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Email pgm for user needing 3x magnification

Am using Thunderbird with its heading somewhat enlarged, but not rnough to read it comfirtably. That leaves little space fot the message. I would love to have all the heading etc in one column and the message in another . Is this possible?

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Re: Email pgm for user needing 3x magnification

Thank you Raphael. I want it to work well on a daily basis. not just work, and it must not requiew readjusting resolution every time I use it.

Re: Email pgm for user needing 3x magnification

Windows 7 Screen Magnification

First try holding down the Start Menu / Windows Key and tap the + on the num pad a few times. Wait a minute, because the program has to start and see if it magnifies. If it does not, we need to make some changes.

Right click over the desktop, go to Personalize. You must be using an “Aero Theme” for the Full Screen Magnification to work. Pick one, keep in mind, you can adjust background (I pick a solid color). Once you have picked one and closed that screen, again try Start Menu / Windows Key and tap the + on the num pad a few times. Remember, Start Menu + makes bigger, - makes smaller.

You should now see full screen magnification or a bar at the top. There are a few ways to get to the program, if you do not see it on the screen. If you do not find the program box, at the bottom of the screen, on the task bar, you will see a computer with a magnifier. Click on it to bring it up. You will see a small program, with + and – and a round gear, click on the round gear for settings. A dialog box opens up. The slider should be closer to the left, but not all the way. You can check “inversion” if you wish, and then check all 3 of the check boxes that are next to each other. Click Ok.

Notes: This is for Windows 7 and 8, not Vista or XP.
I've had trouble getting this to work on machines that were updated to Win 7. Those born with it form the factory all seem to work. Changing those settings help, but still not perfect.
Also, if you changed the font size and lowered the resolution in Dixplay / Personalize, this can sometimes cut off text and not actually display everything on the screen, so this may need to be adjusted too.

It's worked pretty good for me... and being it's free, it's $400 bucks cheaper than ZoomText...

This didn't come from a book, my notes and experience for being legally blind for 38 years and an adaptive tech instructor for 16+ years.


Re: Email pgm for user needing 3x magnification

Mr Cole your instructions look to me as coming straight from the book, not from one who uses Magnifier daily. Tell us please, is that the case? I have tried Magnifier in Win7 and had great difficulty in using it. I woild be dlad to hear from others too who use it and for what.

Re: Email pgm for user needing 3x magnification

Hello, gfmueden.

I will look into this, but I am not sure if it is possible. May I ask which version of Windows you are running?

I ask this because there is a pretty decent fullscreen magnifier which is built into Windows 7. All that you have to do to activate it is to press Windows Key+Plus on your keyboard's number pad. You can also use Windows Key+Equals Sign on the number row of your keyboard.

I understand that you are hoping to have something set in Thunderbird itself, but all that I can offer right now is this tidbit of information dealing with the Windows 7 magnifier. Thee is a magnifier built into Windows versions 98, 2000, and further on, but I have found that the screen magnifier which exists in Windows 7 is much more usable.

Here are a few keyboard shortcuts that will help you make use of the magnifier, if this situation works out for you:

Windows Key+Plus Sign - Activate the Magnifier; each subsequent press of this combination will cause the magnifier to zoom in.

Windows Key+Minus Sign - Zoom out.

Windows Key+Escape Key - Turns the magnifier off.

I am sorry that I cannot give you any other help with this. I will try to see if there is something more along the lines of what you were looking for.

Take care.

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