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Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

My Acrobat LCD, a desktop CTV magnifier, arrived surprising ly quickly. I dropped everthing to get it out of the packaging and set it up. This is a very black machine and the phots show no details; I called the cmpany to locate the handle. I couldn't see what th arrows were pointing to, and worst of all, the printing of the text was in gray ink on shiney white paper, low contrast. The power switch was described as being "on the rear, right side of the LCD". No way. It isn't. It is way in the rear on the side of a box that must contain the circuitry and it is not easy to reach from the front. On or off, a little blue light flashes if it is plugged in. I haven'tseen it mentioned.
The lesson here is ask to dee the users guide and make sure it is legible.for the person who will use it.
Does it work well? I don't know yet. It has no light and I must rig one, probably a bridge lamp.
More when I know more. ===gm===

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Re: Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

Years have gone by and my Acrobat (which I now refer to as my "Albatros") has been retired in favor of a new daVinci with voice output. It came today so I am unprepared to say anything about it. My cataracts have been removed and I now see the screen at about 1.5x and set to white on black.
Am grateful to Hardsell for his messages and wonder what has happened to him. ===gm===

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

I have a enhanced vision Merlin 19 inch LCD. with 1 year warranty. almost new in perfect condition. Original box and paperwork. sells for $2,700. we are selling for $1200. If you are interested or know anyone that could bennifit with this item please contact me at or on facebook. Hope this can help someone out that could really use it. Also have two audio book players Thanks.

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

I have a enhanced vision Merlin 19 inch LCD. with 1 year warranty. almost new in perfect condition. Original box and paperwork. sells for $2,700. we are selling for $1200. If you are interested or know anyone that could bennifit with this item please contact me at or on facebook. Hope this can help someone out that could really use it. Also have two audio book players Thanks.

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

I took the Acrobat camera down to the Lighthouse store and met with the EV sales rep
My camera behaved there much as it did at my home and he said that that was how it was designed. Really? If that was the case there should have been a statement to that effect in the manual.

I asked him about a switch described in the manual that didn't seem to exist in my model. He said that because it could be overlooked and caused support calls, they had disconnected it.

When I got home and attached the camera and tested it, it worked very well. Astonishing. I wonder if he gave me a new camera without telling me - or not knowing that he had done so. He had mentioned a new model. Or, it may be that the camera had not worked well because it had had a bad connection. It is very mysterious. As to how it is now, having tested it both day and night, it is not perfect, but it is quite acceptable. I am satisfied to keep it

We talked about lighting and tried out the desk light that was there and it worked, so I bought one. However when I set it up on my desk, it turned out to be much too bright for my eyes. Why this difference should exist puzzles me. I have packed it for returning to the store.

Conclusion: I would not encourage anybody to buy an Acrobat or other desk CCTV without its own lighting at the Lighthouse. Ask for a demonstration where it is to be used. Have him set it up and demonstrate it and let him be satisfied that that is as good as it can be. Work through all the modes and at the enlargement you will be using. Use it diligently for a couple of weeks. Decide to keep or return it well before the thirty days are up.

Because I got it from Lighthouse and it would have cost me seventy-five dollars to have him make a house call.

That is over. However it leaves me unhappy about EV's customer support and relations, and even their honesty. No change sheet to go with the out-of-date users guide. Was that claim of "not designed to focus at low magnification" an untrue salesman's excuse , or a fact? They don't know the ideal way to light it? Why did my camera suddenly work well? When i referred to it as "your machine", he objected: "It's not my machine; I just sell them."

I think that this will be all for a while. ===gm===

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

My friend Tobey Sanford, a professional photographer, came with his gear and set his camera up on a tripod about a yard from the screen. As I cycled through the modes he took pictures of the screen while the Acrobat was set at lowest magnification, about 2x. Only the full color setting gave a useful image. All the "enhancements" threw the focus off, rendering the inages useless. That one useful mode wasn't good; while the characters are well defined, tha contrast was quite low, gray letters on a pale screen, better than nothing, but not a pleasant read.
Here is the meat of the story: not until the magnification was raised to 4x did I get a good image. That is not good because then, only copy greater that 3.625in. wide will need side to side scroling, not good for most books. However, at that magnification the Black on White mode produced a fine image.
The pictures, in pdf. format, are gigantic. I called them up in Paint. Most of the "enhanced" images just show a lot of dots not like characters at all. I need say no noore. If you would like to see any, better call me and we will figure out which of the eight you should see. 212-222-8751 day and evening Eastern time.
BTW, the company agent said that the acrobat was not designed to focus well at minimum magnification. The problem is not mentioned in their users guide. The AFB product evaluation does not mention the problem. I didn't catch it until way past the trial return date because I don't give up quickly and I thought it might be the lighting - which was not the case, Before the pictures were takenTobey and I fussed with the lighting to make it as good as it could be, so lighting is not an issue.
Conclusion: the Acrobat is not suitable for use at less than 4X. Above that, for the higher magnifications, I don't know because I did not test that area.
BTW, Tobey's camera is so sharp that he could see the lines of pixels on the Acrobat screen.
What now? I don't know. We'll see. Reading an ordinary business letter whose copy is 7.5 in. wide is not easy reading even at lowest power. At 4x it would be 30 inches, twice the screen width. More when I know more. At least now I know it is not my eyes, nor my lighting.

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

More trouble. By accident I discovered that tthe focus was better when I held the copy closer to the camera. I assumed that the Auto Focus was not working and that idea was reinforced by the lack of an "AF" notice on the screen as mentioned in the Users guide. The local agent (by Phone)set me straight. #1> My users guide was for a previous model, and #2> the Acrobat was not designed to focus well at low magnification. Sure enough it did focus better at higher magnification, but I don't want that because it puts less text on the screen and requires more frequent side to side movement of the copy to see it all. (Side to side)

We also talked about lighting. He said that it requires a lot of light and does best with fluorescents like the ones in the Lighthouse store. He suggested trying a high intensity desk lamp. Better lighting might help the focus, I hope.


Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

After a couple of days I can report some substance.
FOR NEWSPAPERS: Not good. Even when a page is cut loose at the vertical fold, it is too big for easy maneuvering under the camera. I prefer my makeshift stand-up desk, a glass magnifier, and the computer.
MAGAZINES: Good. On a board big enough for them to lie open and moved in all directions with out bumping into anything, it works. The contrast is not any better than the magazine itself and is not great, but readable.
A lot depends on the lighting and I saw nothing about it in the users guide. There is no brightness control and none of the alternate modes helped. With white, the letters were well defined, but not very good contrast.
However, Much better than using a glass magnifier.
CHAIR: No kidding, sitting comfortably is important and your glasses must focus at a comfortable reading distance. Mine's focus is too short. When you read the top of the page, the magazine will sit between you and the spot the camera sees, and the screen is beyond that, making it about sixteen inches.
BOOKS: With good printing, very good. I forgot the machine and thought only about the story, not the case with magazines.
CONCLUSION: Clever machine, well constructed, lighting tricky, controls discrete (changes are in steps, not gradual), no brightness control. It won't suit everybody, but for me, even if I don't like the image, it is a big improvement. Now I want to try the Jordy.

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

Some of hardsell's questions will be answered here, the others at it's end.

I found a very big piece of corrugated board to act as a screen to block out the window light that fell on the screen and installed a switch to overcome the "always on" circuitry. I cut a piece of extra heavy corrugated board to tuck in under the Acrobat so when I shoved the magazine up, it wouldn't bump into the base, but ride up over it smoothly. The base should have been designed with a taper down towards the reader. My board will allow me to slide a magazine to all extremes without bumping into anything, letting the magazine lie spread open, preventing the wrinkling that occurs when you fold pages under.
I cycled through the modes and selected the one that gave the clearest outlines of each letter and I raised the magnification just a bit using the remote. The other set of controls are on the easily moved camera; I was unable to use them without changing the position of the camera, so the remote is very useful.

One of the items and features is a "Lock, used to lock arm from sliding horizontally" and there is an illustration showing where it is, but not what it is like. I turned the 17lb. machine around and looked for the lock in a sea of black. Nothing looked like a lock, so I called EV and my helper said he knew about it because he wrote the guide. Big mistake, because he couldn't tell me what it was like and I held while he went to find out. It turns out that there is no lock. It is a spring loaded catch that holds the arm in shipping position (very smart design) and when you push it past that little "speed bump", it slides very easily.

I turned the bridge lamp so that it illuminates the ceiling, not the page, and my letter images are a little gray, but well defined. Everything is now as ready as can be and I will report again when I have used it for an extended period.

Now hardsell's questions. Yes, I have been to the low vision clinic at NY's Lighthouse. It best value was to send me to an eye group at Weil-Cornell Med Ctr and I have both dry macular degeneration and glaucoma. LH told me nothing about AT that I didn't already know because I had been looking on my own. I asked how she knew about the things she showed me. "The doctors tell us". She did no research on her own. My questions to two doctors about where I could find the full spectrum of AT available and one other significant question were not answered. The process of dealing with a new client seemed to be one size fits all, no preliminary screen to see what is called for. But then, what do I know? On acuity, I see at 20 what good eyes see at 30, so I don't seem to be considered legally blind enough for referral to the special services hardsell had in mind. I have not yet searched for large print magazines. Hardsell's link is a good one. I have listened to Bloomberg radio. It has its value, but I am a WQXR fan.

More than enough. More later. ===gm===

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.


What text mode options did you get? Is this difficulty with the standard black text on white background or do you use (what for me is) the easier on the eyes black background with white or yellow/gold text?

Not to pry GM, have you a sight center in your area? Have you been seen by the social worker of such a service? Are you set up for the talking books/magazines/periodicals services?

Have you seen the available large print magazines available (many free) ?

maybe something like bloomberg radio? for business?

hope this helps

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

Night came and with no light from the windows behind me I turned on the Acrobat and tried to read Business Week.
Set at lowest magnification the camera sees a horizontal rectangle 5 3/4 ax 4 1/4 inches and that means a bit less than half the height of the page. That is OK. What is queer and NOT mentioned at all in the Users Guide is that the lighting can be a problem. I expected that the bridge lamp to the side would be good. No. The image was best when my shadow from the naked ceiling light was on the page, and for reasons I could not determine, the quality changes when looking at the top vs. the bottom of the page, and going to a different page upset it. I got so that I wasn't thinking about the reading, I was thinking about the process of using the Acrobat.
So what is iit about a magazine? I had had good results with a book at the Lighthouse Store, so I tried a book and it went so well that before I knew it it was time for bed. It was a mystery set in the art museum world, a lot more interesting than Ford vs. Chrysler, but that didn't cause the difference; it was the format and printing that made for easier reading.
It is obvious that I will need to spend time with it to see how it can be used to advantage and lighting will be a problem. I saw nothing about it in the Users Guide, which does not bother to put a list of the controls in the index.
More when I know more. ===gm===

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

Sorry to hear about the bad times from your acrobat lcd, I couldnt find an online owners manual for you

yep, most people arent aware that things like fast starting tv's are always on draining a small amount of power....

I'm so frugal (sounds better than cheap) I pull the plug on my microwave after every use as I dont need to see the clock (cant really anyway)......

try plugging your acrobat and any components into a powersurge protector, then using its master control to turn the whole shabang off and on, that is what I do with my rarely used tv/vcr set up so it doesnt drain power...

Re:Enhanced Vision needs its vision enhanced. Users guide flunks.

That little blue light that goes on when yu plug the Acrobat in doen't just mean that, it also means that it is ON and in sleep mode, ON 24/7 until you umplug it, an unnecessary drain on the power supply. Not much, but when we all have things like this, it adds up. I don't like it.

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