.
Your computer dizziness comes from LACK OF MOVEMENT of your EYES, and BODY
NOW, TO GET YOU OUT OF (your) CURRENT COMA (dizziness / nightmare):
-To get better:
Get yourself OFF any tablets, related to this problem, or REDUCE their usage for the start.
Eat plenty of VEGGIES, with other stuff you eat, more veggies - the better., less salt (coffeine) - the better.
Exercise your EYES movements on a daily basis (to extreme corners):
(left-right) (up-down), circles (left and than right). (and for the first few days NOT TOO MUCH, but - do it).
At the start of your eyes exercises, (first few days) it will get bad AS HELL, but you MUST
go through it, (I don't care - lie down if you have to, in order not to collapse)
Days later - you will not feel any wish to throw up, or have other problems when exercising the eyes.
-Exercise your BODY movements (whatever you choose for your gym), and WALK, WALK, WALK.
(if you sit all day, on the comp or not, YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR IMMUNITY, and your immune system
will ATTACK ITSELF, and CT scans, or GP's will find: nothing at the same time, when they check you up).
Now: go and GET YOUSELF TOGETHER, and also: check yourself for computer addiction, as well.
Hope it helps,
Michael V
Inventor - Melbourne, Australia

Re:Computer Dizziness that won't go away

I had same problem, especially when scrolling, so had to slow that down,but the basic problem was not eating anything after I got up, for 21/2 to 3 1/2 hrs. so, started having a slice of toast with coffee, then small cereal , then went to work at 11 am and ate small amount then. I was going too long without food, between dinner and breakfast/or lunch. You may have hypoglycemia.repeat, may. I almost passed out at work, yrs ago, til I had glucose tolerance test done. Hope this helps.

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