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English as a Foreign Language

Does anyone know of some kind of JAWS manual for learning English as a foreign language? I am an experienced teacher of EFL. Next week I will be teaching a class of blind adults here in Portugal. I was told they have no English manual for lessons. The students are fully-equipped in as far as technology is concerned. Evidently they use JAWS in Portuguese. I wonder if there is some kind of JAWS course for learning English. Even if there is just a first-grade elementary school course I could adapt it; it would give us something to start with.
Thank you.

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Re:English as a Foreign Language

Hello, Mary. Jaws is only a screen reader. It's purpose is to convert text on a computer screen in to synthesized speech that a blind user can hear. That is all. It does not provide tutorials or any type of learning matterials like the one you are looking for. Sorry! Hope this helps. Sonnia

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