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Doing iTunes with Jaws screen reader.

Hi I tryed useing iTunes with jaws vershin 12 prevueing songs in the iTunes store. I never bought any thing yet. Did anyone try buying songs with Jaws? I would like to know.
Sincearly J.C.

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Re: Doing iTunes with Jaws screen reader.

I even got to learn with the iPad 2 with speach out put. It was great. I like that better because when your computer crashes it is a lot of money to replace Jaws but with iPad you get the speach all ready on it. You would just have to go to ecsesabillity under settings and you find it there. Its much more rezinnable that way. J.C.

Re: Doing iTunes with Jaws screen reader.

Cool Daisy,
I usually purchase my I tunes on my phone. When using Jaws make sure you use the tab key to when purchasing an item. There are tutorial to help you out. Nicci

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