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Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I consider myself to have a visual impairment with symptoms of dizziness, sensory overload like being overwhelmed in a grocery store or dept. store and vertigo. I have a terrible time with computer monitors making me dizzy or giving me a headache in a very short time-the TV however does not effect me this way why? What is the difference in the two-anyone know? I've heard something about refresh rates being different-not sure what that is. Also, I've heard that Flat Panel monitors may be better for the eyes.
Thanks for any information on this subject.

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Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

That's all about refresh rates. I had the same problem when I was using LCD monitor.
That's why now I work only with LED screens.
Besides, LCDs can also often have much more limited viewing angles.

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Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Great suggestions, Alexw.

I also suggest visiting an ophthalmologist and discussing the symptoms. My first thought would be an astigmatism, which would give you eye strain and headaches. Could be a number of issues and is well worth investigating.

Shannon Carollo

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

@alexw, are you serious? Changing of monitor helped you? I have similar issues dizziness 24/7 sometimes vertigo... And I am software engineer... 8h + on computer...
I need to try buying the same monitor as you have. On the list that you shared all whit confirmed are flicker free?

Many thanks, 5er

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

For me, as a programmer, the most important thing was getting a flicker free monitor. Other factors I think helped are controlling blood pressure and being well rested. Not all LCD monitors are flicker-free though since a lot of them use PWM which essentially means they FLICKER AT LOW BRIGHTNESS. So lowering the brightness might actually make it worse. Check out for a list of flicker-free monitors. I got an LG 23MP65 which enabled me to go back to work.

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness


Are there any support groups for this on Facebook?

It would be nice to talk to someone else. Even Visual Snow is easier to find a support group for.

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

it could be Vestibular Migraine causing your problems.

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I had the same problem and found the cure in a hard way. Here is my blog about it:

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

if you feel pain in your eyes when you use your laptop or computer then read this article for the solution

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hi rmills40, it sounds like you might have a sensitivity to LED backlighting. The backlighting on your t.v might be the older style like CCFL. I am highly sensitive and get symptoms of migraine, pain behind the eye, nausea, vomiting, vertigo, dizziness. I feel terrible in grocery and department stores. I don't know if it's the invisible flicker (hertz/refresh rate) the high level of blue light emitted from LED (all sources of light have blue light in the spectrum but the sun and incandescent light has only a small amount, too much is bad for human health),or the spike in the blue light. It may be the intensity of LED (like a laser for those sensitive) other sources of light are more gentle and dispersed. LED is very directional. LED is now used to back-lit every monitor, phone, computer, t.v manufactured now. It is used in many shops and businesses. Street lights are now being converted to LED. It has got so bad for me I had to leave my job at xmas (2014) and go on sick pay, due to the installation of new back-lit LED monitor and overhead LED lights. The council in my town changed the lighting to LED outside my home so I have to move, I can't put a toe in to my own front garden, the symptoms are immediate and unbearable. People will have varyig degrees od discomfort and sensitivity. LED is having a devastating impact on my life and health. There is a lot of evidence out there to suggest LED will damage our eyes long-term and a small minority is affected straight away. I know many people like this.If you are having problems with LED technology in your area please contact your local councils and governments. This needs to be highlighted. Nothing is being done and the minority are being ignored as many governments and councils are more concerned with emissions and energy consumption. But at what price. People's health. The social exclusion and limited work life of those affected is devastating. Something needs to be done about this dangerous LED technology. I have been to eye specialists and neurologists, I am healthy. It is the LED light source that is the problem. We haven't evolved for it. The incandescent bulb is similar to the sun, but they have banned it around the globe because it is not as efficient. There is a campaign in the UK to get this ban over turned at the very least. Please sign it to help give people like me some of our lives back so we can at leaset have safe light in our own homes.

I haven't read all the replies here yet to this original post but I will do.
I am fine with my TV also because I bought it 4 years ago so it is back-lit with CCFL. LED might be your problem too. When you suffer in department stores and grocery stores, is it LED lighting?

If you enter dangers of LED into google or something similar there are 100's of sites highlighting the dangers.

There are people campaigning in the UK. I live in Ireland and I'm hoping to do the same here.

Please see this website below that was set up last year by Jesse in the USA for people with light-sickness

If anyone else is suffering like I have described above, please get in touch,

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I AM CURED! Sorry for the attention grabbing headline but I have experienced many of the same problems that a lot of you are writing about on this forum and I want to help.

My name is Tom, I live in Inverness, Scotland and I have worked in IT for over 25 years. Three years ago I started to experience nausea/headaches/dizziness when looking at my computer screen and when driving in a car. Like a lot of you, I thought I was going to have to give up my job but after a long time searching on the Internet, I eventually read about SEE Sick Syndrome (SSS) in the post below by MotionDoctor1 on 12/30/2012. After I read this post, I found Dr. Roderic Gillilans website which gives all the details
All I can say is a big "THANK YOU" to MotionDoctor1 and Dr. Roderic Gillilan for providing a solution to this problem.

I couldn't believe it when I read the self-diagnosis on Dr Gillilans site because I could tick almost every box. So, I looked at the Dynamic Adaptive Vision Therapy video and I tried it for myself. After about a week of doing these exercises, my symptoms disappeared.
Before I started these exercises, if someone had shown me a picture on a smart phone, I would have felt ill within about two seconds. Now I have a smart phone that I use myself!

I was not diagnosed by a doctor. Yes, I spoke to my doctors but they knew nothing about SSS. However, their opinion was that the exercises (Dynamic Adaptive Vision Therapy) wouldn't do any harm.
I did not consult anyone to help me, I just looked at the video and learned the exercises for myself.
Incidentally, I listened to music or audio books while I was doing the exercises and this helped to make them less of a chore!

Fluorescent lights never used to bother me until a few years ago when I found that if I stood directly underneath one I started to feel dizzy. Also, brightly lit shops and supermarkets started to have the same effect. I have a thyroid problem and I had been taking Levothyroxine tablets (50mg) for years prior to this issue. Just by coincidence, I had my routine blood test and as a result, my dose was increased by 25 mg daily. A few days after I had my dose increased to 75 mg, fluorescent lights were not a problem for me anymore.

Another issue is that if you have fluorescent lights above you, they may be refreshing at a similar rate to your computer screen. For example, if the fluorescent lights are flashing at 60 Hz and your computer monitor is set to refresh at 60 Hz, your brain could be registering a strobe effect but you are unaware of it. The solution is to increase the refresh rate of your monitor to the highest possible value for example 75 Hz. [If you want to find out how to do this, I'll include details at the end]
When I first started using a PC back in the early 90s, I felt ill instantly. When someone suggested increasing the refresh rate of monitor, I was fine.

My eyes have always been sensitive to light but over the last few years I've found that my condition is getting worse, so much so that I can't look at anything too bright without getting a migraine. I can't go outside without sunglasses or a baseball cap.
When I went to my doctor with the symptoms of SSS, they had no idea what the problem was so they referred me to 2 different ophthalmologists. They were at a loss as to what the problem was so they suggested I go to the Visual Stress Clinic in Glasgow where I was prescribed glasses
with coloured lenses. These helped to reduce the headaches I got from bright lights (they did not cure the nausea and dizziness though. It wasn’t until I had done the SSS Dynamic Adaptive Vision Therapy that I was cured of this).
I have experimented with different coloured lenses. My glasses of choice now are night vision driving glasses (yellow tint). I find these good for indoor use since wearing regular sunglasses indoors is too dark.

I put up with migraines for years simply because I didn't actually know what a migraine was! It wasn't until I talked to someone about what I was experiencing that they told me that they thought I was suffering from migraines. I went to my doctor to see if he could help and he suggested that I try some medication. He told me that if the first one he suggested didn't work, then we’d try another. I was amazed, and relieved to find that the first one that he suggested (Half Beta-Prograne 80mg Sustained release Capsules. Propranolol Hydrochloride) did actually stop the migraines:

I use a PC 100% of the time to do my job, and there are a couple of things I change to help with my light sensitivity/photophobia. I find the default white colour of Windows and Internet Explorer etc much too bright but by changing them to use a grey background, it's much easier on the eyes. [See below for details on how to do this]

I have also discovered that covering one eye can solve headache/nausea problems. At first, I used to use an eye patch but I discovered that if you wear an eye patch for too long, when you take it off you end up with a sore head.
To get round this problem, and also because I got fed up of all the pirate jokes(!), I created my own solution - a baseball cap with a piece of paper (2 inches square) hanging off one side of the peak so that my computer screen is totally obscured from one of my eyes. This is much better than the eye patch because both eyes see everything in my peripheral vision. I went to my optician to explain what I was doing and he told me that this would not cause any harm.

I hope that if you're reading this you might find something here which can help you. If you do, please post back on this site so that we can continue to help others.


How to change your monitor refresh rate:
If you're using Windows, you can change this in the Control Panel by choosing options \Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution
Advanced settings, Monitor TAB, Monitor settings, Screen refresh rate: 75 Hertz

How to change Windows colours:
1. I change my Windows colours on my PC to use a grey background instead of white.
To do this on a Windows PC, open Control Panel, choose options
Applicants and personalisation \Personalisation \
then click on the ‘Window Colour’ Icon at the bottom of the screen to select the colours you want.
Eg For the ‘Window’ item, I set this to be grey

How to change Internet browser colours:
2. I also change the colours on my browsers (Internet Explorer and Firefox) to use the same grey colour as opposed to the white background.

In Internet Explorer, select 'Tools' from the menu bar then, ' Internet options'
In the 'General' Tab, click the "Accessibility" button then
tick "ignore colours specified on webpages" [this means that if you have changed your ‘Window’ colour scheme in step 1, webpages will now use this colours instead. I set ‘Window’ item in step 1 to be grey so I get a grey background on webpages.
If at any point you want to look at a webpage using its own colours (i.e. instead of your colours), then you can just untick the "ignore colours specified on webpages"

In Firefox, select 'Tools' from the menu bar then, 'options'
Click on the, "Content" tab, then click on the "colours" button.
Select the colour scheme you want
eg I use black 'text' on a grey 'background'
Tick, "use system colours"
If at any point you want to look at a webpage using its own colours (i.e. instead of your colours), then you can tick the option below this, "allow pages to use their own colours instead of my selections above"

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

if you feel pain in your eyes when you use your laptop or computer then read this article for the solution

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Dear All!
I probably have a solution. I used to suffer from dizziness, serious headache, my eyes used to hurt, or got really dry while working with the computer. The symptoms arrived, when I started to use Windows 7. The problem was that Win 7 (also Win 8) uses to much blue light by default. Science I'm an IT specialist it was quite scary. The solution was recalibrate the color of the display: Control panel \ Display \ Calibrate color. The wizard will guide you through the gamma and brightness (they are to be specified as the Operating system shows). Then in this wizard turn down the blue light by at least 25 percent, and also the red and the green by 20 percent. You should also turn off Clear type there. For me, the working combination was 1-3-1-3 in the wizard.
I hope it will work for you guys! :-)

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

still i having same problem. when i use the computer i get dizziness. i stopped using computer for two months then i feel better. due to my career again i work with computer and get back my dizziness. i checked all test CT scan, Neurology and neck cervical x-ray, i having 5 years of nasal allergy problem. is problem related with this?

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I have used a Dell PC for years with no ill affects. Recently I switched to an Apple desk top and immediately upon using it I experienced dizziness and mild nausea. I have been reading all the different opinions as to causes and none seem to apply to me. I am trying to lower the refresh rate on this Apple but so far have been unsuccessful. My Dell may seem like a horse and buggy next to this Apple whiz but I think I am about to return to it. I could stay on that for a long time and never felt uncomfortable which I can not claim for the Apple.

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I am 51 and had a job 40 hours a week on computers for 3 1/2 years. I was on computers a lot for about 8 years prior to that. I started having problems with my head, mind and severe dizziness 1.5 yrs ago and they escalated rapidly. I first thought, and still wonder if I have cancer or a tumor. My normal day by last January after 30 min. Or less at work I had a migraine, and felt like I was going to vomit, and had a hard time with balance and vision. I was one of the top people and producers at work. My bosses loved me, and I loved them. February I started having mini siezures while at work on computers, up to 12 an hour. All the problems got worse. Doctors wrote a note requiring an LCD screen. It worked for 3 weeks, and the mini siezures were up to 12 a day. I had an anyurism with one. I had confusion and memory loss start. I can rarely retain new information. I dropped down to " the bottom of the barrel" at work. Words floated on the screen with new glasses and the new screen. I was hanging up on people so I wouldn't throw up. I struggled and set goals to make it thru 15 minutes of work at a time. June 6 I hung up on a client so I wouldn't throw up and was holding my head up with my hands. I lost my vision, didn't know what month it was. My face and back went numb and my son took me to check blood pressure. It was 67 over 26. I went to the ER a day and a half later and it was too high. It was Sunday morning and when the thought of working that sick entered my mind or I spoke it, alarms went off. I never returned. I don't have insurance. I do have Perifereal vestibular pathology, and every single symptom. I fall often. I can use a phone to go online, but computers make me violently ill. I used them in November to write a disability appeal and it restarted mini siezures, and they won't stop. A doctor thinks I had a stroke, but I have no income. My memory is horrible. I can remember big events, but forget what I just did. I spend hours everyday searching for things I just had, bit can't find. Words float on pages. I have blurred and double vision. I have a speech impairment, can't keep a thought, brain fog, I have a huge hospital bill from one fall. I worked in a room with hundreds of computers, and 2 other people who sat by me got ill before me, and still still are ill. One is only 24 years old! All of us were told maybe its fybromyalgia. The other one is 58 and hasn't worked in 1.5 years and they can't figure out what is wrong. The youngest still struggles to work and was convienced by a doctor it was something, had a $100,000. Surgery and is worse than before. People don't understand what is wrong with me. Even doctors act like I'm crazy and whisper outside my door then say they can't help me. I just found a doctor last week, who knows the other doctors, but is taking me seriously. I paid my bills ahead while ill, but time is running out. Only God can help me not end up homeless now, and maybe with the help of this doctor. I which I'd tried workers comp, but I paid into long term disability, and I am disabled. I use a walker not to fall, but noone will hire me or keep me like this.

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Headache, nausea, dizziness with eye movement and/or the observation on motion, such as when using a computer, are some of the symptoms of the SEE Sick Syndrome. (See motion and get sick) The SEE Sick Syndrome (SSS) is condition in which a person has a hyper sensitivity to visual motion . This leads to moderate to severe motion sickness combined with a hyper-sensitivity to light. The severity and frequency of the different symptoms in the SSS patients can vary widely. Most SSS patients have life long histories of motion sickness/car sickness which occurs almost exclusively in the daytime. (Less motion is observed at the sides of the road at night). However, adult onset SSS can occur as a result of head trauma or other factors. Most SSS patients can be successfully treated with Dynamic Adaptive Vision Therapy. I suspect that some of you who made the above postings may have the SSS. Check it out on the web.

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I'll try to be short...

I experienced some of the things showed here for more then 7 [wonderful] years, until the beginning of this month, the worst to mention would be:
*Short memory loss
*Dull feeling for long periods of time
*strange burning/empty-full feeling (not head-ache) on the left side of the head

The way I cope better now is:
*Calcium (daily basis, everyday 1 liter of milk and/or some other dairy products like yogurt, sour cream, cheese, etc.)

I tried to watch over sugar intake (less sugar, but sugar is needed) and do some sports and it was ok, but dairy products are doing great to me.

Hope it helps you and I can hardly wait for a feedback from you.

How do I feel now? Bored (wish it was different) but not tired, nor confused or inside the dull state.

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

My finger hurs from scrolling down to get to this point. lol
My monitor at work makes me dizzy sometimes and I have taken to cutting an inch of ginger then slicing that into thin strips and putting it in a thermos with some honey or brown sugar and a green tea bag. Ginger is great for dizziness.

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Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hello everyone,

It's been a few years since I last posted, so I wanted to check in and see if there was any new information regarding computers and dizziness. I'm a computer programmer who spends 10 hours a day on a computer and I've been doing this for 10 years, so there's no doubt in my mind that my dizziness is caused by eye strain. When this all started a few years ago, I worked very hard to take breaks frequently and I can honestly say the dizziness lessened so much that there were long stretches of time when I didn't experience any dizziness at all - weeks, even months. In essence, I was cured.

About a month ago, the dizziness came back with a vengeance. I was walking through Kohls and I got so dizzy I had to kneel down in the middle of the isle to avoid falling over and taking out clothes racks. That particular day, I had been working for over 12 hours staring at my computer monitor with very few breaks. The dizziness (vertigo) has been really bad every since, along with serious pressure behind my eyes and an overall lightheaded feeling.

My plan of attack is the same as before - figure out a way to give my eyes rest. I've considered setting up an alarm that goes off every 20 minutes. That would be my queue to walk away for a few minutes. It's hard to do - almost impossible if you're busy on a PC all day trying to get stuff done. Aside from getting into another line of work, I'm certain that frequent rests is the only cure. Vitamins, minerals, glasses, monitors, anti-depressants, chiropractics, caffeine (or lack thereof) - not the answers for someone working on a computer all day. Rest, rest, and more rest. So definitely figure out a way to rest your eyes and it will do wonders to suppress the vertigo.

Take care everyone. Know that you're not alone.

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I am a professional photographer for the past 20 + years and in the past few years I have definitely experienced dizziness symptoms and heart palpitations a few times being on my computer. I do have hypothyrodism and I think the combination of looking at a computer screen for so many years since digital phootgraphy came to the forefront and my illness have all contributed to these symptoms. I have told my primary care doctor several times about my issues. But to be honest it goes in one ear and out the other. I think all of you have made some great recommendations for the most part and I thank you for that! I am just taking it one day at a time and hoping it's nothing else too severe. But I have had several concussions also growing up playing sports. One severe concussion when I was about 16 that left me with nerve damage. Anyways again thank you all for your suggestions and help it's been a very informative read! I am going to see a neurologist in November just to check things out and maybe get some help there. Thanks again!

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Everytime I look at a computer screen for more than 2mins I feel sick, get terrible headaches & it strains & hurts my eyes. I have been to plenty of doctors who all tell me i'm fine. I have been to eye doctors who tell me my vision is fine but have given me different coloured lenses to try, different glasses & non of this hasn't worked. I use LCD screens at work & no matter what light or colour I change it to nothing works.
The headaches & discomfort lasts around 3 days! It is getting to the point of having to quit my job & do something else as its getting so bad.
I excerise, eat right have gone to dietitions to make sure I am doing all the right things. But nothing has worked & it is getting worse.

I would love any advice as I am running out of options!

Re: Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Boy, this was a popular thread! At my FT job where I sit for 7 hours a day I get to stare at a 24" LCD monitor and have not had any dizziness. Try an LCD.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I am glad to find this thread. I'm in my 30s, very healthy, balanced diet. No obvious reason to have had a similar experience to alex80 who last posted almost one year ago. About one month ago I had sudden onset dizziness with a racing heart. The dizziness has persisted.

At first I was thinking the worst so I likely had a panic attack the first two times I had major dizzy spells (first was not at the computer, the second was). In the first week I also had a consistent headache behind my eyes, I felt like my head and neck were so heavy, and tight and I also had extreme fatigue. For two weeks I had trouble working / concentrating on the computer and reading recipes.

I'm growing used to the dizziness, which seems related to movement of my head.

I had my eyes checked last year and they were fine. Since the onset of this I've been to my PCP and a specialized balance and dizziness center. The nurse at the dizziness center said she could feel the anxiety I was giving off. Wow. Both are attributing to inner ear, possibly BBPV. Told me to take meclizine, I did take it for about 5 days and it helped but it is a short term mask to the problem. I don't have insurance to go for an MRI and in reality, I really think it would be a waste of money. Now that I realize I'm not going to keel over from this in the short term, I am thinking it is related to muscles controlling my eyes and my neck.

I started using a heated wrap on my neck muscles a few times a day and that did help loosen up some tightness, as well as a hand held massager on my shoulder and neck. Also helpful. I need to go get a professional massage to see if that helps too. I am going to start heading back to my regular yoga because I used to do it several times a week and got out of that habit. I think if I rebuild the strength in my neck and upper back, as well as stretch those areas regularly, this problem will go away.

Seems to be a type of repetitive stress injury. I am on the computer, smart phone or a kindle 8-11 hours per day. I did lower the brightness on my LCD monitor and it does make a positive difference in the level of eye strain. Thanks for that suggestion.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Vitamin D need to be utilised within the mixture with other vitamins and minerals. The performance of vitamin d raises in the event it interacts with vitamins. It's also not suggested to utilize only one vitamin supplement but to utilize multivitamins. When you have only 1 vitamin there is certainly a likelihood of vitamin overdose and vitamin deficiency in other vitamins and that's why you must benefit from multi-vitamins.
read more:

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

In the event you have any sort of treatments though that you are using vitamin d you need to be quite careful. It really is recognized the d vitamin manages to lose its efficiency if put together with some medicines simply because they decrease its concentrations. Now whenever you fully understand this be sure to talk to your physician and ask concerning the possible interactions.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

It's been a few months since I last wrote, but today I discovered this website and had to share it:

"Subliminal flicker" is the EXACT source of my problems, and probably is the answer to what's going on with the majority of us. The author has the same problems and has done quite a bit of research. Please read this if you are experiencing disorientation when you use computer monitors and televisions, or when fluorescent lighting makes you feel sick. Hope this helps.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

My friend says this free download allows the computer to changes it s lightening automatically to be easier on your eyes.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Someone was saying that it can be the lighting behind your computer too making sure its not too dark.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hi Guys,

Okay. I can with 100% certainty say its the monitors. I have been using a Hp labtop with no problems. When I go downstairs to use my new 27ince LCD and 24 inch samsung monitors omg I feel terrible. Once I am out of the room and away from it nothing. At work we use Benq 19 or 20 inch monitors and I feel fine 100%. I was reading on the back of the samsung monitors there is mercury and stuff. I heard in Tanning salons the bulbs have mercury too and you feel kind of out of it a bit too. I def agree with something some of the guys have said above about the Mercury leaching or air quality. I am on the computer at work 40+ hours and the monitors never bother me. I have my hp labtop nothing bothers me, but once I use these monitors downstais with my tower I feel so sick. I play poker on the side 20+ hours a week and I will prob take back the computer. I have heard Macs are pretty easy on the eyes and does not leach stuff.

What is shielding your monitors mean?


Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

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Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I wonder if AFB every imagined that this message board posting page would go on for over a decade. I am so glad they haven't cut us off. You guys help me stay sane to know I am not alone/crazy. tambonia1972 here agian to check in. Had this mess for over 4 years now (computer monitor dizziness and nausea).

Jonpac07 - Sorry to hear of your troubles. I have heard projectors can help in a home situation and was wondering what you project on to? I know you said to cover up your laptop screen with a pillow case - did you mean that you actually project right onto the pillowcase covering the laptop or was that just to darken the light the laptop was giving off and you are actually projecting on to a wall? Thank you for the advice. I may borrow a friends projector and try this before investing in one because they can be quite pricey.

LadyDor - no I don't believe you can change the amount of CFL lighting coming from your screen. However, I hear there are screens coming out down the road that won't use CFL's at all. Unfortunately they are pricey and not available to the masses yet.

Best of luck everyone. Word of advice to those who have gotten some relief from their computer glasses but you have noticed an increase in your symptoms again - get your eyes checked soon because that happened to me and turns out my eyes have actually gotten better so my computer glasses weren't helping as much as they once did because they were actually too strong again (the idea behind many computer glasses is that they are made weaker than your regular prescription strength so that they allow your eyes to relax when working up close on a computer). I am going to pick up my new computer glasses today so wish me luck ;)

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Wow I have been looking for anyone who feels the same way!!!! I HATE These symptoms. I have been suffering for about 4 years now. I am 22 years old and was an avid video gamer up until I was 18. Now i can't look at a screen for more than 20 seconds without getting dizzy or disoriented reall. I am in a motorized wheelchair and have had probably about $100,000 in test and NOTHING! I have found an incredible solution though:) A Projector REALLY WORKS!! just connect it to your laptop and cover the screen. I use a pillow case and wrap it three times. This does work but does not solve our real problem..... Our world runs on computers I cannot even look at cell phones or tv's. so if anyone finds the cause or a permanent solution please Post. Also I would love to talk to anybody about this feel free to email me at
We are not Alone!
Best wishes

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

My symptoms just started Yesterday, and It's very annoying,

Little things that are currently helping me and "cuts the edge": when I place my elbow on the table and lay my hand on my face as though I'm supporting my head, the light pressure on the side of my head and forehead seems to help me, it may help you a little, it cuts the edge just a little and allows me to read or concentrate taking the edge off only a little, but helps.

I haven't gotten the nausea, part but when I look at the screen, not immediately but when I start to read or concentrate, I feel as though My eyes are crossing, I feel dizzy and disorientated its difficult to explain. And frustrating.

I'm 26 about to be 27 I eat healthy, protein and vegetables, I rarely eat junk food, no outrages diets, I exercise constantly. I take multivitamins often, I go to the gym almost on a daily basis and I don't suffer from obesity, I have been exercising for most my life. I'm a runner and I lift weights occasionally to tone.

I do not like taking pills(the chemically enhanced ones), unless the pills are vitamins/organic or birth control (I'm still not ready for a baby right now ^_^) and I'm going to search for an Organic/natural method to stop the dizziness I'm getting from my screen. I strongly believe, natural, truly healthy solutions should be the way, pills(chemicals) only cover the problem. I will keep you guys informed if I find anything natural, that helps.

BTW, I believe I stay inside way toooo much and I don't spend enough time getting my daily vitamin D. I'm going to start taking breaks and going outside for at least a few min and absorbing natural light, naturally instead of, through a window!

As for no caffeine, um..yea riiiight! I love me a good cup.

I am not a person who eats too much sweets because I do get sick i.e. headaches, nausea, if I eat to much sweets. I usually listen to my body on what it needs and it is rare for my body to want sweets. So it was interesting before my symptoms my body was craving sweets. Food for thought is all. I do eat "fast food" about once a week such as restaurants, pizza, mcdonalds(rarely), zaxby's (their salad is from heaven), I vary it on a weekly basis. I take a break off cooking on Fridays, I ♥ food. I do believe its better to take the pain of exercise than the pain of laziness. Or the pain of feeling ill. That's scary.


My plan of attack:
♥ 15minute mini breaks around breakfast, lunch, and before the sun goes down. (I'm hoping this is the cure, simple I know, but I have been aware of my lack of "basking in the sun" for months now.)
♥ cutting salt from my diet (bummer)
♥ getting computer lenses see if that works
♥ maintaining a good healthy coffee intake (i can't leave it)
♥ taking st Johns wart extract, it's an organic and natural way for emotional well being. (I noticed that, many have also associated depression with the dizziness.)

I'm glad I've found this site but I've read of the ones that dealt with this problem for years and it dosn't seem to get better but worse. (this can be depressing -_-) I hope I can find a natural Cure. I hope this helps someone. And I hope it helps me as well I will see in about a few months or when symptoms are completely gone and give the report.

People usually don't go for "Natural Healing" because it's not "fast" enough and you will need to be patient and wait several months for any sign of progress. While today's market demands are "quick" relief. But has deadly side effects.

Let's find the cure!

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I having dizziness and nausea as well. And I am wondring if my I-mac screen is too big. I am experimentign with closing my right eye, which is worse vision than my left. and So far it feels much better with just my left eye, so its the stigmitism causing it partly.
also can I change the amount of CFL's coming from my screen?

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hello everyone. I'm so very glad to have found this forum. I'd like to relay my experience. I'm 40 and have been using computers since I was about 12. I have programmed for countless hours over the years. I'm well versed in workstation ergonomics.

In the past 18-24 months, I have started have issues with, what I was thinking, was my eyes. The symptoms have included a dehabilitating pain around the top corner of my left eye to temple, a blurry spot just left of center in my left eye (such that if I look at the word "foundation" in the logo above, the "AFB" is a blurred mess.. a real treat when writing), and finally accute vertigo whenever I'm faced with processing alot of visual information. Shopping for my kids Christmas presents at the local Walmart has become a sickening experience as I scan the shelves and feel like I can't stand.

Testing has now included x-rays, CT scan, an MRI (about to have another), detailed visual field testing, a doppler of the eye and neck, and many appointments with a neurologist, opthamologist and family doctor. So far, the best they can guess is that I might have suffered a stroke of sorts in the eye that damaged the eye. The stroke might have been brought on by high blood pressure and/or migraine.

Although I believe this to be a strong possibility, in reading about the experience of others combined with my personal experience has led me to one conclusion: scrolling user interfaces are the problem.

When the eye has to repeatedly track vertically and horizontally across a scrolling page to process the information quickly, our eye muscles are repeatedly strained in a way like they have been at no other time. "Smooth" scrolling has been in use since around 2007. It has been adopted in the smartphone also - which is worse because of the smaller screen provokes us to bring the phone closer to our eyes.

I feel so rough these days that I have almost fallen asleep while driving home for work because of the need for my eyes to close. I try to distance-train my eyes during the day but it is just too ingrained a problem now.

The good news I do have to report here is that I have found some relief by going for a walk in the woods. I drive just outside of town to a conservation area and go for a 1 -2 hour hike on the weekends. I invite you to try this (not a walk in the city) and come back here to state how you felt afterwards. It, for me, was a real... eye opener.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Another vote for the "backlit monitor and fluorescent lighting" theory as to what is causing this problem.

I experience varying levels of disorientation, dizziness, feelings of being overwhelmed with data, confusion, sluggishness, tension behind the eyes, brain tingling, etc. when I am on the computer or television for long periods of time. Also happens in classrooms, libraries, bookstores, grocery stores, and movie theaters. I'm 26, and this started when I was 23. Never had any problems with computers or televisions before this; I would play video games all day as a child and be fine. Now, I can't watch a basketball game on television for more than a quarter without being so disoriented I can't tell what the score is.

As a law student who must sit in fluorescent-lit classrooms all day and take notes on an LCD monitor, it has all but ruined my experience in school for the past 3 years and left me completely lacking in confidence with regard to my future employment chances (what fool will hire a lawyer who can't use the computer in this era...).

In the worst instances, I'm residually sick for days with the feeling that my brain has been electrocuted, and I'm unable to even look at any kind of screen. Sometimes, however, it's more manageable. Some stuff I've learned to minimize the damage:

1. EYEDROPS. Preservative-Free. I use Thera Tears religiously when on the computer or looking at television. By religiously I mean whenever there is a zero on the clock. Definitely seen improvements from this.

2. Natural light. I do my computer work during the daytime in a brightly lit office. Never at night.

3. Minimizing screens. I read, write, paint, etc. during my free time when indoors, and I get outdoors whenever I can. The major reason why I support the "monitor/fluorescent lighting" explanation is because I made a point not to use any sort of screen and to avoid fluorescent lighting for a month last summer and felt like a completely different person. No symptoms at all. I was almost too clear-headed, if that makes sense. It was overwhelming after years of being foggy and confused.

3. Turn computer and television brightness levels as low as possible. This has been said before and it works for me.

4. Frequent breaks from computer use. I will not spend over 5 minutes on a screen without stopping and observing some real-world object for at least 20 seconds without breaking concentration on the objection.

5. Less-Drowsy Dramamine. This has been hit or miss. I read about it a few months ago and thought it was the solution, but it really just makes me groggy (yes, even the less drowsy kind). However, I have noticed marginal improvements in being able to watch television a little more.

6. Alcohol. I haven't read this entire board post by post, but I don't remember anybody mentioning alcohol. For some reason this completely alleviates the problem for me. I can drink a few beers and watch four episodes of Seinfeld in a row, but if I try to do the same thing without alcohol I burn out after the first episode. This is why I'm thinking there's at least a grain of truth to what people here have said about this thing being related to anxiety. I am definitely in the generalized anxiety disorder camp, with a bit of ADD to boot. Since alcohol calms the nerves and reduces anxiety, there may be a connection between anxiety and the disorientation.

Obviously, I wouldn't advise anyone to rely on alcohol, and I don't, but I've just noticed on Friday or Saturday nights when I'm drinking socially that when I come home and watch television it doesn't bother me.

I hope some of this stuff helps all of you out there who suffer from whatever this is. It's very real, and the medical community appears not to have any one-stop solution for us. I get pretty depressed thinking about a future in which I can't go to museums, libraries, or even movies with my kids. I encourage all of the older users, the people from a decade ago, to give us an update and let us know if you all are still burdened with this. As for me, I promise to update regularly if I find any help or learn anything else about the condition.

Best to all of you. Stay positive.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


People, if im correct it's not the monitor or brand. It's the LIGHTING they use. And to be more specific the frequency-spectrum of the light that is used (this is why some people not only get dizzy from monitor/tv, but also is shops, cuz of the TL-lightning)
I can give u some more detailed information if u like, send an email to:

One quick sollution for computing is (yes so simple). Put an extra lightspot WITH A NORMAL LIGHTBULB (don't use the energy-saving bulbs, it won't help u) behind ur monitor.

If u want to investigate a lil further on ur own, look at different light sources and what kind of frequecy spectrum they generate.
(My conclusion: only a regular old lightbulb transmits a "natural" lighting, LED, TL, NEON-stuff and all other similar lightning have high spikes in a very specific frequency).

Pls lemme know if this helped u :)

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

It is definitely a good thing to follow the 20-20-20 rule to avoid computer related eye problems which can include being dizzy.


Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I have made a couple posts here over the past 2 years or so, any time I felt I made any progress or had any suggestions to share. My problems began only @ the computer in the beginning, but started to be constant after a while. I experienced many of the same symptoms as the majority of sufferers. It wasnt until recently I went to an internal medicine doctor and walked him through the timeline and all of the other doctors and the long list of symptoms I had encountered along the way. Much to my surprise, he said "this is an easy one". Servere anxiety was the diagnosis. I have been taking the meds he prescribed for about two and a half months now with great success. Welbutrin upon waking, and Lexapro in the late evening. I am adding this link that will take you to a comprehensive list of anxiety symptoms.
I hope this helps!

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I should have mentioned above that I have also been experiencing mild dizziness since last year, although I don't think it's due to a computer. I'm almost positive it's my anxiety and hypochondria. However, I still plan to have my doctor check for other problems, especially ear and heart issues. If you notice dizziness in public places, when you are alone, or stressful situations, it may be anxiety. If you think you could have anxiety, try to stay clam and not over think the situation. If you have also thought you have other serious disorders that you do not have, it's very possible you are a hypochondriac, and it's important to ask yourself if you are experiencing a normal bodily function and blowing it out of proportion. Because I'm a bit of a mental health advocate, I strongly urge you to see a psychologist if you have anxiety or hypochondria- it can really, really help you. I'm sorry if this does not pertain to the original message, but I think everyone experiencing dizziness should get it checked out.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hi there, I'm not sure how many of the original posters are still reading this thread, but I have a few ideas about the dizziness problem. I don't think everyone's problem with dizziness is caused by computer use, although some of them may be. However, dizziness, especially severe vertigo, is a something that could be a symptom of a serious problem. For those of you who are experiencing dizziness and pressure or fullness and pain in the ear, you should be checked for an inner ear infection, because these can spread if not treated. I also remember reading a post in which someone mentioned feeling better after eating- this could be anemia or other nutrient deficiency. For those who have more of a pulsing feeling in the head instead of dizziness, you may have a blocked carotid artery, and your blood flow could be being redirected. For those who also experience a sore neck or jaw and dizziness even when not on the computer, you could have a TMJ disorder, and the craning of the neck while on the computer could worsen symptoms and cause sever vertigo. If you have been experiencing dizziness, ringing/ buzzing/ or hearing loss in one or more ear, you could have a buildup of earwax, an inner ear infection, or Meniere's Disease, the latter of which can lead to permanent hearing loss. Some of these symptoms could also be caused by tumors in the ear. I don't know if these disorders could be to blame, or if it really is just your computer screen, but it is important to be checked for other causes, especially because some doctors are happier prescribing medication to get rid of symptoms instead of searching for a CAUSE of the problem. You may also want to have your magnesium levels checked as well because I have read about this causing dizziness. If you've been checked for everything, and there is no apparent answer, it's possible that anxiety and/or hypochondria is to blame, as many people with anxiety experience vertigo and if you're a hypochondriac, you tend to be hyper aware of your normal bodily functions. Whatever the case may be, please insist that your family doctor (and eye and ear doctors) do a full workup, even for things like anxiety, because it is important to catch these things in the early stages.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I'd like to post a response to my post last month, as Joseph's post reminded me a lot of what I have been doing/experiencing.

I went to the neurologist a few times, underwent fMRI and EEG testing, and got a blood workup. As expected, everything was perfectly normal. I also went to the optometrist who found that I have excellent vision but recommended glasses for eye strain..perhaps I will get them but they are quite pricey..

I have been taking Vitamin B2 500mg once a day. Although I am not positive, it seems that when I do not take it for a few days I develop dull headaches after being on the computer for awhile. I will start taking Magnesium soon as well.

I really don't think that my particular problem is a dietary issue, and agree with tambonia that it is 'a combination of backlit monitors and flourescent lighting'. I still think it is migraine-related but preventative medications won't work, as my neurologist stated, because they will just amplify the dizziness/lightheadedness symptoms.

I have learned to push through it, but I have found a few things that help:
-Doing moderate to intense cardiovascular workouts (swimming, running) at least 3 times a week
-Taking frequent breaks and minimizing computer use after work (obviously)
-Reducing stress

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

It has been many months since I have posted an update and I see that the board has had many more users join. Just more proof that this is a real phenomenon so many people are dealing with now - lucky us, we are on the forefront of it all. So to recap, I have been dealing with nausea/dizziness while using computer monitors for about 4 years now. My conclusion is that it is a combination of backlit monitors and flourescent lighting. My update is...that over the last few months, my symptoms have significanly been reduced. They are still there every time I work on a computer but are way more tolerable than they ever have been before. As I have stated in other posts before, my past improvements can be attributed to the many tweaks I have made (computer glasses, no flourescent lights, taking breaks, etc...). However, I attribute the even greater improvements of the last few months to finally admitting that I can not stand my boss!!! Without going into to too many personal details, after I stopped trying to deny that fact and even had a number of confrontations with my boss, my symptoms have improved. I was holding too much inside and trying to pretend that everything was just peachey keen. While I know that my symptoms are still very real, I believe they were made more intense because I was holding everything in and making myself sick. Maybe others on this list need to evaluate their personal situations as well. Maybe coupled with the physical tweaks you can make around your office, facing your emotional triggers could help too. My ultimate solution is to find another job and I have been looking for a while now but not luck so far in this down economy. Stay positive my fellow pioneers of the Computer Nausea Frontier. I wish you well.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Update: First i switch the colors of my screen, and it helps a little. Then I removed the backlight from a normal screen, put an incandescence lamp behind as describe in this site ( Now I can stand the monitor much longer, it is almost ok to work at it!
Josephbrinas: I had the same, the vertigo attacks disappeared after a month but not the dizziness. What kind of anti glare glasses did you try?

Trewq: Same here, no problem with a game boy or an e-ink device. I am going to buy a pixelqi screen, hoping that it works to like a e-ink one

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I'm glad I have found this discussion. I'm 23 years old, and working on computers for 8 to 10 hours a day. I started having this dizzy spells 1 month ago ( and still have it until now) . I went to the ENT and he said I might have Menier's disease ( he wasn't 100% sure) and told me to take in betahistine 2 times a day + Vitamin B1,B6,B12 3 times a day. After 2 days of taking in betahistine, the symptoms became more aweful (maybe because of the side effects), I feel very dizzy I can't even walk straight, I'm having headaches also so I stopped the medication.

After a week, I went to the optometrist, she said I have "Eye strain" (dizziness is one of the symptoms of eye strain) so I got myself a pair of anti glare glasses. The eyeglasses seems to be a big help, I have worked and stared at the computer for 10 hours straight, but after a week, I'm having a lot of migraine attacks and the dizzy spells got worse even when I'm wearing my eyeglasses. I was thinking of undergoing MRI, but since everyone in this forum that undergone MRI seems to be had normal results, I guess I shouldnt waste money on MRI.

By the way, I'm using a LED monitor. On other forums, I've read someone said that "Magnesium" is the answer, he said he got the same symptoms, and his doctor told him to take in 500-1000mg of Magnesium daily. I haven't tried it yet, but if anyone in this forum have tried it and got well, please let me know. I'm desperate.

I'm also doing the "No salt Diet" since last week, I'm also taking in Ginko Biloba supplements and B vitamins. But no results yet.

Some posts in this discussion were posted way back 2001, I wonder what happened to you guys, did you get well? I'll be really glad if someone can help me. I'm desperate.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Sorry to post another problem without a clear solution...but I have very similar symptoms that many of you have and would like to share them.

The development of my symptoms was similar in nature to that of Martin..I have been doing a lot of programming at work for the last few months now, and often when I went home I would go back on the computer for a few more hours. A few months ago, I began to occasionally feel dizzy while programming, but if I took a short break it would all go away. However, about 3 weeks ago there were 2 days where I was doing some particularly intense programming; on the second day, I developed a lot of dizziness but just pushed through it. However, my symptoms persisted for about a week after without diminishing much - even though I was not on the computer.

Over the last week I have been able to reduce the amount of time that I am on the computer and take more breaks, and the delayed 'post-computer effects' now do not persist as long. Nonetheless, I can go from feeling completely normal before being on the computer to dizzy/very lightheaded and not clearheaded/some blurry vision/upset stomach after only a few minutes. Symptoms worsen with prolonged use.

I would also like to note these symptoms also appear when I use my Itouch, phone, or view a projector. I have been using a screen/glare filter at work but it has provided little help. I am pretty certain it is due to the back/fluorescent light (projector?) and/or flickering of the screens that I am using.

Also, I have a history of migraines (aura then severe headache) which intensified over the last year with my increased computer use/programming (I would only get them while using the computer). I then installed a great brightness reducer program called f.lux a few months ago, and have not gotten that type of migraine since. However, my new dizziness symptoms started a few weeks ago. I am thinking they could very much be related, and that I (and possibly some of you) am/are experiencing 'atypical' migraines which seem to be similar to the preceding aura portion of a migraine without the abnormal vision artifacts.

My current neurologist does not think they are migraine-related. However, if my symptoms persist, I may seriously consider taking a preventative migraine medication..In the meantime, I am taking a vitamin b12 supplement and a multivitamin every day. I will post again if I find any effect solution to this strange problem.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I began having the symptoms described here when my employer installed new computers. I either had a headache or nausea when using the computer and this progressed to nausea when reading and shopping in big box stores with floursecent. I also can see flickering on the computer screen but with a second change in computers this has been reduced to shimmering. I suspect that as different people have different responses, the solution will also be different for different people. This is what I have learned so far that works for me:
1. I found eye exercises for nausea by searching the internet. Using these exercises for only a week has made the nausea almost disappear. Without the nausea I am now aware of increasing pressure in my ears as I work on the computer.
2. I consutled an ear, nose, & throat doctor who told me that if the Eustachian tubes are clear, ear pressure is almost always due to muscle tension and especially from clenching your jaw. He suggests using a biofeedback method of abdominal breathing to relax the muscles when you notice that your tension is building.

These are both easy and cheap methods to alleviate the symptoms. I hope these will be useful to others. However, these do not remove the primary cause of the symptoms which is presumably the flickering of the back light on the monitor.


Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hello everyone,

I have the same symptoms that most of you describe. After about 30 minutes of using a computer (laptop, desktop, LCD, anything), I start to develop dizziness and nausea. This gets progressively worse until I have to take a break.

But I have noticed three important points.

First, I never developed these symptoms with the old DOS system, where the background was black and the writing white.

Second, I get the same symptoms (dizziness and nausea) when I read e-books on my iPad (which has a back light), and these symptoms strike after that magical 30-minute mark.

Third, and this is the crux of the matter, when I read e-books on my Kindle -- which uses e-ink and DOES NOT have a back light -- I am fine. I can read e-books for several hours without a break and nothing happens.

So, for me, I know it has everything to do with computers and their back light.

What is the solution? Sometimes you can change a computer programme so that it displays a black background with white letters. If you can do this, you will probably feel the difference. Otherwise we just have to wait for all screens to use e-ink instead of the traditional back light.

I am interested to know if anyone else has discovered that this problem disappears by using an e-ink device rather than a back-light device.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Martin: it sounds like we have the same problem. Read my post.
An update on my case: I had MRI and ElectroEncephalogram (to see if I am epileptic) tests: no problem. My eyes are also all right (no problems with focusing).. so I am healthy.
What I am thinking to do now: 1) Back light of the monitor: I will try to remove the back light from a monitor (see this link: I tried to play with a GameBoy (no back light) and a e-reader: no problem. On the other hand I cannot work with a projection on the wall from a beamer.
2) Psychologist or maybe hypnotist to check whether it is a psychosomatic problem
3) I will try a 120Hz monitor, though I doubt it will change anything

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hi everyone,
Below is my situation and I'd appreciate to know if anyone recognize it and what has worked best for you.

Vertigo - spinning sensation from working in front of computers (which I must do). Feels like after getting off a spinning carousel, or (as someone put it in the forum) like being drunk and the room is spinning without the fun of actually being drunk. Gets progressively worse. After a couple of hours I start burping and after some more time I feel nauseous if I don't stop using the computer.

How/when it started
It started on March 31, 2011, after having spent much time in front of the computer (8-11 h per day) and solving sudokus (a few hours per day) for over a week. I could then feel it getting worse from both activities.

Since the problem started, it gets triggered when I sit in front of my computer screen. It usually takes 30 min to kick in and then it gets progressively worse.

I don't experience any problem from any other activities -- including watching TV and was ok even going to an Omnimax theater.
I have less problems (but still a lot) when I'm on my laptop (maybe because a small screen!?). To test if it was my regular 17 inch monitor (which I've used for 5 years) I bought another big one (19 inch) and had the same vertigo problems.
I was symptom free for 10 days when traveling and not using a computer at all, and the symptoms only came back A) once during the travel when I used a borrowed laptop for 2-3 hours, and B) as soon as I used my laptop back home.

Please let me know if you have some advice for me!

Best regards,

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Has anyone on here been tested for Adrenal Fatigue Syndrome? Alot of the symptoms appear to be the same.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

My symphtoms: It started 8 months ago with sudden vertigo and racing heart. In a month the effects wound down, but staring at monitors was painful. After a month of vacation without computer and effects, working at the computer was painful again, but I had no more vertigo attacks since. I also get woozy, aggressive and pale when I cook in the kitchen, play piano after computer (ab)use. I have to check if fluorescent lights affect me. For the rest I am 30, healthy, vegetarian, I do not drink coffee. I am stressed and I work quickly at the computer. TV does not hurt.

Doctors: in the beginning the doctors put the blame on the fluid otolits, which get thicker and make you unsteady. I had no virus affecting my equilibrium (docs can easily check this), and the prognosis was to wait 2/3 weeks. My blood test was ok. Then I went to the ophtalmologist, orthoptist and got my ears tested. I will try the neurologist. Everything is fine (though I got glasses for astigmatism and shortsightedness), except for light focussing issues mentioned above.
I have the feeling that it sits in my eyes, not in my ear nor in my posture. I have no headaches.
BTW, 5 years ago I went for laser vision correction, but the specialists say it was ok. In the mean time one eye got worse.

Tips: I am still sick, but I would recommend you to check if you are astigmatic! In the first months a physioterapist could trigger my vertigo by touching my neck and shoulder! Though this did not solve my feeling of uneasiness with computers.
I also tried cheap light reading glasses, maybe that helped a bit, but they gave me headache.
I am going to try seasick tablets (a good placebo?) and buy Gunnar glasses, though I do not believe that AR coating can shield much.
No monitor made a substantial difference yet (LCV and the old huge ones), nor desk lamps or different position at work.
Maybe this is a psycosomatic problem, which are often epidemic. I know it sounds "new age", but I think it makes sense in many cases: check for example "The Mindbody Prescription: Healing the Body, Healing the Pain". In my opinion the story of heavy metals coming out of monitors is nonsense.
Check the scientific article on the bottom of wikipedia's Computer_vision_syndrome page.
Maybe laser vision correction has something to do with this?
Hope it helps

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Inner ear eh? I haven't tried a LED LCD monitor yet but I have tried count em 5 LCDs since 2005 all had florescent
backlights I bought a DLP samsung p400 projector and play videogames on that but even I'm sensitive to that.
Still using a 2001 Dell P991 trinitron monitor. I totally recommend this monitor if your having problems with LCDs. I took get eyestrain and vertigo at department stores. If your waiting for ((OLED)) technology to come out in monitor form I wouldn't hold your breath because I tired a handheld zune player and I couldn't even use the thing eyestrain and other symptoms.

I'm going to try asus led lcd monitor but I don't think it will work out but they are cheep enough to try out.

Other technologies you might want to look at are Mirosol displays which isn't a monitor but a e-reader and Pixel Qis trans-reflective monitor which is a LCD with a back light you can turn off. Other that that I'm clueless as everyone else. I was hoping SED monitors would come around but Cannon dropped that idea. FED displays might be produced by AU optronics in the future but no sight is set on consumer models.

With regular LCDs I get brightness eyestrain nausea and blackout vision like my vision flickers.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Wow. Just wow. I can't believe people actually have the same symptoms as me. I'm a computer programmer and I spend 10 hours a day on average staring at a computer monitor. I'm terrible about taking breaks and now I fear that I've done permanent damage.
It all started for me when I went to Sam's. I was so dizzy I had to hold onto the shelves to prevent falling over. The moment I left the store, I was fine. The next day when I started working on my computer, I was dizzy again. I've been dizzy ever since. I've seen a neurologist because I was scared to death of MS, had an MRI, everything came back fine. I feel like so many of you. If I go outside, I'm fine. When I'm inside, it feels as though looking at things close up give me a mild pressure headache between my eyes. And of course, the dizziness is much worse. Even watching TV on our 42" LCD causes mild symptoms. When I watch TV on our old 48" projection tv, I'm fine.

Does anyone else see visual snow aka persistent migraine aura? If not, it might be an unrelated symptom that I also have the great pleasure of dealing with. /sigh

What a blessing to find people who have the same symptoms. I've been dealing with this for a few weeks now. I'm afraid if I don't find an answer I will have to quit my job because even typing this post makes my head spin. I want to go outside where my eyes don't have to feel so strained.

FYI - I'm 31 male, 8 years programming, 50+ hours a week on a computer. I exercise regularly with weights and cardio, but even exercise seems to trigger dizziness. Perhaps as people have said, fluoresent lights in the gym are the culprit, or maybe the up and down motion of my head when I run trigger the dizziness because once again, my eyes are strained. So much unknown...

If anyone has additional ideas I'd love to hear them. Email me


Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Have others on her ever tried Gunnar Computer Glasses or any other glasses specific for computer work? I have 'computer glasses' that are just a weaker prescription than my regular glasses and they actually help quite a bit with the nausea but I have been hearing about Gunnar glasses (they are tinted, can be made in a weaker prescription than your regular glasses and the shape is supposed to help too) and wondered if they are worth the money.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I have these same issues, and work as a web designer. It's maddening. I also just bought an HTC Evo and it makes me completely nauseous, dizzy, headache. I'm frustrated, now my own cell phone is making me sick. *sigh* I've also noticed that if I try to play games on my daughter's Nintendo DSi, I get nauseous & dizzy.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I thought I was the only one that had problems with the computers, tvs and bright lighting in offices and shopping malls. I get dizzy, heart feels like it is missing beats and I really feel sick. Just when I thought it could not get any worse, my husband and I, went looking for a new television. I was fine when we entered the store then we stood for about 5 minutes in front of all those TV's and I thought I was having a stroke. My face and hands were tingling, I got dizzy and sick. My head was pounding and I could no longer see clearly. This has been a problem for me since about 2000. I never thought it would be so bad. My husband just bought me a $900 laptop and I fell bad telling him it is making me sick. Now I am saving him $1000 because I do not want a new TV I will keep my old ones they do not make me feel sick. I am sorry to say that I am glad the computer is making others sick but now I do not feel all alone. I hope everyone finds a way to deal with this. Thanks for positing everyone and God Bless

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Jesuslives53, I work in a corporation that has tens of thousands of employees, and thousands of them using these screens. If your hypothesis was correct then why are we all not getting sick? No one in my office has had this issue. I never had any problems for years until I started doing this particular detailed type of work. I'm pretty sure of what causes this for me, and that it's because it's an "unshielded" screen (Which I don't know if it is or not,) doesn't seem to hold up in my case. Simply changing my viewing and working habits has so far made the biggest change for me.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


It is not the refresher rate, nor is it anything to do with looking at the screen. If your computer monitor is unshielded inside the unit you will get sick. I wish others would stop finding excuses for this by saying it is eye strain or refresher or whatever, as I do not even have to look at the screen to feel sick the minute I am in the room with an unshielded monitor. This is why some computer monitors cause sickness and others do not. I wish it were a law to shield all monitors slim or not so we can stop the sickness the industry is trying to ignore. I have been sickened by monitors since their start and do not have to even view the screen to have the nausea or headache we are all talking about. I remember one day feeling so bad and decided to turn the monitor off. As it was winding down the pain was deminishing. When the monitor was completely off I felt whole again with no symptoms, like a bad flu nausea and head pain being gone is a matter of seconds. It is a true disability for me as I become violently ill immediately when in the room with a unshielded monitor. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIEWING THE MONITOR PEOPLE. Does anyone agree with me I would like to hear your responses as I know I am correct. Forget the doctor visits and so forth, as until they shield all monitors the sickness will continue.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


It is not the refresher rate, nor is it anything to do with looking at the screen. If your computer monitor is unsheilded inside the unit you will get sick. I wish others would stop finding excuses for this by saying it is eye strain or refresher or whatever, as I do not even have to look at the screen to feel sick the minute I am in the room with an unshielded monitor. This is why some computer monitors cause sickness and others do not. I wish it were a law to shield all monitoros slim or not so we can stop the sickness the industry is trying to ignore. I have been sickened by monitors since their start and do not have to even view the screen to have the nausea or headache we are all talking about. I remember one day feeling so bad and decided to turn the monitor off. As it was winding down the main was deminishing. When it was completely off I felt whole again with no symptoms. It is a true disability for me as I become violently ill immediately in the room with a unshielded monitor. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH VIEWING THE MONITOR PEOPLE. Does anyone agree with me I would like to hear your responses as I know I am correct. Forget the doctor visits and so forth, as until they shield all monitors the sickness will continue.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


I have an issue that sounds pretty similar with yours. I work on the computer industry which pretty much requires me to spend my entire work day in front of the computer. I am currently going through my 3rd bout of dizziness/vertigo and think I’ve finally found the trigger.
Each time I have gotten an onset of what I would describe as vertigo it has started out as slight disorientation and inability for my eyes to focus on things. It then progressed steadily worse over the course of a few days until it felt like I was drunk and the room was spinning (without the fun of actually being drunk.) It even culminated in nausea to the point where I threw-up. It would get so bad that I couldn’t drive home from work. It always seemed to start at work and would last several weeks before eventually fading away completely. I went my doctor who had no clue but recommended me to a physical therapist who specialized in inner ear problems. We went through the gambit of possible causes/triggers: Caffeine, alcohol, trauma, and were unable to pin down anything except that she didn’t believe it was an inner ear problem. She told me that this kind of vertigo is usually the result of either the bones in your inner ear getting out of whack, usually from some sort of head trauma. Or a problem with a persons vision where their eyes are no longer able to track and focus on objects correctly.
Last week my 3rd bout of this in about a year and a half started while at work doing some graphical editing on my computer for several days straight. This kind of work requires me to really focus and stare at the screen and I worked on it for about 8 hours straight both days before this started to kick in. In thinking back, I was doing the same work both the other times when this happened. And this time, I had a 4 day weekend in which I was away from my computer screen and my vertigo started to fade away. I also get those tension headaches as well, and I think the trigger is the same: Computer work requiring a lot of focus and concentration. I’m planning on getting my vision checked, but I think the solution will have to come in the form of changing how I work. When I do this kind of intensive work, I’m going to try and break it up across a week or two, and take frequent brakes away from my desk, to give my eyes a rest. I also have noticed, as you have, that exercise does help too, and hopefully the combination of those three things will prevent a 4th onset.
I’m curious to know if you, or anyone else posting on this blog, has had a similar frequency and intensity on this as I have and what kind of business you’re in. If I am correct in diagnosing my trigger, then I could see this being an issue for a host of professions.

Thanks for the info,
Josh Sattler
Info Systems Engineer

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I've been following this board for the past year and would like to share some thoughts about my own struggle with computer dizziness, in hopes that others may benefit.

I'm a 38-year old male lawyer that spends about 50-60% of my work day in front of a computer reading and writing complex documents. About a year-and-a-half ago, I started getting "tension headaches" while working on my computer. I call these “tension headaches” for a lack of a better term. They’re not full-on headaches, but at the same time, there’s no dizziness either. Instead, the irritation takes the form of a dull throbbing that originates in the area between my eyes. I also became sensitive to any bright light (computer monitor, car lights in the rear-view mirror, etc.) and developed severe dry eyes. (I had barely used eye drops before this problem.) The tension headaches became a daily occurrence, and usually started in the late afternoon.

I tried anything and everything I could think of to "cure" my problem -- changing gyms, new work-out programs, swimming, supplements, herbal remedies, acupuncture, accupressure, chiropractic care, Swedish massage, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, blood tests, change-in-diet, removing sugars, limiting caffeine, Tylenol, Dramamine, etc. I also visited a number of doctors for treatment -- Optometrist, Ophthalmologist, Retina Specialist, Neurologist, and two ENTs. No one was able to pinpoint the cause of my problem. It's been a rough, long process, but I was able to find some limited success. Here are the remedies that were effective for me:

1. Right before the tension headaches began, I started taking Xanax for insomnia. I later concluded that it may have been the Xanax that initially jumpstarted the problem. Ironically, Xanax was the only remedy that would get rid of the tension headaches. But after about six months of taking Xanax, I realized that I was addicted and took active steps to wean off the horrible drug. This took another six months. This effort was painful and difficult, but my tension headaches reduced by about 50-60% as a result.

2. Swimming is very effective for me, especially if the pool uses salt water instead of regular chlorine. The symptoms seem to melt away when I do laps in a pool.

3. I tried a number of herbal supplements, which mildly helped -- including Gaba Supplements by Source Natural.

4. I purchased Gunnar Optiks Computer Glasses for use when I was in front of my computer. Again, these didn't cure the tensions headaches (and they’re pricey), but they certainly helped. I use these daily and can see a remarkable difference when I don't use them. I bought my pair on

5. Blinking a lot and taking frequent breaks from the computer.

6. Turning away from the computer monitor to look at something far away – thereby shifting my eyes’ focus from near to far.

7. My Optometrist recently suggested that I try Convergence Vision Therapy. Apparently, my eyes' lack of ability to converge or focus is one of the causes of the tension headaches (and eyestrain). My therapy includes weekly appointments with a vision therapist, daily eye therapy homework, and daily eye massage techniques. So far, the results have been good; and better than anything else I've tried over the past two years. In the weeks in which I've done my daily eye therapy homework diligently, I've had several days in a row with no tension headaches. The opposite has also been true -- in the weeks in which I've been lazy about my doing homework, the tension headaches returned in full force. Here's a site that has some testimonials about how vision therapy has helped with headaches and dizziness:

I'll update this posting once I've completed my therapy. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Also, the office I go to is in San Jose, CA, if anyone needs a recommendation.

Hope this is helpful. Feel free to holler if I can be of further assistance.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I am on the monitor quite often but have this dizziness & unbalanced
I am a little confused

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Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Wow, what a trip this past week and a half has been for me. About 10 days ago I was just about to leave work on a Friday and I got hit with a really bad dizzy/light headed feeling and felt like I was about to black out. After a few minutes all "strange" feelings left my body and I chalked it up to scrolling through a lot of lines really quickly on my monitor. A couple days later, the same sensation, except this time, I had a feeling of disorientation, dizziness, not really being all in my head and other strange sensations I cannot even describe... they have not left.

I went to the ER, I went to see my physician and I went to Urgent Care because I was worried and wanted multiple opinions. All the doctors believed it to be an inner ear problem... such as a viral infection. They said to rest and take it easy for a few weeks and let it take its course.

I rested a lot this past weekend, and started feeling better... I thought I was back on track. Got into work today, Monday, and an hour into it... BOOM, back to the weird sensations.

This is really frustrating, I am a 30 year old male and have never had anything like this, other than when I would have anxiety/panic attacks.

I have noticed, since reading through other people experience on this post, that going into large stores like a Ralph's or Wal-Mart make me have weird sensations. Like very mild version of what I have now 24/7.

Has anyone else had a light pressure in their head like me? It feels like the start of a headache, but there is not real "aching" feeling. This light pressure can be all over, or in random spots of my head.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

This has been a very useful read for me with many good suggestions. Thanks. I have suffered many of the same symptoms described by others for over a year now: dizziness, difficulties driving and difficulties focusing in large stores. I work in front of a computer for 8 hours a day.

The above discussion has lead me to think of the following possible explanation for dizziness: staring at a computer screen may make your eyes 'lazy'. You gaze is in one direction, and you don't have to use as much periphery vision as you would in other activities. When you drive or go to a large store, suddenly you are forced to draw upon those eye muscles and movements that are not normally used (for those of us stuck staring at a monitor). Read all the content on your screen and note how much your eyes have to move to read it. Now force eyes to look all the way up and down and side to side (beyond the screen). This is more representative of what happens when driving. It is like we are training our eyes to be less mobile.

The exercises described for vestibular rehabilitation should be useful for addressing this. In my first attempts to do them, I have noticed how sore my eyes are when I look at the extremes from side to side and up and down. Just looking away from your monitor to give your eyes a break is not good enough - you have to force your eyes to move to the extremes. This is just a hunch and I will be trying these exercises over the next few months to see if it helps.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

It took me a long time to get here ... but it's a relief. I've had the dizziness, vertigo, detached/unreal feeling, and so on, for periods of several weeks, at intervals, for the last couple of years or so. Sometimes debilitating. Visits to doc/eye doc haven't been helpful. Once it sets in, it hangs around. Suggestions were ear/balance, but it's always seemed vision-related. Dept stores! Malls! Museums! I only just thought of typing "computer monitors dizziness" in Google - and got here. I didn't think of this earlier because it clearly happens much of the time when I'm off the computer.

As for many other folks, my job IS computer work - no computer work, no income, so cutting back isn't possible.

I'm going to consider many of the points suggested here (though many conflict!) and will report back any success. One puzzle: why doesn't it happen ALL the time? Why for several weeks, then not at all for a couple of weeks (not related to non-computer time)?

Anyway, good wishes to fellow sufferers.


I'm your (formal) co-sufferer, and inventor from Melbourne, Australia.
Few years ago I have been through your problem, and so I moved to Samsung SX Laptop
with LCD, (1024x768) but it was only easier to work, and symptoms have been the same.
However, Laptop, and 1024x768 setup is the best, if you are suffering these things.
Make DARN shure that you Laptop NATIVE resolution is 1024x768 when you buy it, and can refresh at 70 hz+
(Don't go for the laptops that have longer length than height of the screen !)
DO NOT lie on the floor, and compute that way - you body must SIT, and sit UPRIGHT.
DO NOT spend more than 2 hrs A DAY on Computer - FOR ANY REASON.

SOME INTERESTING FACTS I want to disclose are, and will help diagnose your comp-dizziness:
Is this you ? :
-When trying to concentrate to something smaller and precise on the screen - it gets worse
-When looking straight down (eg. for typing) or looking at the shoes while standing - worse
-If you make sudden quick move with your eyes (left-right) or otherwise - it gets worse
-While walking outside - your mind shuts off, for a fractions of the second, and reawakes
while you walking ?
-If you look - it's worse, and if you close your eyes - it's just fine
-You get a - so strange feeling of disorientation in some of department stores
-If you try looking up (as to the sky) - it's better


1 Go out to parks - TO WALK on DAILY basis (you need geo-magnetic fields, DAILY).
2 Remember this: sunlight, water, food, exercise, plenty rest
3 Have enough sleep each 24 hrs (computers are EATING YOUR SLEEP RESERVE,
withouth which you will be sick (zombie-like), and you may even die.
Your computer dizziness comes from LACK OF MOVEMENT of your EYES, and BODY
NOW, TO GET YOU OUT OF (your) CURRENT COMA (dizziness / nightmare):
-To get better:
Get yourself OFF any tablets, related to this problem, or REDUCE their usage for the start.
Eat plenty of VEGGIES, with other stuff you eat, more veggies - the better., less salt (coffeine) - the better.
Exercise your EYES movements on a daily basis (to extreme corners):
(left-right) (up-down), circles (left and than right). (and for the first few days NOT TOO MUCH, but - do it).
At the start of your eyes exercises, (first few days) it will get bad AS HELL, but you MUST
go through it, (I don't care - lie down if you have to, in order not to collapse)
Days later - you will not feel any wish to throw up, or have other problems when exercising the eyes.
-Exercise your BODY movements (whatever you choose for your gym), and WALK, WALK, WALK.
(if you sit all day, on the comp or not, YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR IMMUNITY, and your immune system
will ATTACK ITSELF, and CT scans, or GP's will find: nothing at the same time, when they check you up).
Now: go and GET YOUSELF TOGETHER, and also: check yourself for computer addiction, as well.
Hope it helps,
Michael V
Inventor - Melbourne, Australia

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Like most of you, I was greatly relieved to find this site. I stood up from my laptop a few days ago and felt profoundly dizzy. Things did not spin, but I felt sick to my stomach, sweaty, and very ill. I remember someone telling me that the refresh rate of a computer monitor screen could cause dizziness if it was less than 75/sec. Mine was 60/sec, and I couldn't change it! [I was using a Dell laptop I usually use only for half an hour at a time. But this was a two and a half hour intense session.]

I tried to rest; I exercised; I slept. It did not help. I went out for lunch and felt profoundly worse. Any movement of my head (like backing out of my driveway) caused a new bout of dizziness. Food odors made me sick. A heated room added to my discomfort. I realized that this was a new kind of "trigger" to a susceptibilty to bouts of "benign positional vertigo" that I've had in the past. Upon recollection, I had indeed had dysphoric symptoms after computer use... but never so bad before.

Many of you who have written about this problem are "right on track." It's some kind of inner ear - eye disorder, triggered off--in this case--by the computer screen. Maybe it has something to do with labyrinthitis (viral, often comes in the Spring, gradually resolves itself). Maybe with things like salt in the diet. Certainly the 60/sec refresh rate is a factor, as is screen brightness. Good suggestions from many folks: thank you.

I wound up taking some meclizine (seasickness pills), which have helped over several days. But I can still feel the lingering susceptibility to a new burst of wooziness and nausea, and I don't feel 100% yet. Seems like a really bad attack can take up to a week or two to pass from your system.

Moving your head sharply up, down or to the side can also make things worse.

Thanks for the many comments.... they certainly give a number of ways of treating what must be a fairly common problem.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Didn't realize how much the following step has helped me with my nausea while using computers until the my computer font setting defaulted back to normal so I thought this free trick might help others as well.

MicroSoft has a ClearType setting that makes your overall computer font easier to see (darkens it without distortion). Go to and follow the prompts. Also anywhere you can in you computer setting - change your font to Verdana because that is the clearest type of font out there according to Clear True Type website.

Hope this helps.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Yes, I think it was message #75 said it did him no good.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Has anyone tried accupuncture for their issue? I did one session and it hasn't seemed to help but if others have had success and it took more than one visit, I would be willing to try again. Thanks.

Very interesting blog, more than just dyslexia.
Techno Dys
Technology Blog for those with an interest in dyslexia
Has a subject for each day of the month. See the list, down on the right.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Please consider this: computers emit toxic fumes. These fumes are not obvious. If you have a metallic taste on your tongue, this is one sign.
My laptop emits a slight burning smell also. It is hard to notice. I have suffered from dizzy spells and I supect it is the fumes. Do an online search for "laptop toxic fumes" and you will fine more information.

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Hi Mina B. I have one for sale in Akron, OH. Its about $2000 new but this one was barely ever used by my mom before she went blind. I can sell it for $500 and can find out how much shipping is. Its called an Aladdin and it can adjust print from newsprint up to 3 inches. Great for reading, paying bills, etc. Perfect gift for elderly vision impaired people, especially macular degeneration.
Kimber J

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I have read some of each of these replies, enough of each to eliminate dizziness prior to computer use and dizziness while driving, etc., and 31 seem to be definitely related to computer screens as the principal factor precipitating a dizziness attack. Other factors, driving, neon and fluorescent lights, were enough to send other cases to an indeterminate class. So it is very likely that there is an underlying tendency to dizziness in them all, but it is equally clear that the computer screen is a problem to be dealt with. This raises the question of differences in the precipitating effect by different types of screens and lights, things that might be controlled in the home or workplace.

I e-mailed the National Eye Institute (NEI) and they said that they have not studied dizziness and computrt screens and gave me a number of literature searches that I might make to see what might have been done elsewhere. [Not right now, thank you. Just reading all these replies is enough for now.]

If you would like to see their reply, please e-mail me. ===gm===

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

COFFEE/CAFFEINE - may actually HELP!
It's not for nothing it's used for hangovers.
It's not for nothing it's used in Excedrin!

Though make sure to supplement the coffee with calcium and a HUMECTANT sweetener (such as Turbinado, Agave, xylitol, splenda) to avoid bone loss and dehydration.

I note that 2 respondents above advised avoiding coffee or caffeine (among other stuff, such as salt and so forth).

Yet I recently did the exact opposite.

See - I barely in my DECADES OF LIFE drank caffeinated coffee, due to all the dire warnings by the "stealth scare" system (pun intended).

I recently decided to experiment with coffee/aspirin for my headaches, since it made sense. After all, computers cause me "hangover" symptoms. So why NOT coffee+aspirin? Furthemore, I'd read coffee is good for liver, Alzheimers & more.

Anyway, guess what?

I've found that, when taken WITH DISCRETION (i.e. like maybe 1/2 tsp per shot with aspirin), the caffeinated-coffee plus aspirin seems to help what used to be UNBEARABLE headaches caused by flurescents in stores & LCD monitor.

So I'm just saying it makes sense to be flexible and not let yourselves be scared off by every ad nauseum warning by System Authoritarians. INSTEAD - IT'S ONLY COMMON SENSE TO TRY STUFF FOR ENOUGH OF A TRIAL-PERIOD - SO AS TO ENABLE YOU TO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY - RATHER THAN ANY PARTICULAR PRACTITIONER OR "SO-CALLED SCIENTIFIC STUDY".

P.S. I've read some of you guys mentioning Dramamine and/or seasickness tabs as being helpful, and hey, I find that intriguing! I might just give it a shot - especially if it's on sale somewhere...

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Dear Sezzy_m,

Hang in there. I thought I had the answer a few times too only to be disappointed. Since I haven't found the solution yet, I have been able to find things that make the issue more tolerable. I lot of things discussed on this list have aided in that goal. It seems that everyone's symptoms on here are a little different so different things will work for you than did for me but the four things I now can't live without are my flat screen, computer glasses, task lighting only (no flourescent lighting) and a lot of breaks away from the computer.

I hope this helps and take care.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I submitted a reply to this (Pint number 73) and wish to retract this. Turns out the Doctor misdiagnosed me and now I am back to the drawing board and trying to figure out what is wrong with me. Sorry if I caused anyone any inconvenience!

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I work with computers for a minimum of 7 hours a day and I have had trouble with dizzy spells for years. I did need glasses and moving to an LCD monitor made things better. Eventually, what helped me the most was stopping smoking, vastly cutting down on drinking alcohol and exercising more. Also cutting down on coffee seemed to help. Try to avoid stress (hard I know), sit back from your screen, have good rest during sessions and turn down the LCD brightness. I still get the odd dizzy spell now and again but only when I'm run down. It absolutely nothing like it was before. It was that bad that actually thought I was cracking up at one point!

Hope this helps.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


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Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

For 2 months now I have the same symptoms.
Felling dizzy from computer use and in large stores that use neon lighting.

Had one CT and MRI done but nothing came up.

My neurologist started me on some Betahistine.
I take one before going to work ( I work at a computer in a room without windows... how worse can it be?) and in the evening before going to bed.

The best prognosis was: "It should go away after 2-3 months of treatment"....

Any help or suggestions are welcomed.

Cured it (almost)

When I got laid off I was kind of happy, thinking the dizziness would go away, it didn’t. When living an everyday life I noticed I got much dizzier when working on my car. It was something about having my head tilted down. So I started walking around with my nose in the air, chin up posture. Just like an arrogant bastard. I will be dammed if it didn’t make it go away. Problem is still there, if I look downward for 2 minutes I will immediately start feeling dizzy. I guess it’s something inside my ear rolling around. Position yourselves so you’re looking up at your computer. Don’t give me any excuses DO IT. This really works. Lower your chair down to the ground and set your monitor up on a couple books. Sure your co-workers will think you look like an idiot. It worked for me so try it. All around in general walking around keep your head tilted back. With in one day you will notice results.
If it works for you our next step is to find out how to make it go away permit.

Tornado Alley

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I`m really starting to believe that all these problems could be caused by toxic mold in the air-ducts.many people suffer from headache and dizziness from this.I`m going to get my unit cleaned and then wait a few months and see if there are any changes in my condition.I hope that I am right.I`l keep all of you posted.Till then.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


I was so relieved to have found this website! One day I was fine and the next day I was so dizzy that I thought the world was spinning constantly. I went to the Doctor and was told that I had contracted a virus that caused vertigo and that it should go away after 2 weeks. Well, 3 months on and I still had it! After reading the reports on here, I thought it would be pretty useless getting a CT scan as it had not revealed anything for anyone else, but decided to do it anyway just in case.

So I had the scan and it picked up that I had dehiscence of the superior semi-circular canal in my left ear. I had no idea what that meant, and neither did the Doctor, so I went to an ENT Specialist. He said that I had a condition which is further explained in the 2 websites below:

The condition can cause some, or all of the following symptoms:

Eye problems

And many more….

I was actually fine when I wasn’t at work, but the minute I started staring at a monitor, the room started spinning and I got nauseas and headaches. My eyes used to have trouble focusing on the monitor and I had never experienced this before. I tried everything from swapping monitors, changing the fluro lights in the office to adjusting the position of my chair etc. and nothing worked. I even went to the Optometrist, but was told I had perfect vision. At one stage I thought I was going crazy! It was also hard explaining this to my boss what was going on with me and I swear he didn’t believe a word I said.

So yes, I was very relieved to have found out what was causing this and I think everyone on this forum should go and get a CT scan. Even if you have already had one, get another one, as I found a forum where a lot of people had had scans and as it is such a small bone that is missing in your middle ear, most of the time this condition wasn’t picked up. Some people then requested that the Doctor look more closely at this part of the ear, and what do you know…. The Doctors then found out they had Superior Canal Dehiscence Syndrome. The forum that I have mentioned here is:

It is most common in 30-40 year olds, but can happen to anyone at any age. I am 29 almost turning 30. The reason why it is not picked up by many Doctors is that it is quite a rare condition and up until recently, not much was known about its causes and treatment. This is why people who had a scan a few years ago, wouldn’t have found anything, as the Doctors wouldn’t have even considered to check this small area of the middle ear. The condition is caused by either head trauma or general erosion of the bone. In most cases it is the latter as the condition is congenital (meaning it is present at birth).

So, the treatment for me looks like an operation, which is a bit scary, but if I don’t proceed with it, then I will have this condition for the rest of my life. I first have to go and get a MRI, as this is more thorough than a CT scan and will show up more for the Doctor performing the operation.

Anyway, I hope this helps some of you out – I am sure not all of you would have it, but if I can at least help 1 person, I will be happy, as it is an awful thing to go through.


Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Thank goodness I found this Message board. This makes more sense than anything I've been told by Doctors.
I share alot of the same symptoms, dizziness,red rash on my legs/arms,headaches, sleeplessness,bumping into things,etc.
I get a severe pain between my shoulder blades that goes all the way into my chest.
I've been using an Acer LCD Monitor for about a year and just recently - 3 months ago, had my 1st dizzy spell.
I was first treated for depression,anxiety, then told I had fluid in my ears,allergies. The ENT said I did NOT have fluid, he suspected MS,ordered an MRI. I have an appt with the Neurologist in a couple weeks to read the MRI.
I have also printed this board to take with me.
Some days I feel like I'm loosing my mind.
The person who posted about computers putting out toxins.. BRILLIANT concept.
I don't use flourescent bulbs. I work from home, 10-12 hrs a day on the computer. Have been for 7 yrs.
Is Technology making us sick?
I have increased my text font, which does help with eye strain, and tried Dramamine yesterday which did give some relief,although I only worked 3 hrs.
My heart goes out to everyone going through this.
Thank you for all your posts and suggestions. I think we need to call Oprah :)

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I do believe that I have the Computer Vision Syndrome as the second to the last post described. I have posted many times before over my two year struggle with this phenomenon (nausea while using a computer). And as I stated in those posts, I have tried just about everything. I recently tried out a LED Backlite LCD Monitor and it didn't help so I sent it back after about a weeks trial. It only cost me the shipping to return it (~$18) so it was worth a shot and may be worth a shot for some of you. However, that was pretty much my last hope so I as soon as the economy gets better, I am going to find a new job that doesn't require more than two hours of computer work per day. I am simply spent (emotionally, physically and financially). But thanks to all who have posted their suggestions and encouragement.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Dear fellow dizzies, it is very comforting to know that i`m not the only one around that feels dizzy .Mine is when am still sitting down listening to a speaker like at a church or at the computer. I was told to eat small frequent meals in time every 3 hours.This works when i`m disciplined enough to follow it.I too spent a fortune at doc `s office,went to have many blood tests, echo of the heart,ultra sound of the carotid arteries in the neck etc ....all normal and i`m in my late 30`s. I think it could be linked to Hypoglycemia. I was told that I was a hypochondriac but all of you are proof that i`m not imagining this.I`m also planning to get my air-cond ducts cleaned cos i heard that all the dust and mold can cause the same problems.we are in this together.Please try the small frequent meals .

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

You are suffering from COMPUTER VISION SYNDROME if your symptoms worsen when you use the computer. The only thing you can do to completely get rid of the symptoms is to get rid of all flouresent lighting in the area where you use your computer and use only a desk lamp or non flouresent overhead lighting , and puchase an LED BACKLIT MONITOR.
If you are unable to do the above mentioned things you can purchase computer glasses but they have to have PINK lenses. This will help alot but will not completely eliminate symptoms.
It took me nearly eight months to figure this out. I hope this helps everyone who has this affliction.

List of things to try if you're dizzy

I have had the same symptoms as ABC123 (post no. 32). I've had blood tests, scans, inner ear function tests, etc. In objective vestibular tests, I am within the normal range, but if I do some of the more basic tests (marching on the spot with arms out and eyes closed) I am all over the place. The doctors haven't given me a definite diagnosis - I have symptoms of benign positional vertigo and vestibular tone imbalance.

I've been given some Cawthorne Cooksey exercises 'just in case' they help. Basically, nothing I've been told has been better than what Google has been able to give me. I found this website helpful (do NOT freak yourself out with the amount of things you 'might' have, though!).

Basically, I still don't know the cause but I've found that sitting in front of computer monitors does not help me. I'm getting a large LCD monitor and I'm going to turn up the refresh rate to 75htz, as recommended above. I'm also going to take more breaks.

My advice to anyone with dizziness is:

1. Don't be afraid to get it checked out. You'll only regret NOT getting it checked out, won't you? Are your really happy to live with this problem if you might not have to?

2. Make sure you get the full array of blood tests up front - i.e. even your GP can do these. These are the easiest (& cheapest) things to do. You should make sure they are also testing for your thyroid function - thyroid problems can cause all sorts of side effects, including dizziness, fatigue, etc.

3. Try dropping salt to see if it works for you. Steering clear of salt, caffeine (inc cola) and chocolate means the pressure in your ear canal is lower. This helps a lot of people. It's easy to try and worth a go!

4. Excerises. Look up Cawthorne Cooksey exercises. These are easy to do and you're meant to go through them progressively - stick on the first one that makes you feel dizzy and keep doing it until it doesn't (20 times AM, 20 times PM), then move along the list. Don't repeat the ones that have no effect - just move on. Other exercise is also recommended - walking, running, swimming, dancing, team sports, etc. Don't steer away too much from exercise that makes you dizzy - you might need to practice until you can do these activities. Again, it can't hurt, unless you do something silly like cycle in traffic!

5. Stress reduction. Doctors will recommend that you find an activity that is calming - yoga, walking, reading, whatever.

6. Get your neck scanned or see a chiropractor to check your neck movement. Sometimes there can be a problem with your neck where, perhaps, a 'disk' has moved and you are getting some fluid that may be pressing on your nerves and can make you dizzy. This should show up in a scan but it's worth considering this as well.

7. Doctors will say it could be a 'virus' affecting the inner ear and symptoms will clear in about 3 months. Apparently spring is the most common time for these things. Getting dizziness once does not mean you're more susceptible to getting a similar virus again. Your symptoms disappearing may mean you are fully recovering or that your eyes and 'joints' (ie how you balance) are becoming more accustomed to compensating for your inner ear.

That's all I can think of. I'll let you know how the LCD monitor goes.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I have been suffering from the same symptoms for 7 months now. Just wondering if anyone had tried the LED backlit type monitor that was suggested by someone a couple months ago? Or if anyone has found a solution please contact me

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I had problems with dizyness at my computer at work (sometimes lasting beyond work) and thought I was becoming diabetic or something. I discovered I have astigmatism on a checkup at the eye doctor. I got glasses (never having worn glasses before) for astigmatism and this cleared it up for me.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

hey.. It is nice to hear that I'm not the only one! My symptoms started almost exactly a year ago. I experienced all of the above symptoms, and like most of you freaked out and had numerous blood tests by various doctors, MRI, ECG, etc etc etc. I saw quite a few ophthalmologists as well. This all led to me leaving my job to take some time off. However I only lasted three weeks as we need money to survive.

For the last couple of months I seem to have been heaps better, then about three weeks ago, my symptoms have come back strong again. It generally starts about 10 mins after I start working, then continues in different strengths all day. If I have a client meeting, I can barely concentrate on them or keep my focus. It just makes me want to hide!

Its very frustrating. I get very anxious and depressed as a result to the point where I just don't think I can get through the day! I'm a graphic designer also so I don't really have a choice but to soldier on!

From all my visits with eye specialists, They all said my eyesight was perfect... Although I do have focussing issues.. Not a lazy eye or anything I just find it hard to keep my eyes together when focussing up close. Generally, when I put my finger in front of my face and bring it in closer, my left eye will move to the left when I can't focus any longer. I was given lots of exercises to correct this and they did work, but didn't clear my symptoms.
I am starting to think that this is my problem, along with suffering from anxiety... all this is self diagnosed though as no doctor seems to be able to give me a definitive solution.
I guess if i look at the basic facts its kind of simple. It all result back to eye strain from various reasons, this in turn makes me feel dizzy, and then anxious and then it all just gets worse and worse. Plus my eyes drying up from air con.. I don't know... maybe I just want to believe this is the answer?
If you have a look at is has a checklist of eye problems that can result from eye strain and computers... Anyway I hope I have made sense to you all. Hopefully something I have said will help somebody out there!
my thoughts are with you all :)

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hi, my husband have the same problems, but he cannot look andy screen such as computer, TV, mobil phone any screen especialy in colour. Here where we live not body have information about his problem, it is not epilepsia all the test are normal. Any extra information will be helpful. Alicia

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I have no eye problems and can see fine however I do have symptoms from computer monitors ever since there onset in the business world somewhere around the late 70s to the present. If I was near certain monitors I would ge an immediate head ache , I would have eye pain and nausea to boot. I would have to turn the monitor off and leave the room. I would have aches in my joints and my heart would race. The instant headache and eye head ache and nausea were terrible. I did not even have to view the screen to feel this way. Just to be in the room with the monitor was a horror. Over the years I did temp work and answered phones. This way I was in a reception area by myself and only had to deal with one monitor. I would turn the monitor off and answer phones. I survived this way for years. During my temping I got to know which brands of computer monitors hurt me and which did not. I found out that the ones that were shielded inside (a metal box around the working parts), were the monitors that I could feel nothing, they were great. The problem was that lots of monitors were not shielded inside and made me sick every where I would run into them, like stores and libraries and doctors offices. Just wanted to thank everyone here for validating my discovery about monitors causing illness. I wish they all could be shielded inside. I am still trying to find an answer. My company had to give me the old monitors after they leased new flat screens for every one else. Mine are huge at my front desk. The are fine. I worry about when they burn out what I will do to find a new shielded monitor. I just keep hoping the monitor manufacturers will have to shield all monitors someday. Blessings to you all.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Oh if it were only that simple. My issue started on CRT monitors and has improved slightly with a flat screen so at least for me, that isn't it. Take care.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I see a recurring theme -- problems started with LCD monitors. Notice the rash of posts since 2007, when most everyone went to flat panel monitors.

My symptoms are a general sense of being dizzy. Compromised balance. Hard to focus on objects off the computer screen (try looking into a fridge to find something). Bumping into things.

It took me a long time to figure out when it started, but it was soon after I got flat panel screens. I took a four day backpacking trip (no computers obviously) and felt great by the end of it.

My business partner's son got a video game system and complained of exactly the same issue after playing on a flat panel TV for an intense week.

It's a simple explanation, and it sure sounds more plausible than rocks in your ears or mercury in your fillings. I'm just sayin!

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hi all.. I stumbled upon this site a couple years ago (2007) and even then the last post I remember was around 2004! but this hit the nail on the head of what I suddenly started experiencing but thought it was "in my head" LOL.. kind of a long story but Ive been dealing with this condition as well as a much larger problem for pretty much 35 years. Long story short, I was struck by a car when I was six (1972) and sustained a head injury but I wouldnt find out to what extent the damage was until it started to really impact my life jobwise.. all my life ive struggled to stay awake no mattter how much sleep I got and this went on into adult life where I started self medicating with huge amounts of caffeine and ephedrine I saw a doctor in 1999 and at first they thought ADD and treated as such with ritalin only problem was the dosages needed were so freaking high I had to switch to dexydrine sustained-release and even with those I still can actually sleep on the 75-90+mg dosages I need just to function normally.. In 2000 I went to the amen clinic in northern california and had a spect scan done ($3000) and lo' and behold the scan revealed that the injury never really went away and in conjunction with my doctor I was diagnosed as being narcoleptic (having non-hereditary narcolepsy) instead of actual narcolepsy which allows me to keep my license mainly because its resultant from the injury and DMV notification isnt required.. fast forward to now.. for the past 3-4 years my symptoms have been getting worse and have now added the monitor sensitivity everyone else is experiencing Its probably been going on a lot longer and I just wasnt able to recognize it.. I thought I was going crazy because I noticed at a job I had just started, soon as i sat in front of the monitor my sleepiness and mental confusion would come full circle eventhough I was medicated! I cant begin to decribe the confusion part but Id have to shake my head to become cognisant and if you asked me a question I could NOT think clearly enough to answer it.. And that was scary.. soon as I stood up it went away and doing this 10 or so times a day isnt going to go over well with the boss.. searching for answers is when I found this site and I realized there was some merit to this! My neurologist had heard of it and said he felt it was a form of motion sickeness brought on because probably due to your injury your eyes can actually see the screen's refresh and the brain is trying to sync with it thus making you dizzy.. it also happens with flourescent lights that have old ballasts as i can see the flicker in the ambient light and at this particular job i had, there were both! so a day at work was like being in a rave club with strobe lights.. needless to say I lost the job for making too many change requests and because it was through a temp agency I might have well been an illegal.. I have a computer engineering degree and Ive had to change carreers because pretty much I cannot spend more than 10 min in front of regular monitors (under 19") without the symptoms coming on strong and now its happening whenever I read or write.. Ive had times where Ive literally dozed off after writing 10 words with the sentences curving downward as I lose consciousness.. currently my job is a field technician in the petroleum industry and although I still deal with a LOT of ancient CRT's and old DOS screens the exposure is very minimal before the onset of symptoms.. I also drive a lot and the dizzy spells do creep in a couple times a day but Ive managed to become very aware of when the onset occurs and how to remain lucid until they pass and the times they dont go away I know to stop and just sleep the 10min until it passes.. at home I ditched my 22" nokia CRT which i could actually feel the radiation off of.. and traded it for a 37" LCD with the resolution at 1360 X 768 (native) and its made a BIG difference! I still have some spells but not nearly the severity with a CRT.. now it happens mainly when Im tired (after work..) I did dabble into a bit of neurofeedback, I did a seven month treatment to experiment and it was promising.. I managed to extend the amount of time I spend in REM eliminating 1x a night I would awake for nothing.. My doc said it probably would take about 2-3 years of treatment to fully reverse things but the problem is that I wouldnt be able to work unless I could purchase a machine myself which I am now saving for.. Frankly people.. Ive had the most difficult time trying to explain this condition to others.. my own parents wouldnt accept it until they saw me unmedicated.. I feel for each and every one of you that is dealing with this and STILL looking for answers.. I would not wish this on my worst hated enemy! all I can say is to be vigilant and never stop looking or trying new things.. I unfortunately have no other choice as I MUST get off the dexydrine as the drug that is keeping me alive is also slowly killing me and Im now dealing with blood pressure spikes in the 200's on several occaisons and Ive been on the drug for about 10 years not counting the 6+ years of ephedrine beforehand.. Im glad this site is still here as it is PROOF POSITIVE evidence that this condition is very real! GOD LUCK everyone and I hope and pray that someone finds a solution that everyone can benefit from.. I will definitely keep the boards updated on anything I find because I pay way too much premium for doctors to dismiss this as a figment of my imagination!

Take Care! Vince, Marina Del Rey Calif

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Has anyone tried one of the new monitors that has LED backlighting apposed to florescent. Here is a link

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

It has been a long time since I have posted an update but thought I would share something that ACTUALLY helped me after a year and half of struggling with nausea while using computers. It is something I have tried before but wrote off because the side effects of the drug were worse than the nausea for me so I was disfunctional in a different way. However, I tried Dramamine again but the 'Less Drowsy' formula this time and it helped. I am not saying that cured me but it helped and its the first thing that has. I take a quarter of a pill before heavy computer work and then another quarter an hour later that way any side effects are decreased with a gradual dose.

Other than that, I take frequent breaks, use a blue background for the computer screen when possible, use my computer glasses, use only task lighting (no flourescent overhead fixtures) and then just get 'off-line' when it gets too bad in one day picking up on tasks that don't involve a computer until I feel better.

I have tried just about everything and had just about every test but have only come with that I have some kind of motion sickness issue triggered by computer use - could be the movement of the screen (even though I have a flat screen and its not supposed to 'flicker') or the flourescent backlighting in the monitor. Until technology comes up with a screen that has NO flicker and doesn't use flourscent bulbs as backlighting (that I can actually afford), I can't be sure but if I find anything else concrete - I will post again.

Good luck everyone that is going through this or something similar. All I can say is to not give up! Even though you want to sometimes, you will find a way to cope. I am sure the ways of coping will be something different for everyone but where there is a will there is a way. Take care, Tammy

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

hey guys,

chemicals can and do outgas from computers and other electronic devices. flame retardants are toxic, neurotoxic, hormone disrupting, endocrine disrupting, cancer causing and immunotoxic. inhaled chemicals can cause problems for some people and some people are weakened or less able to cleanse themselves of toxins and accumulate toxins at much higher rates than others.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I have some mild symptoms and just want to say to everyone, it's not us that is messed up. Think about it, we did not evolve looking at screens. Our brains, bodies, eyes or what have you are just not accustomed to looking at a screen for hours on end. I know this doesn't help us, but we shouldn't feel like we have a problem, what we do is unnatural and our bodies are telling us so...

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I am taking a computer course (3 hours in front of a screen after working all day) and found myself getting dizzy driving home in highway traffic I had to stop the car...
Very scary--I'm not sure what's going on. Any ideas?

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Ive read this thread with interest.
Ive had this problem for years and years/
At first after computer use I would feel just a little spaced out and dizzy and if I used it late I would feel tired the next day.

There are a few underlying causes that havent been mentioned here.

First there is a disorder called Irlen Syndrome or Scoptic sensitivity. People with this disorder tend to suffer from sensitivity to neon lights, find computer screens and white pages too bright and suffer dizziness, eye pain and other complaints from using a computer.

Secondly, for people with prolonged dizziness there is a health problem called POTS or Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome that might also be involved and is worth checking out. Cheers.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

It has been a long time since I have posted but I have finally made some progress so I wanted to share the news in case it will help someone else. My specific issue is mostly nausea with some dizziness while working on computers. In answer to the last person who posted, my nausea/dizziness goes away completely when I am not on the computer. Something about the light or movement of a monitor triggers my issue.

Even though my ear was orginally ruled out, turns out that my right ear canal is dysfunctional. I had an ENG (an intensive test where they check your balance by checking your ears and vision) and it uncovered the dysfunction. Funny thing is that I had the same test over a year ago now and it didn't show anything outstanding. Apparently, adysfunctioning ear canal can cause nausea and dizziness and so I am now pursuing a 'fix' for the problem. However, the problem is still ambiguous so of course, I need to see more specialist to help solve the ongoing mystery. I am glad that they finally found something concrete that could be causing my symptoms though. Moral of the story is, even if you have had a test that has ruled out your ear as the culprit for your problems, you may want to get a second opinion because in my case after a year and half of this mess, I am back to the original theory of my ear being the culprit.

Take care.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I notice my dizziness to be better about 30 minutes after I eat. Then within an hour its back to normal. Is anybody else noticing this? Has anyone experimented with avoiding the computer permanently for an extended period of time if so does it make the dizziness go away?

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I am dizzy all the time. I am wondering if I get away from the computer completely will this go away. Has anyone experimented with avoiding the computer completely and did it make the problem go away? If so how long did you have to be away before you felt normal?

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hello Guys&Gals!

I know how it feels like and Im sure we have the same symptoms but again dont worry, things will be okay. As ive mentioned in my previous blog, you need to watch the full length video of "THE SECRET",link is ,its free, it will teach you a lot of things about Life, the secret to health, wealth and happiness. And if your always in front of the computer, try to minimize the time with it, IT HELPS A LOT!, try also searching for Ayurveda - Netra Basti, its a procedure used in India to cleanse the eyes and relubricate it, this is mostly advised for computer addicts, it may be weird doing it but again IT HELPS! I have tried it myself coz you can just do it at home, try searching it in youtube for the video on how to do it...try using swimming goggles(youll know what i mean when youve searched it)...And you may not believe it, but you also need spiritual healing, Ive been countless times with my chiropractor but didnt help that much, if youre christian, you need to speak with a priest and confess all your sins, and I MEAN ALL OF IT!, it will give you a BIG relief after, trust me, and then try surrendering yourself to the LORD, and that His will be done always, coz He always has plans for each one of us, maybe He is calling you. and BELIEVE ME, after doing all what ive mentioned, guess what, you're already OKAY!!!
...and if youre in the USA, try the breakthrough product maxgxl, website is, you can also search it in youtube for testimonies, theres A LOT of people whove been helped by this can purchase the product by being a preffered customer under my ID, 113313...just try it! but search it first if you have doubts.:)

And if all of this also worked for you, please post a new blog on this forum about your experience and how youve been healed, it will help a lot of people. And send me an email as well on your update, you and I wish You Good Helath again!...Dont worry youre gonna be okay....Takecare always!

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I started having dizziness and vertigo after very intensive playing of online games, such as EverQuest II, World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI; and also I am a medical transcriptionist and need to be in front of the computer screen for that. Most irritating was when I had to pull to the side of the road once when driving, very unnerving. From the forum I'm now trying SAMe, cutting out salt, turning down brightness, increasing refresh rate or hertz and may consider getting an LCD screen. Hope any or all of this helps. The vertigo and unsettled feeling really puts a dent in life! Take care all :)

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I have this same problem. At first it using computers used to just give me really bad pressure on my eyes, but now I get dizzy and spacey. This really bites, because I'm a writer, which means I need to use Microsoft Word every day. I always thought carpel tunnel would be my problem, not dizziness from a computer monitor.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Dear Dizzy,

Did you mean CRT when you said LCD? I always thought that the LCD screens were the flat screens and the CRT monitors are the big bulky ones. Just wanted to clarify for myself and others reading this thread if we were wanting to try monitors without flourescent backlighting.


Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

My God, I was so glad to find this message board. I have been suffering with the same condition now for 8 years. I believe it was caused by constant use of computers under flourescent lights in an office environment, but it got much worse and is now a constant 24 hour a day problem for me.
Terrible dizzyness and sickness -akin to motion sickness. Brain feels like it is being squeezed and roled around

I can help with some of your problems however through years of trial and error

Dizzy whilst driving - shut the sun roof cover so there is no light over your head it's the flicker of light.

Flat screen TV's and monitors are the culprit because they are backlit by flourescent light, and flourescent light flickers
LCD and old style big TV's are fine as they do not contain flourescent lights. If you go back to your old LCD screens and 'big box TV's' you should find you are alright. Increasing the refresh rate (or hertz) helps because it increases the speed of the 'flicker' and your brain no longer recognises that it is flickering

I do suffer very badly with this however and I cannot really go into areas lit by flourescent lights at all any more, (though wearing a cap helps).
I had to leave work because of it, though I attempted to go back many times since, only to find there were too many flourescent lights, screens etc, and it just wasn't possible

A point to note is the new 'low energy' style light bulbs (which are just mini flourescent light tubes) are dreadful for creating and aggrevating this problem and I advise any of you who have already installed them in your house to take them out before they make your condition worse.

I still have not found any cure for the condition - my doctors have finally settled on a diagnosis of basilar artery migraine, but they arn't really sure.
I do take beta blockers which help and a low dose of amitrytiline which also helps, but nothing takes it away

If anyone does know anything else that helps, please let us know. My life has had to completely change because of this and I would hate to think we will be letting more and more people become 'disabled' like this just because so few people know its happening yet

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

i had this problem,tried every tests and scana,all turned out negative...However Im very much okay now,so trust me on this, im not gonna gain anything from it so just give yourself a chance, watch this healing yourself video and share it to your friends and fam,it will also change their lives!!! is ...also try taking a very phenomenal product called can check their website or even in it also healed you, i would love to hear your feedback, so please email me at love to hear your story!

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I don't know if anyone still reads this post!
but all i can say is a big 'aaaaahhh!'

I've been getting dizziness now as well - it's just started but started firstly with something that scared the daylights out of - where everything just spun and i thought i was going to fall over and now it just feel as if i've stood up to fast all the time ( whilst sitting) and yeap it's always when i'm on my computer.... makes sense.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Dear katq66,

I am not sure about the epilipesy link but regarding Amalgam filings, I have some advice. I would recommend getting a blood test done for heavy metals to start. I just had this done because I have 7 Amalgam filings and was thinking that they might be part of my nausea (while working on computers) problem because of how they are made up of 50% Mercury. It is controversial if the Mercury becomes unstable or not over the years but I thought it was worth a shot. In my case, I have no heavy metals in my blood stream so it was a relief and I was able to eliminate this as the cause of my problems but in your case, you may find that you do have an elevated amount of toxic metals in your blood and then you and your doctor can go from there. One other word of advice is to not worry about if your doctor thinks you are over reacting because it is your well being at stake, not his/hers. Good luck and hang in there.

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i started a new job in an office about 4 months ago, previously i had been working in retail and never in an office. since then i have started to feel very unwell, whilst at work i get dizzy spells nausea and start to feel very spaced out, almost as though im in a trance, some times i cant even even talk properly i also get a metallic taste in my mouth. i have two very large fillings in two of my back teeth after breaking them, i read previously these symptons could be linked? would have these removed and replaced with someting else help? i also read some where that a metallic taste and sense of deja vu (which i get quite often) could be linked to epilepsy, has anyone else heard this? i dont want to go to my doctor as he will probably think im over reacting.

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Update from 04/21/2008

I wanted to post an update because I have made some progress. Still don't know the exact cause of my nausea when working on computers but have ruled out that it was my birth control pills. I am now trying an anti-migraine medication because my doctor now thinks I might be having Ocular Migraines. I will post the results once I am on a full dose and can judge whether there is anything to that theory or not. Other than that, I know it sounds almost too simple to work (and that is why I had not tried it before) but one thing that has been helping me is to NEVER scroll down. Instead, ALWAYS use the 'page down' keys. When you try to stop scrolling you will realize how much you do it and how much it adds to your nausea/dizziness/general all-around bad feeling while on the computer.

Best of luck to everyone...

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I have just started having this same problem at work with my Dell 19" LCD flat panel. I felt so silly telling my boss what was happening to me. I feel nauseous, dizzy and get an extreme headache from the moment I start looking at the monitor. My laptop at home does not bother me. I also feel fine on the weekends.

I have also had 3-4 episodes of vertigo over the past 10years. Knock on wood...not for about 2 years. The ENT told me I had meniers disease, basically fluid in the inner ear and high salt can trigger he told me. I do also get a very strange feeling in some department stores. I saw some others mentioning that. We all seem to have some similar issues.

I just don't understand why it just started happening all of a sudden. I have had this monitor for about 8 months. They are going to switch it out with a newer one and I will try a glare screen. The eye doctor said my eyes were healthy and he did suggest switching the refresh rate to 75 mgz, which I did and lowered brightness all the way and it made no difference. If the new monitor makes no difference I have thought about asking for a smaller screen. I will let everyone know if I figure something out. It is very upsetting. I cannot do my job without using the computer.

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Yes Ive had this problem also....heres what I did.

First of all, dont use your tv or monitor in the morning. Your eyes need to adjust to light and a monitor screen can put you in dizziness/vertigo mode that messes ya up.

Also, turn down your brightness settings CONSIDERABLY. It might be harder to see but you wont get dizzy.

So remember, no pc or tv in the morning, turn down the brightness, be smart!! hehe

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WOW! It seems like that this problem is more common than I thought.

Computers, especially laptops bother me a lot. It started about 2 years ago. When I am on the computer, it feels like my forehead and my brain get numb, I can't think clear, my eyes sore, I get a little disoriented and I even have a metallic taste in my mouth occasionally. I also can not fall asleep if I'm on the computer before going to bed. I noticed that the symptoms get worse when I am a little tired. On the other hand, when I spend days without my laptop, I can think so clear.

I have not done extensive research on the issue, but I am suspecting that sensitivity to computer monitors do link to body chemistry as one of the previous post mentioned. I think that if you are sensitive to computers, you must have some chemical imbalance or had some exposure to toxic or heavy metals at one point. It could be that you simply have mercury fillings in your teeth, you could be having too much fish in your diet, or using deodorants and body lotions that contain aluminum and other metals. Some of these metals are neurotoxins, and do accumulate in your brain. I think that the radiation from the computer affects these chemicals in the body and it triggers the symptoms of foggy brain and dizziness. I also get some of these symptoms when I use my cell phone (only cell phone, not house phone) or stand in front of my fridge. But not always. I have no idea what it depends on that some days I can use my cell phone without getting foggy, whereas on other days it really affects me.

I used to have silicon implants in my body for 10 years. I know that they contain radioactive chemicals and heavy metals that can leach into the body and stay there. I also had mercury fillings in my teeth, which are known to be very bad for you. Also, I don't know if it is relevant to this issue, but I get shocked a lot from cars, or whenever I wear clothes made from acrylics. I assume that having more metals in your body, you are more sensitive to electricity and transmit it better than others. Just like when a person has very high iron in their blood, metals such as utensils can stick to their bodies. I share this info because these things may link to sensitivity to computers.

These are just my thought, and I have not yet done any scientific research on this issue. I will look into a link between heavy metal accumulation in body and radiation from computers. However, I might be totally off track. The thing is that I am scared to turn to my doctor with this issue, because he will think I'm nuts. As a start, I will definitely try to eliminate salt from my diet. Thanks for the tip.

P.S.: Thanks for everyone for sharing their thoughts. Even thou we don’t have the answers, we are a step closer with each comment.

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Hi, I have had the same problem of feeling very sick from looking at computer and also tv screen for year. A couple of months ago however, my mother who has also suffered from this found the solution.

It's so, so simple! All you have to do is CUT OUT ALL SALT FROM YOUR DIET. The reason is that salt can cause fluid retention in the inner ear which in turn inflames the nerve endings in the brain. If you are stressed or have IBS, toxic liver or other health problems you are more susceptible to this.

I have many chronic health problems and had been very stressed out by trying to complete a uni degree whilst being so unwell. Plus, having to write numerous essays on a computer that made me hideously sick didn't help the problem.

The more salt I has in my diet the worse I got until I couldn't even look at a tv screen for thirty seconds without suffering the consequences for the rest of the day. But as soon as I cut salt out of my diet I began to rapidly get better. Now, a few months on, I can look at a computer screen/ watch tv all day if I want!

I would have never believed the solution was this simple a year ago- or that I was ever going to recover from it but here I am!

Please let me know if this helps- good luck to you all!

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I have been reading this post for a while now waiting to post myself until I figured out what was wrong with me. After 10 months, I still haven't figured out exatly what is wrong but I have some working theories and thought they may help others so...

I have nausea when working on computers as my chief complaint but also feel dizziness or a 'swimming' in my head as well from time to time. Like many of you, I have had many tests and paid many out-of-pocket co-pays and such (about$1,600 now) but thank God I have insurance so I don't mean to complain.

With my brain, eyes and inner-ear ruled out as the cause of my problem, my current doctor and I think that it is either my birth control medication or my heart. My birth control pills MAY be causing nausea while on the computer because of some kind of motion sickness trigger? I have been on the pill for many years but the extra Progestrin in the pill (which is the natural chemical that causes pregnant woman to have morning sickness) may now be bothering my system because of my body chemistry changing over the years. I came up with this theory because when I am on the 'sugar pill' portion of my pill pack, my symptoms seem to decrease.

My heart COULD also be the culprit because I have had past heart problems that may now be manifesting themselves in a new way. I have tachycardia (random rapid heart beats) but have had two minor surgeries to help fix the problem. I was also on medication that regulated my heart beat but have been off of it for about one year because I didn't feel I needed it anymore - but maybe I do?

Those are my theories that I am currently pursuing. My hope is that any of the above info may help any one reading the message board come up with new theories for their own mysterious symptoms. Good luck to all and I will post again when I figure out this crazy thing. It does help me to know that I am not alone - so thanks to all who have posted so far.

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Hi guys,
I just started having this dizzness thing happen about two months ago. Its so amazing to see so many people having this same issue. I walk around feeling off balance. I've never felt like this before, it makes you feel abnormal. I think one solution maybe having to go back to glass monitors. The plasma screens are responsible for this problem; it has to do with the lighting. Many of you have already deduced this. I think bigger monitors sitting farther away maybe a solution. I've had some success that way, but that's just me. Computer glasses, glare screen covers may work as well. Taking breaks every 15mins and proper room lighting, these are my suggestions. We are going to have to figure this thing out until some research is done to come up with a cure-all. Please note your findings and post them, It will be a great help. I still haven't gotten rid of the dizziness, but I'll be damned if I gonna let this thing beat me. This fight isn't over. Good luck, and God speed.

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Hi everyone, I have had this symptoms for about 1 year, but fortunately, I am starting to get better.

Let me tell you a little about me, I started with the dizziness around the beginning of 2007, and it only got worse. I went to several visits to the doctors and optometrists, had lots of exams telling everything was good, but I still felt very bad. After 1 year of hearing "It is all on your mind", and "It is because of the stress", I finally ended on Intensive Care Unit, with a very rare syndrome, caused by a virus. My eyes were partially blinded and I couldnt walk for a while (I was to dizzy and weak to do so). I have been gradually recovering since then. What I want to say at this point is that YOU are not crazy, and you are NOT alone. I firmly believe that we can all recover from this.

I am still on the recovering process but I believe that I am starting to find a good way to get rid of this. Please note that every one is different and I am only explaining what happened to me, so maybe you have a comparison point. This means that what you have may be different of what I had, so ALWAYS get medical attention.

Any case, I felt the same conditions that are described on this post: weightlessness, loss of balance, blurry vision after a couple of hours of computer use, etc., plus others like red eyes, pain in the upper back of my back, pain on the neck, stiffness on the shoulders, pain in the joints of the jaw, some times toothaches, lots of colds and flus, my nose was congested almost all the time, IBS. It was awful! I also felt depressed and angry, because of that.

A quick thing that worked wonders for me was acupuncture. I love it, however, you have to learn how to deal with the Chinese healing culture, because is a complete different way of healing. They may ask you weird things like what you have been eating lately or how much sex you had the last days. They have a reason to do that, but in the western culture is not usual. Tell them not ontly your symptoms, but how have you been felling lately, and be honest. They wont judge you, they need to know because of their methods.

What I am being into at this moment for healing, is into energy healing and balancing. It was very hard to accept and embrace, but now I am very happy with it and seeing the results. I would like to tell that if you want to try this, I have a rule that is working very good: If the healing process or person ask you for lots of money, it may be a fake. If he/she ask you for commitment and is willing to help you even without any payment (just remeber that they have to make a living to!), then he or she is a true healer . There are heaps of fakes and scammers trying to get money, so be careful. Anyway most of the information and techniques to this path can be found for free on the Internet.

Really hope that this post help. Please, contact me if you are interested to do a follow up or just for some chat, I know what it is to be on this situation and to be taken as a non serious person. I am not interested in making any profit, just to help people that is on my previous situation. Have hope, pray, and everything will be just fine!

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Wow, I can't believe it took me 4+ months to find this forum.

I started having these issues in October of 2007 by one huge spat of vertigo. I was staring at my computer screen and suddenly the room began spinning in circles. I panicked and my heart was racing like crazy. I called 911, went to the ER and they took all my vitals. I was normal with everything, and thus the struggle to find out what's wrong with me began.

Since then, I've had dizziness at work every single day - making my day to day tasks a nightmare. I've seen my doctor about 10 times, was prescribed BP mediation, mood medication, received CT scans, taken blood, etc, etc, and nothing has worked. I have spent easily $3-4K in this whole process.

It has become apparent that my dizziness is linked to computer usage, bright unnatural lights, and anxiety. It appears that nobody in this forum has found a cure-all other than LCD screens and SAM-e. I just ordered some SAM-e and will look into purchasing an LCD screen.

Anyway, this has been one of the worst times of my life. It's very comforting to know that I'm not alone. I feel all of your pain, trust me. Good luck, and Godspeed!

P.S. If anybody is reading this and knows the answer - PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE tell us! We're desperate!

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I'm 18 and started having all of these symptoms late last year (2007) I thought it was all the time but when I cut down my computer usage at home I realised it was only while on the computer and in computer classes (which i've taken since 2003).
It's a real hassle because I love computers.
My symptoms feel like there's a pressure on the top of my brain, make my eye's a little unfocused and I feel dizzy.

I hate it.

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I have exactly the same thing in Atlanta, GA. All tests normal, BP okay, good physical shape, 37 yrs old, but when I look at computer monitor I loose my head.

Weightlessness, floating, "floaters" in eyes, etc. Keep the faith, we're in this together.

Everyone thinks you are nuts, but you are not alone.

Computers & Dizziness

Hey guys, not too sure if anyone still checks this message board! But Its really good to have found this site & people going through what I am.
Have been getting dizzy at work (and on comp at home) for about a year now. Have had all the tests, blood, CT, MRI and have all come back clear. Neurologist just put it down to stress..
When I'm working I start feeling like I'm bobbing or floating in my seat. Its horrible and just gets you really down. If anyone has any tips or just wants to vent, please email me, it will really help :-)

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I have been a designer/drafter for the last twelve years and just in the last 18months have began to experience dizziness, nausess and terrbiel headaches when using the computer monitor or driving and sometimes reading. I get to the point where I can't really concentrate or think and I get really tired and depressed. It is very frustrating. I just got laid off work because of my symptoms. I had to leave the computer many times a day and couldn't get any work done, I am now looking for a new career away from the computer. What a bummer!! I will be lucky to make half the ammount of money I am used to. Anyway I just saw a neuroglogist and he said I have some abnormalities with my optic nerve and he is going to have me checked out further. The opthamologist dialated my eyes and said they look fine even after the neurologist asked to have the optic nerve looked at specifically. When doing an MRi with emphasis on the optic nerve is when the symtoms came up. I am going to go into the hosipital and they are going to work me over to get a better idea.

I think my monitor at work was a samsung 19" or maybe a 21" flat screen. However I have the same problem with my monitor at home which is a tube monitor. Hope I will ost again when I find out where I am at.


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Please keep this thread going!!

I have been suffering from the same symptoms as described on this message board. Dizziness/loss of balance/weightlessness/feeling top heavy. It is at its worse when in the presence of florescent lighting. Computer screens are also bad, as well as when day turns to night. My body feels totally off balance. Often like I have the sensation of falling from side to side or backwards. Noone (ENT / neurologist / naturopath......) has been able to help. THis is so comforting to know that I'm not alone. Please post if someone finds an answer!!!

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Hi.. I have been experiencing loss of balance and dizzyness. I have discovered that it can be controlled with seasickness tablets! I am pesuming it's an ear thing but the tablets do seem to work brilliantly. It might be worth a try for a few of you and give some relief!

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Hi. I happened upon this site while searching for info related to something else and thought I would pass along something. I have been experiencing dizziness 24/7 since Nov 06 and have only now come upon what the cause may be. Labrynthitis. It might be helpful for those of you who have been experiencing dizziness, vertigo, and the accompanying anxiety and depression. Read about it and see if it could apply to you, as there are many causes of it. Also, as of yesterday, my MD referred me to an ENT doc. In the meantime, a doc friend in another state suggested I take SAM-e. I started yesterday and my symptoms have almost completed disappeared already. Still going to the ENT, of course, to find out for sure what's going on and to be able to properly treat/resolve it. FYI, when researching Labrynthitis, not only were the symptoms the same as what I have been experiencing, but I found the physical therapy treatment info very interesting. In reading what some of you have to say, I recommend reading this part of it, as it may very well related to computer screen work. I hope this helps someone. Peace.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I just found this site and am in the same fix as many of you---dizziness from unknown cause. Have had balance testing and recently an MRI. Next comes an appt. with an ENT. And it might all be due to this screen I'm using! Intend to print out the responses (staring at the screen causes more imbalance) and read them in my easy chair.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I'm so glad to have found this site - I've been getting dizzy while driving or on the computer - thought I was going crazy. Has anyone found a solution?

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

I found that it wasn't the monitor that was making me nauseated and dizzy. Instead, I found it was the air from the inside of the computer being outputted by the fans in the back of the computer. When I better vented the room, added a top notch air cleaner and set my power settings such that the computer would effectively turn off after 15 minutes on non-use, my symptoms have largely dissappeared. After later using a laptop computer in a different and well vented room, I found most all my systems disappeared.

Although a number of people have suggested the problem relates to the monitor, I'm convinced that in many cases it's the chemicals and heavy metals that are used to manufacture the boards and contained within the computer (e.g., mercury, leaded plastics, pcbs, solder, to name just a few of the many hundreds) that are causing the problem. I imagine if the federal government tested the output from the back of the computer being pumped out by the cooling fans they'd find that many toxins are being outputted into your living or working spaces. It's funny that computers must be carefully disposed of due to the many toxins contained in them, but it's okay to use them in the house and working spaces even though they're heated up to relatively high temperatures (releasing at least some of the toxins into the air) and then cooled by fans that pumpt these toxins out into your local environment.

I'd be very interested to know whether any objective organization has ever checked this out?

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Do you have a link to some LCD monitors that have direct digital inputs? What ones do you recommend.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

My name is Sheila and I have been having the same exact problem, and it really doesn't help that I JUST got my degree in Graphic Design....I have a new Mac OS X powerbook (Processor- 1.5 GHz PowerPC G4) and my job is basically my computer...but with in the past year all of my dizzy symptoms have been getting worse! Driving isn't so bad, but being under fluorescent lights, (Example Dr.s Offices), being behind a computer or even in a store trying to look at all the products makes me want to faint.......I would really appreciate my life back and would love to here any advice on solutions? (Besides a glare difference AND even spent a fortune on filters "claiming" to illuminate all the electromagnetic waves in the air....obviously those waves are still there LOL)
Please Help!!!

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


A spam filter has now been added to the computer monitor survey, to hopefully avoid the worst trolls:

Here's the revised computer monitor pain survey
(also excerpted bar graph and old survey results):

P.S. Among the top issues vis-a-vis computer LCD & CRT monitors are: headache, eye pain, dizziness & nausea.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Since the guest-testimonials that I had posted below became all spammed up, you may wanna refer to the homepage instead:

Here's a relevant excerpt from the above URL:

There's so much conflicting "blind-men-and-elephant" style feedback. Some people find Dell tolerable. Yet others do not. I know of three separate people whose photosensitivity issues were resolved by IBM Thinkpad laptops, all of which were no larger than 14" viewing area. This, however, does NOT make either laptops or smaller screens foolproof (read on for further detail). In my opinion, all the contradictory info is due to several factors:

Toxified Level & Type Factor - different levels and types of peoples' toxicity, such as chemicals, metals, radiation, other. Is chemical sensitivity more common than EMF sensitivity? Maybe...

Genetics & Body Parts Factor - some bodies have poorer detox mechanisms, and some body parts are more compromised than other body parts. Thus, different manifestations such as red skin, headaches, eye pain... And even: Tooth pain, sore throat, bleeding, nosebleeds, speedy metabolism/heartbeat, sleep loss, hair loss, or a single burnt hair sprouting in an odd spot.

Harm Level & Exposure Factor - CRTs/LCDs/Laptops/TVs as well as cellphones/cars/windows/other have different harm levels depending upon construction, number of CCFLs, brightness, and degree of outgassing, and it goes without the saying that harm levels also depend upon monitor-owner's toxicity level and degree of exposure to same.
Also, since there aren't yet enough factual testimonials, it's my hope that visitors will testify on this site's discussion board & survey-link, including the actual names and model numbers of CRTs and LCDs which have caused y'all problems, as well as prior or subsequent monitors (or laptops) which were problem-free. Open communication is the best way we might possibly get to the bottom of this whole mess.

SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS (Including Debunking of some):
2006 Update: Since the nanobacteria issue has just come to my attention, I'm placing this AT THE TOP of the list of solutions that's worthwhile investigating. I'm fairly convinced that Nanobacterial Calcifications and/or other parasitic cysts such as in Lyme Disease get stirred up (along with mercury, lead & who knows what else) by the emanations from computer monitors - thus waking up "sleeping dogs" & causing symptoms. And that if those toxic roots are acknowledged and zapped via either a very affordable Salt/C Protocol (in conjunction with ozone or H2O2 therapies) or else the more expensive Nanobac protocol, or magnesium dipotassium EDTA, people might not age half as quickly, nor be affected as much, by environmental antagonists.
PLEASE NOTE: while Vitamin C by itself may not always be well tolerated (by dint of stirring up viruses), nevertheless, the combo of Salt/C was testified by many ill people to have helped them in the long term.

If conveniently available, try an older laptop such as Thinkpad preferably with a low brightness rating of 130 nits or lower. NOTE: Not all laptops are foolproof as evidenced by occasional keywords of visitors to this site (see my keywords link).

Fewer CCFLs (fluorescent tubes) in monitor specs may be preferable. For example 2CCFL vs. 3CCFL. Update as of Jan.2006: I just found out from technicians that the majority of laptops have only 1CCFL - unlike desktops' LCDs which usually have at least 2CCFL if not more. Which may explain why some people get relief from laptops. But still, as I just mentioned, there's no guarantees that even all laptops are foolproof. Other display trends are Plasma and LED. I haven't researched plasma technology, but I do know that the LED on my digital camera irritates me.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

my names is andrew kemp im 17 from england im getting the same symptoms but only when drving in a car,sitting at a computer screen,and in a shop looking at all of the differnet things on a shelf i feel dizzy and then i feel as if im lokking but not seeing but i can walk and think fine im going to the docotors soon and hope its just an inner ear infection beacuse my ear has been poping a lot recently and my hearing suddenly becomes really sensative.
thanks if anyone is intrested to talk to me about this :
p.s its just started agaian so i must go now goodbye

Updated: Computer Monitor Testimonials

Updated URL for Computer Monitor Guest-Testimonials:

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Oops! Forgot to give the link:

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

There is a dizzy list serve: They have lots of helpful stuff.

Computers: I changed the refresh rate and STOPPED SCROLLING--this helped me alot. Just use the page down or down arrow.

To change the refresh rate:
Right-click the desktop (not on an icon)
Left-click on Properties
Choose the Settings tab at the top
Click on the Advanced button
Choose the Monitor tab at the top
You will see the drop-down box where you can choose a different refresh rate.
Before you change it, be sure the box is checked that says "Hide modes that this monitor cannot display"

Two more general remarks about dizziness:

1. Going on antidepressants and estrogen made me dizzy (each separately)
2. Going off antidepressants can bring on a debilitating discontinuation syndrome that has terrible dizziness has a symptom.
3. The most common cause of suddent dizziness is Benign Postural ------Vertigo. This web site explains it and gives you a maneuver. Try it--it only takes three minutes and made my symptoms disappear. It can't hurt!

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hi, these computer monitor guest-testimonials may be helpful:

There's more testimonials in the links area of the homepage.

Also read the online PDF book "Black On White" by Granlund-Lind
As well as the book "Invisible Disease" by Nordstrom

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

If anyone has ANYTHING that helps...please let me know

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Still sufferging from dizziness when reading or driving!!!

New LCD digital monitor causing extreme headaches/nausea

HELP! I just bought a Samsung 930B digital LCD computer monitor. In about 5 minutes, I have a raging headache at the top of my head, dizziness, eye fatigue and nausea. I thought LCD's were supposed to be an improvement over CRTs! I am dumbfounded. I work in front of a computer 8 hours a day and never had these symptoms. Has anyone out there heard of this phenomenon? Thanks.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!! with Dizziness
I have the same problem with dizziness 24/7 and it seems to trigger it the most when I am driving or on the computer. I have been from one Doctor to the next and have had test after test...some say tumors, MS, pinched nerves etc but it won't go away. I went from being very active one day...playing tennis everyday to totally sitting at home trying not to move too quickly b/c of the dizziness. Can anyone help me??????

Email me

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


I've been getting over labyrithitis now for about 13 months. i'm much better but haven't been quite right since this started. I am presently having trouble with a particular LCD screen. I have two in total, one is OK while the other one makes me dizzy. So strange as I can't really say what the difference is between the two. So it's not always the refresh rate unfortunately. I'm trying to get used to the one that makes me dizyy (it's a higher quality screen) but not sure if I ever will!


Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


I have the exact same problem as you. I dont even know where to begin on what Ive went through this past year and half on this same issue with doctors and etc. It first started last year..I was doing something on the computer like every other day but out of nowhere I got really dizzy and I couldnt even see the screen or anything so I went to sleep thinking whatever I was going through would go away but it never did. Ive been to several doctors, had 2 Cat Scans, 1 MRI and they came out fine and I still havnet found the problem the most the doctors could say is that I have an inner ear infection. I have been on several medications and still I am the same. I did get better over time on being dizzy 24/7 but now when im looking the the computer screen I get very dizzy fast and it goes away within a few minutes when im not at the computer. I have done just about everything that anyone has suggested to me as to buying an anti-glare screen to put over the computer screen to buying a new computer. I bought a laptop hoping that this would go away but I still get dizzy. My screen is at the darkest as it can go and I still experience the same feeling. If anyone has anything to say on this or just wants to talk, Id really appreciate it.

E-mail me at


Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Computer monitors "flash" their screens about 60 - 100 times per second (the refresh rate), which does cause many people to feel uncomfortable, dizzy, nauseous, etc. LCDs do not flash at all (although some of the backlighting systems do). Just visit a computer store with laptops and compare them to CRTs. (TVs also "flash" about 60 times a second, but you're not trying to focus on individual letters, more like a person's face or a car or something fairly large...)

Hint: stay fairly far away from the screens at first to reduce the visual impact.

Hint: turn the screen brightness down! Most people have it too bright, which just makes it more tiring on your eyes. Your screen should be just bright enough to see text clearly.

Hint: choose a color scheme that has "softer" colors. The standard white/gray Windows is hard on many people; soft colors like reds and ambers are much easier to view. (People reported much less eye fatigue with DOS systems because they often use a black background...)

Hope this helps...

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Would you please contact me. I would like to discuss your solution. I have the same problem.

Thanks, Robert

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness


Thank you for your msg. My cousin is looking for a computer systems. What do you suggest for him as a monitor. He's blind. I will need your help.

Thank you for your time.

Re:Computer Monitors and Dizziness

Hi there.

I also have serious problems with nausea, balance and migraines. I did a considerable amount of research and experimentation with this issue before purchasing my hardware & software. Several suggestions, roughly in order of importance:

1. Use a LCD monitor. It has made all the difference in the world for me: with a regular crt monitor (built like a TV) I couldn't work more than 1/2 hr. a day. I now can spend up to 8 hrs + a day.

2. All of the data on a crt monitor screen is "refreshed" or redisplayed 60+ times per second. Even at the highest refresh rates,this constant flickering brought on migraines & dizziness. Ideally if you can afford it, get a lcd monitor that accepts a direct digital input, and a video card to match. with this setup, only the pixels which actually change colour are refreshed. result: no flicker.

2. think about sitting farther back from the monitor, and use larger fonts. even without a lcd screen, it gets you farther away from the radiation, flicker, etc.

I'd be happy to discuss this further if you want to get in touch.


Don't read, have it read to you.

Go to and buy the software called "iSpeak" if you wait untill august 1 you can buy iSpeak 2.0 at CompUSA.
I use it all the time all you do is highlight text hit "ctrl c" and it is read aloud to you. Really takes the strain off the eyes.

Sounds like you are squinting

I think the differance bwtwwen TV and computer is that you may be squinting to see the words on the computer. The TV doesnot force you to look in such a small section at a time. I am V.I. and do find myself doing this and can get the simptoms you suggested. This is only thinking out loud but you may check into glasses to help you. The stores could be doing this too because of the bright lights you squint again.
Have a Grand Day!!!

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