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Email app with speech to text

My dad can no longer see the pointer on his computer. It's all but impossible for him to read his email now because he has to set the pointer to the email he wants to read to start the text to speech reader. Even finding out if there are new emails is very difficult if you can't set the pointer to the part of the screen that talks it.

I am thinking there must be a program that you can talk to rather than set the pointer. I envision being to ask "Do I have any emails" and it says Yes you have two emails. You say "read email 1" and it reads the first email out loud.

It would be best as an email only app as then it doesn't have to do much more than deal with that. As it gets more generic it gets more complicated and less useful to a basic user.

My question is twofold.
- Does such a program or app exist for use on a windows 10 computer? I think Siri can do that on an Iphone.
- If not, why not. In other words how to blind people get around the need to use the pointer? I can imagine keyboard commands for example but none of the ones I have ever run into could tell you how many emails you have.

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Re: Email app with speech to text

far as i'm aware, I haven't heard anything that works like Siri with PC's. that's not to say there isn't something out there; I've been a JAWS user for so long I can do anything I want with it without thinking so i'm not current on what is probably thousands of applets out there.
If you hit windows key-U, the ease of acces options will pop. You can start Narator from this screen. You can then have your dad go into his email app, and press CAPs lock F5. This will verbally give a listof shortcut keys (you'll probably want to take notes) that can be used to navigate and activate things like links/frames/buttons/containers ETC. there's also a command for dragging the pointer to the "narrator cursor" i.e. you can tab or arrow until Narator reads the email title you want, in my mail app I can just pess the space bar to check it, and hit enter, and it opens the mail. but you can also use the shortcut key to drag the pointer there, and perform Narator's left mouse click function to open it, whatever's easier for him. (i'm sorry ido't remember the drag command, I only messed with it briefly this morning.) otherwise, apps like JAWS, Dragon Speech, any number of screen magnifiers would also work along with the good suggestion of enlarging the pointer in the other post. but these will require more intense learning. not always a bad thing, because it could help him with a lot of things besides email should he ever expand his interests.
best of luck.

Re: Email app with speech to text

Pointers can be very much enlarged. Has this been done?

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