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Employment Opportunity

I am the Founder of a new start-up company developing a patented technology called Sensory Messaging. You can visit our website at We also have a crowd funding campaign running on Indiegogo:

I am interested in hiring members of the AFB to help us develop this technology, specifically consulting on the most appropriate stimuli combinations for prescribed messages.

Please respond to this Message Board, and I will tell you how to apply.
Many Thanks,

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Re: Employment Opportunity

Thank you, jadwiga. I'm sorry, if there was some misunderstanding. I was just hoping to get some contacts and advice from those using the AFB Message Board.

So, do you recommend that I consult the websites for the American Council of the Blind and the National Federation of the Blind for possible candidates to develop Sensory Messaging (


If you are interested in hiring blind and low vision people, here is a place you can certainly post. There are not "members of AFB." AFB is a non-profit organization with employees just as any other non-profit corporation may have employees. There are blindness organizations such as American Council of the Blind and National Federation of the Blind who mostly have members rather than employees.

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