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Emails disabling accessibility settings

Are you getting emails that disable your choice of font for incoming text? I have been much put out by emails that use elegant gray or blue copy, low contrast that my old eyes can't read. The offenders list is now:
IDGConnect always, is investigating;
The White House, always, uses Drupal, no response;
The VA (via always, is investigating;
Google (Feedburner) mostly, no response;
Google Alerts sometimes, no response;
The NYTimes will switch to TEXT from HTML. I don't think HTML is by itself the culprit, but the formatting within it. and have taken an interest in the problem and I am very grateful. I would like to know if there is a government IT SIG or Loop with such an interest. Somebody in government should be watching the accessibility store. Who can it be?

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Re:Emails disabling accessibility settings

One reason for the problem is the increasing use of a larger character set (utf-8) which includes more accents etc. I need a bold font that can display the larger set of characters. ===gm===

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