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Hi, I am an undergraduate student majoring in electrical engineering. I am entering my senior year, and I will be doing a design project. I would really like to be able to develop something to help people, and I was wondering what sort of difficulties people who are blind have that could be solved by technology. Basically, is there anything you wish you had, but it is just too expensive or is not on the market? Feel free to email me at greenbeans1123 at gmail dot com with any ideas.

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I have a good idea for something you can design. How about a cane that talks and detects overhead objects?


Google Trace Center and Smith-Kettlewell. Both institutions do research on cutting edge new products for blind and low vision folks and you may get some ideas there. Please avoid asking for people's emails on this message board. Harvesting blind folk's emails violates our personal privacy in the same way that harvesting emails from sighted people does.

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