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Experiment for blind air traffic controllers!!!

Hi I am a piano composer / inventor who can see. I have been thinking about the world of the blind for several days and believe that it may be possible for a blind person to do the task of air traffic controller as good and most likely better then a person that sees. The best sense for understanding objects in 3d is sound. And probably the strongest sense is touch. there is a spectacular amount of information that can be transmited using those and bypassing sight all together.

I have approached VATSIM which is the association for Virtual Air Traffic Simulation Network. One of the vice presidents of that association with over 180,000 people expressed serious interest and even suggested a way we may be able to transmit the data.

I am going to be sending this idea out world wide to universities, research sites, foundations and anyone that may be interested in making history.

The spin offs and things that we could learn by tapping into the world of the blind in this manner could be incredible.

Anyone that is interested, has any contacts, ideas, products that could help or could assist in anyway should contact me.

You can email me at
Can call at 1-562-234-7886

Thanks Marcus

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Re:Experiment for blind air traffic controllers!!!

The other issue I can see is how to track multiple vectors in real-time. For example, using tactile maps, you can follow lines to see routes and such. But it's one thing to feel a static object, and another to feel it moving and tracking where it is. Then multiply that by each object.

As well, a display screen gives data on all three dimensions of space (the height is usually indicated by a number or something). Using Braille for may be an issue (Braille font is relatively large, and not always the quickest to read).

Re:Experiment for blind air traffic controllers!!!

Have you ever been in an airport control tower? Especially during an emergency. Vision and hearing are the two most important sense's a controller relies on to do the job.

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