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Device for watching television

Hello! I am new to the board. Hopefully, I am posting to the right category.

I recently visited my 85 year old uncle. Within the last year, his vision has gotten really bad. He has to use binoculars to watch his big screen tv. Is there any other device out there that he can use? I know it must be very uncomfortable to watch tv that way. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. THANKS!

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Re:Device for watching television

Maybe consider looking into distance viewing video magnifiers. They do a great job.

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Re:Device for watching television

Hey, have you heard of bioptics? Here's some info I got from Ocutech, maybe it can help.

"When macular degeneration reduces vision, your ability to see detail is lost. Not only is reading difficult, but seeing signs, faces, TV and the computer are also reduced. While magnifiers and large print can help you to read, only moving very close or using a binocular or small telescope can help you to see better at a distance or at midrange.

Bioptics-Telescopes mounted into the top of eyeglasses-are a convenient way to improve distance vision because you don't have to hold the device, making it available to use instantly and leaving the hands free to do other things.

Bioptics are available in two types-- Galilean and Keplerian. Galilean telescopes are small but provide a very narrow field of view, limiting their usefulness to low powers. They are less expensive because they contain fewer optical components. Keplerian telescopes are much sharper and offer an almost 3 times larger field of view. Most Keplerian telescopes available are heavy, bulky and unattractive. The Ocutech VES systems are the only Keplerian bioptic telescopes that are compact, lightweight (less than an ounce!) and have an appealing design."

Re:Device for watching television

Thanks for the link. However, my uncle's tv is probably a 50". I don't see anything that would fit that size.

Re:Device for watching television

Take a look at:

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