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Directions for Me, accessible food and product facts is a website that
contains nutritional and product information for over 350,000 foods and appliances. Once you get past all the messy announcements it does fairly well. I found a list of product category links down the left margin and there is a search box.

I tried it on my computer. I wonder if it can be quizzed from a cell phone in the store.

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Re: Directions for Me, accessible food and product facts

I've used Directions for Me a couple times and it seems to work quite well. I don't currently own any type of scanner though, but the information presented on that website is quite useful indeed. I submitted feedback and they actually included it on the site.

Re:Directions for Me, accessible food and product facts

Hi gfmueden,

Re. accessible foods and product facts, here is a site which you may find useful:-

It has a searchable date base of a huge range of foods and brands with nutrition information. You can also download the software to your computer.

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