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File format preferences: TEXT, HTML, PDF, Other?

This is an invitation to criticize and correct and to express your own feelings. Whatever comes out of it can be passed on for the guidance of those who publish on the web.

My old eyes demand a bold font and it is important to me to have my choice of font (style and size) enabled for incoming information. Having word-wrap enabled is also a great help because, when I enlarge using Ctl+Plus, it keeps everything on the screen, saving me from "back and forthing" for each line. TEXT and HTML files are fine,but PDF files,the ones that require an Adobe Reader, don't enable these adjustments; they only let you enlarge the image. A pale font just becomes a bigger pale font.

PDF files are much loved by corporate publishers, they are great for newsletters with two or three colums, which I HATE, because when on the screen, they require that I go back up, move over, find my place, and go back down again, instead of just scrolling down. It is an interruption and slows the process.

I have seen online that Adobe is attacking the accessibility problem and I have just downloaded the Adobe Reader 9.3 in hopes of finding help.

Please tell us how you feel about reading big files online and what works well and poorly for you. (Better say someting about your seeing so we will understand.)
If You know about PDF improvements, please let us know.


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Re:File format preferences: TEXT, HTML, PDF, Other?

GM check out ->

and watch the features video

then see if your news sources are already included in the news tab, or just add your pdf documents to the calibre library, and (you can do bulk conversions) I would suggest converting to mobi and use the mobipocket reader for pc ->

out of all my readers (kindle, sony, Adobe, epub, microsoft b & N, etc) it lets me change background toblack, select a gold fond change the font style, and go to size 48 which for my 20/480 20/280 I can actually see without leaning so my nose is 5 inches from the screen...

Re:File format preferences: TEXT, HTML, PDF, Other?

From my experience using my speech synthesizer, I find that it would be much easier being somewhat sighted rather than not sighted at all. I agree with the original reply in that the person who creates the materials could originally undeliberately make it unaccessible. This is why publishers should be presssured from advocacy groups with A.D.A clarification on electronic panel review boards to determine modern technology work arounds and hopefully not to much of a financial or time burden on that company. In my opinion though, look at the WIPO conference and tell me if publishers could care or not to care about us the blind? Like most other minorities meeting in the middle is usually the better way and speaking out what you see is wrong with a company even if it's futile. This is just what I do cause complaining almost does nothing. This last tip is if anything else fails though and should be used only as a last resort. Maybe I just am saying that to be greatful for what you have.

Re:File format preferences: TEXT, HTML, PDF, Other?

also another workaround that I use when reading books/text on my computer

I don't always like to read the entire width of my 27inch monitor (whiplash) so....

I manually re-size the box I am reading from (go to the edges, move cursor around until it becomes double sided, diagonal, then move in or out) until it is a comfortable size with little head turning from side to side, then position the newly re-sized "box" at a comfortable position (so neck isn't strained) on screen park my finger near the page down (on the reader that DOES NOT automatically scroll) and read

Re:File format preferences: TEXT, HTML, PDF, Other?

jeez, you are impossible to help

you don't like pale fonts? change the contrast .....

you ever USE read yellow text on black background???
try it you wont need anything else

you want word wrap? then use the links provided to change pdf to a file system that supports it the pdf to html or pdf to word which would enable BOLD TEXT as well

the source you read formats in three columns? use the info to break the page layout ... every problem you mentioned is answered in the post above..........

Re:File format preferences: TEXT, HTML, PDF, Other?

Sorry, perhaps I missed something but i found no help there.
No way to get a bolder font, no way to enable word wrap.

There was a program that would take the copy out of a PDF file but the file had to have a URL.

Adobe doesn't have a good grasp of the low end adjustments made to improve legibility; it is concentrating on helping those who use screen readers.


Re:File format preferences: TEXT, HTML, PDF, Other?

hope this isn't a double reply, My research timed me out

Well GM this is what the second time you have complained about PDF

PDF is a tool, it was instrumental in helping to create a common file type that a windows or mac or a user of THAT word processor could share with MY word processor and also provide security so that one couldn't easily infect another s computer.

I think you want to shoot the messenger for the message

PDF didn't compose that article that was put in three columns, that is hard for you to read ...

way back in my webtv days there was an online converter to change pdf files to html, here are two:

You mentioned just getting Adobe Reader 9.3

open it

go to Document

go to Accessibility Setup Assistant

choose the option: Set All Accessibility Options

do not click the "Use recommended settings and skip setup"

go to nest page

click "Use High Contrast Colors for Document Text"

choose from:

Green Text on Black
Yellow Text on Black
White Text on Black
Black Text on White

then continue with the rest of the options...

A few pages later there is an option to override page layouts (which MIGHT help you eliminate those three columns)

Under Edit there is a Preference tab you can play with as well...

now other than changing the magnification % of your page view it is hard to change the font size try the suggestions on these links:
(mostly convert to word ideas)

hope these help

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