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Described Video on DVD

My son is doing an Eagle Project for Boy Scouts which involves updating the Rec room at the Guide Dog Foundation. He would like to update the video system to DVD format. Does anyone know where the Described Video on DVD's are available? Thanks in advance.

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Re:Described Video on DVD

Majority of the Disney movies released this year have description on them. UP!,Despicable Me,Toy Story 1-3,Frog Princess,Tangled,etc.
The Rite and a few others are supposed to come out in description, Which since mainstream description is so rare the best way is to purchase off amazon.
I am getting them from my local library for the blind, to they have an even larger selection.

Re:Described Video on DVD

This site has all the info. There is a list of movies which includes many new releases. Hope this helps

Re:Described Video on DVD

What is the place where I can get descriptive Dvd's? What are some examples of movies that have this feature?

Re:Described Video on DVD

Actually dvs is fairly new to the mainstream video sells but Amazon sells quite a bit of them if you go to motion picture access's web site you can get a full list

Re:Described Video on DVD

Sorry. A little more research and I found the answer. There are many new DVDs with this option. If anybody has any ideas of other improvements, please let us know. Thanks

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